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  1. Careers

    1. Small family farms are part of the agribusiness pathway. .True .False
  2. English

    Use the checklist to locate the seven mistakes in format in the following lines from a student paper. Explain the mistakes in the spaces provided. One mistake is de- scribed for you as an example. “Being alone” This is something that I simply cannot
  3. Philosophy

    Explain and critically evaluate Parmenides’ arguments that being is unitary, undifferentiated, and eternal. i am really stuck on this question, could someone help me better understand
  4. Science

    An object is placed 37.5 cm in front of a concave mirror with a radius of curvature of 75 cm. Describe the characteristics of the image in using GRESA form
  5. math

    how many positive 4-digit numbers are there with an even digit in the hundreds position and an odd digit in the tens position? a. 10,000 b. 5,040 c. 2,500 d. 2,250
  6. physics

    a 4.0kg block of wood is pulled along a horizontal ground from rest and a force of 15N is required to produce acceleration of 2.0metres per second squared . what should the magnitude of the force be in order to pull the block of wood at constant speed of
  7. Chemistry

    On average, Earth's crust contains about 8.1% aluminum by mass. If a standard 12-ounce softdrinks can contains approximately 15g of aluminum, how many cans could be made from one ton of the Earth's crust?
  8. economics

    what are the benefits of natural monopolies? would it be research and development?
  9. economics

    im stuck how does the government promote economic goals? i know the goals are efficiency, freedom, security, equity and growth
  10. chemistry

    How many grams of magnesium metal will react completely with 5.2 liters of 4.0 M HCl? Show all of the work needed to solve this problem. Mg (s) + 2HCl (aq) MgCl2 (aq) + H2 (g)
  11. daily geography

    Denmark, Norway, Sweden , Finland, And Iceland compromise an area called____? Is the correct answer Scandinavia or Nordic countries? I have seen both and I'm not sure which is correct.
  12. geography

    which of the following rivers have deltas: mississippi, orinoco, amazon,Nile, Chang Jiang( Yangtze), and Making? Do they all have deltas??
  13. geography

    What is the shortest water route from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
  14. geography

    what countries on the arabian peninsula does the Tropic of Cancer pass through? Oman , Saudi Arabia, And United Arab Emirates Does it pass through Yemen too?
  15. world history

    Morocco has coastlines on what two bodies of water? North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea?
  16. history (french revolution)

    Politically inspired the Third Estate demanded popular representation, forming a political body known as____. Answer: National Assembly or could it be deputies This transfer from radicalism to a more moderate from of government is known as____. Not sure.
  17. geography

    What is the capital of the country that possess the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa? Spain ??? Capital Madrid??
  18. Geography

    What is the capital of the largest (in land area ) island nation of Africa? Madagascar capital Antananarivo? Which continent has more nations, Europe or South America? Europe?
  19. geography

    In what common hemisphere are asia, africa, australia, and antarctica located? Eastern Hemisphere?? What sea can be found near the southern tip of Greenland? Labrador Sea?
  20. Geography

    of the contiguous united states, which capital city is the farthest east? Is it Augusta capital of Maine?
  21. geography

    The red sea separates the continent of Africa from the continent of _______?
  22. Geography

    What mexican peninsula in part separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea? Is the Yucatan Peninsula right?
  23. Biology

    All Animals can reproduce ____ some can reproduce __? Is it sexually, asexually.
  24. Algebra 2

    Domain of ln(-8-x) in interval notation. (- infinity , -8)?
  25. Geography

    In what country in the Northern Hemispheres do you find the seaport of Alexandria? United States?
  26. Geography

    What is the capital of the country just east of the heel of the boot of Italy? Tirana, Albania? Another possibility is Athens, Greece.
  27. Geography

    Why are map's elevation scales often given in feet and meters? ??? How many degrees separate the Tropic of Capricorn from the Arctic Circle? 93.5 degrees latitude???
  28. Food+Nutrition

    After the germ and bran is taken out of grain . What is done with what was taken?
  29. geography

