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  1. Algebra

    A total of 23,456.78 dollars was invested in two funds paying 2½ percent and 1¾ annual interest. The combined interest for the year percent is 368 dollars and 50 cents. Part A: How much of the 23,456.78 dollars is invested in 2½ percent fund? Part B:
  2. Biology

    Hypothetical: what if someone were to cut the layer of skin on the eyes of a Spalax mole (blind mole rat) off? Would they not be blind anymore, or would that cause a big disfunction with the mole?
  3. math

    Rock County has four townships one has a population of 43095 one has a population of 35601 has a population of 15418 the last one has the population of 75400 what's the average population in Rock County
  4. Physics

    1. An electric charge moves through an electric field. it accelerates, gaining 100J of energy. The change in electric potential of +10V. What is the magnitude of the charge of the particle? I did 100J/10V to get 10C. 2. If a negative charge of double the
  5. physics

    4 packets of charges are arranged in a circle. Each packet is 90 degrees from each other. Each packet consists of 22 elementary charges associated with the nucleus of two sodium atoms. A test charge is placed in the center of the circle of packets. The


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  1. Business Math icom 1

    A simple interest calculation provides a useful estimate of what compound interest will be if what?
  2. physics

    Alright thanks. I knew that but the question seemed to ask for much more. I guess it was just filler information to throw me off.
  3. physics

    Direction? The Moon revolves the Earth counter-clockwise. The Sun is rotating counter-clockwise. But these are not related to the question as it does not ask for direction.
  4. Physics

    g2*E = gravity2 times E? or is that q2*E
  5. Physics

    Let's say there was a point charge at the midpoint. The question I was told was kinda confusing and I'm going off what I can remember. Point charges are normally protons. It would be close to the electron; what would I write as the equation?