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  1. algebra 2

    Subtract the following polynomials, then place the answer in the proper location on the grid. Write the answer in descending powers of x. (-6.7x2power + 2.3x y + 5.2) - (-14.9x 2 - 3.5x y + 7.1) my answer 8.2x2power+5.8xy-1.9
  2. history

    settler who claimed land through the homestead act i think native americans Sorry. The Native Americans weren't considered settlers under the Homestead Act. One name given these settlers became the nickname for a state. Check this site for that name.


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  1. algebra 2

    Alright but I'm not finding it on my scream
  2. algebra 2

    thank you question(6x + 1)(5x + 8) my answer30x2power+53x+8
  3. 6th Grade Math Help Please

    In number theory, a rational point is a point in space each of whose coordinates are rational; that is, the coordinates of the point are elements of the field of rational numbers, as well as being elements of larger fields that contain the rational
  4. Science

    what is an example that i can draw for beryllium on the periodic table