    What do you have to cross to fo from Zimbabwe to Zambia? Victoria Falls Bridge? What direction do the beaches of Bombay face? No idea?
  30. geography

    Which continents includes the South Pole? Just Antarctica right?
  31. Math

    30 coins consisting of nickels and dimes are worth $2.40. How many of each kind are there?
  32. World History/Social studies

    Who are some leaders who have attained success by using fear?
  33. World history

    Which of the following did NOT contribute to an increase in food production and population growth during the Middle Ages? A) the invention of the ox collar B) a climate change C) a heavy, wheeled plow with an iron plowshare D) a three-field system of crop
  34. Another Geography

    What is the capital of the country that separates the North Sea from the Baltic Sea? Is the country Denmark and the capital Copenhagen?
  35. Geography

    What imaginary lines are boundaries of the Eastern Hemisphere? Prime Meridian at 0 degrees and Prime meridian at 180 degrees?
  36. Geography

    What two continents do not have deserts? Is the answer none? All of them have deserts except possibly Europe?
  37. Geography

    What is the capital of the only country in the world that stretches from the equator to Tropic of Capricorn?
  38. AP Chem

    Part 1: Calculate the heat that must be supplied to 10.7 g of Ne(g) at 0.15 atm to raise its temperature from 20◦C to 49◦C at constant pressure. Assume that neon behaves as an ideal gas. Answer in units of J. Part 2: Calculate the heat at a constant
  39. English

    Analyze one of the following poems: "clearances" Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night," Not waving but Drowning ,"The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock"Ten Songs,"The Guitar use at least 4 of the following in you response: theme,voice,rhyme scheme,poem
  40. English

    Which of the following conflicts in Poor Fish is the most importance -individual vs. self, individual vs. another, individuals. society vs. nature support your answer using example from the story please help this is and essay and I'm confused thank you.
  41. Math

    How fp you Order the numbers from least to greatest 0.4, 5%8, 38%? Please show the steps.
  42. Math

    Dave takes out a 23-year mortgage of 200000 dollars for his new house. Dave gets an interest rate of 13.2 percent compounded monthly. He agrees to make equal monthly payments, the first coming in one month. After making the 65th payment, Dave wants to buy
  43. Statistics

    Local food distributor claims that 18% of all food sold are vegetables. If 112 food items are sold are randomly selected, what is the probability that the proportion of vegetables sold differs from the population proportion by more than 2%? I am trying to
  44. chemistry

    How many grams of Al2(SO4)3 can be produced from 10.0g of CuSO4?
  45. Math

    Mrs. Delvin owns a triangular plot of ground with two congruent sides each measuring 14.8m. If there are 36.4m of fencing around the plot, what is the length of the third side?
  46. Math

    The shoe box has a base with an area of 147.2 cm2. What equation can be used to find the volume of the shoe box? The length is 18.4 cm, the height is 11 cm and the width is 8 cm.
  47. Chemistry

    Based on the following equation: 2AgNO3 + CaCl2 > 2AgCl + Ca(NO3) When 50 g AgNO3 are combined with 1.45M CaCl2 solution, what volume of the 1.45M CaCl2 solution would be needed to precipitate all of the silver as AgCl?
  48. Chemistry

    How would I balance Al2 + I2>ALI3
  49. chemistry

    How do you rationalize an infrared spectrum of salicylic acid and aspirin? How do you know which is which?
  50. chemistry

    How do you rationalize an infrared spectrum of salicylic acid and aspirin? How do you know which is which?
  51. Pre-calculus

    An expedition walks 4 kilometers from camp on a bearing of 30 degrees, then turns and walks 10 km on a bearing of 160 degrees. Find the magnitude of the new location relative to the beginning location using vectors. -> if you can, can you possibly show how
  52. Physics

    A transverse wave is formed on a long skipping rope. The equation of the transverse wave is y=5.50 sin(0.031π x+5.52π t) where x and y are in centimeters, t is in seconds, and Π is pi (3.14..). Find the amplitude of the wave? what is the wavelength of
  53. Physics

