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  1. math

    The data in the table illustrates a linear function. x, -3,0,3,6, y, -6,-2,2,6
  2. math

    Simplify 4!
  3. history

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States A)industrial jobs B)inexpensive land C)the promise of freedon D)expensive land in home country
  4. Math

    A large university is interested in learning about the average time it takes students to drive to campus. The university sampled 238 students and asked each to provide the amount of time they spent traveling to campus. This variable, travel time, was then
  5. history

    Explain why Lincoln's assassination put the future of the nation in question.


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  1. Math

  2. Ecology

    By spreadin g
  3. English- Subject/Verb Agreement

  4. math

    what is the slope of the linear function
  5. Earth Science