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  1. @Marcus

    Please repost your last question with an appropriate subject line. I'll be glad to help you with it.
  2. Cheater Di is banned!

    Posting all the answers to a test review is cheating. Not allowed here!
  3. NAbbie is banned!

    Posting 25 test answers is cheating.
  4. Cheater Lambster is banned!

    Asking for answers is cheating.
  5. @ in need of science

    I deleted your 25 questions. You didn't post any of your ideas or answers. Did you really want us to answer all of these questions for you?? If you'd like, post no more than five of these questions, along with your ideas about the answers. We'll be glad to


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  1. Math

  2. social studies

    1: (A) - yes 2: (D) - no 3: (B) - no 4: need help 5: need help Which are these last two questions. Please repost with their numbers.
  3. social studies

    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?
  4. math

    2x-4+2-6x -2 -4x
  5. Social Studies

    No. I've checked two of your guesses. Now you're on your own. Please do not post answers for this question again.