    An ideal spring hangs vertically from the ceiling. When 1.0 kg mass hangs from the spring it is extended 5.0 cm from its relaxed length. A downward external force is now applied to the mass to extend the spring an additional 10 cm. While the spring is
  54. Physics

    The horizontal surface on which the block slides is frictionless. The speed of the block before it touch the spring is 6.0 m/s. How fast is the block moving at the instant the spring has been compressed 0.15 m? The spring constant, k = 2000 N/m
  55. biology lab

    26.2g of sodium chloride(NaCL) are dissolved in enough water to make 100mL of solution. What is the molarity of this solution?
  56. biology lab

    how many grams of mercury II Nitrate will you need to prepare 500mL of a .60 M solution ?
  57. Algebra

    Not sure how to do this problem need a little help at least to start. If h(x) = 1/(x+3)^3 then determine f(x) and g(x) such that h(x) = (f of g)(x).
  58. Algebra

    A gigabyte memory is ___ or ___ times larger than a kilobyte. I know that a gig (G) is 10^(9) & kilo (k) is 10^(3)
  59. Chemistry

    Express the absolute value of the partial charges as a decimal fraction of the elementary charge for CH. The bond length, is 131.1 pm, and the Dipole Moment, D is 1.46
  60. Chemistry

    Express the absolute value of the partial charges as a decimal fraction of the elementary charge for OH.
  61. Chemistry

    When heated, KClO3 decomposes into KCl and O2. If this reaction produced 79.9 g of KCl, how much O2 was produced (in grams)?
  62. Biology

    how many grams of sucrose would I need to make 350mL of an 18% solution?
  63. College calculus

    Find the dy/dx A. y = u sqrt u + 1; u = 2x^2 - 2/3 B. x = u/ (1 + u^3); y = u^2 /(1 + u^3) Can someone help me
  64. math

    What is the loop that forms after many iterations when the initial value of g is 1.7? What is the loop that forms after many iterations when the initial value of g is 1.72?
  65. Chemistry

    Describe the procedure you would follow to determine the concentration of vitamin c in a sample if the volume of dcpip required to reach the end point were more than the 10-mL graduated cylinder could hold. The titration must still be carried out in the
  66. Statistics Math

    Let A and B be two exclusive events with P(A)=.2 and P(B) =.3. Find P(A|B)
  67. Geargia State History (Social Studies)

    2. Officials whose jobs are not provided for in the constitution but are required by law are known as __________. A. Constitutional Officers B Secretaries Of State C. Deputies D. Statutory Officials 5. True False: The state supreme court is an appellate
  68. math

    translate this sentence 44is the difference of Rita's age and 12 in an equation .
  69. science

    if there was a source of pollution in Smithtown bay, what role could a physical oceanographer play in understanding the impacts to other parts of long island sound?
  70. Math general

    If you have to cut 102 ft of rope into 18 inches, how many pieces would you have?
  71. Vet tech

    . Academic Index is:
  72. Math

    Evaluate 3a^2-2ab+10 A=-2 B=3
  73. Chemistry

    I need to find the pH of a 500 mL solution of pure water after adding 33.0 mg of H2SO4 and 18.0 mg of HCl. Please help! So far I have tried to find the moles of 33.0mg of H2SO4 and got 3.24. Then I calculated pH by multiplying the subscript of H (2) by the
  74. Chemistry

    the solubility of aspartic acid in water is .500 g in 100 mL at 25 degrees C. If .251 g of aspartic acid is dissolved in 50. mL of water at 50 degrees C and let solution cool to 25 degrees C. is the solution supersaturated, saturated, or unsaturated. the
  75. Math

    I need help with proofs in geometry.
  76. Chemistry

    The equation is N2 + O2 reacts 2NO Given 12.5 mg of oxygen reacts with 21.4 mg of Nitrogen what mass of product is formed
  77. Math

    A car was valued at 30k in 1994, it depreciated to 15k by 2000. What was the annual rate of change between 94 and 2000?
  78. accounting

    Determine the ending balance of the Merchandise Inventory account given the following transactions: TooDaLoo had a beginning balance of $8,500 in its Merchandise Inventory account. They purchased $45,000 worth of inventory on account from WeeParcel under
  79. Math

    A TV that usually sells for $172.36 is on sale for 25% off. If sales tax on the TV is 9%, what is the price of the TV, including tax?
  80. Math

    If the legs of a right triangle have lengths of 6 inches and 8 inches, what is the length of the hypotenuse in inches? A.11 B.13 C.10 D.16 Is the answer C?
  81. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following sentences uses the past perfect verb tense. A) By June, I will have owned the camera shop for a decade. B) After it was sold, I had owned the camera shop for 12 year as C) I cannot recall a time when I have not owned some kind of
  82. ipc

    A 95.00 kg man on ice skates catches a ball moving at 18 m/s. The man is initially at rest. The man and the ball move together after the collision. The ball's mass is 0.14 kg. What is the final velocity
  83. Physics

    A girl jumps off a platform with a horizontal velocity of 2.06 m/s and lands in the water 1.3 s later. Gravity is 9.8m/s^2. How high is the platform.
  84. Algebra

    josh receives a weekly paycheck from his job. at the end of the week he has $52 remaining. throughout the week he spent a third of his paycheck at the mall and $8 for a new calculator. what the amount of his paycheck?
  85. math

    find the next three terms in 18,27,36,45
  86. Physics

    Initially (at time t = 0) a particle is moving vertically at 7.2 m/s and horizontally at 0 m/s. Its horizontal acceleration is 1.3 m/s 2 . At what time will the particle be traveling at 59◦ with respect to the horizontal? The acceleration due to gravity
  87. Math

    Farmer has a field 1 square mile wide and 1 square mile wide. He divides it into fields 1/3 mile wide and 1/3 mile long how many fields will he have
  88. Algebra II

    y varies directly as x. if y=-5/8 when x=3/2, find x when y=2/5
  89. Chemistry

    A 0.2512 stock sample of HCl is tirade to equivalence . If 16.77ml of 0.1410 M NaOH is required to reach the equivalence point, what volume of stock HCl was used for the tritation?
  90. Chemistry

    How many potassium ions are present in the following: 1) 3 moles of potassium chloride.
  91. Math

    The number of eggs Meg collected over the week were: Monday=8 eggs, Tuesday =5 eggs, Wednesday=6 eggs , Thursday=7 eggs, Friday=6 eggs, Saturday=5 eggs. By Sunday the weeks average was 6 eggs per day. How many eggs were collected on Sunday?
  92. Calculus rate of change

    Can you please check my answers and fix the ones if any that are wrong. Along with help on part d Consider the following fun f(x)=(3/4)x^3- x^3-3x^2+6x A.find relative extrema and identify max and min. I got x=1 max ,±√2 min B.determine the interval(s)
  93. Calculus rate of change

    A machine starts dumping sand at the rate of 20 m3/min, forming a pile in the shape of a cone. The height of the pile is always twice the length of the base diameter. After 5 minutes, how fast is the base area of the base increasing? I honestly have no
  94. math

    please help me solve this problem quickly! John and Melanie are designing a science experiment for the school science fair. Their experiment requires a large amount of copper wire. They need 22 spools of copper wire that each contains 31 meters of wire.
  95. math

    PLS... help me Give the least number that can be rounded to the nearest ten thousands
  96. History

    Which best describes the role of Zionism in ongoing Middle East tensions? It led to disagreements between Arabs and Jews over control of Holy Land.
  97. Math

    Find the solution to each equation. 2^x=17 4log4^(x)=7
  98. Global Communication

    Is local culture an enabler or a hindrance in planning and executing a strategic communication campaign?
  99. math

  100. Math

    Name things that are false about prime numbers


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