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  1. Math

    Mrs Welsh paid $49.00 for one scarf and two shirts. The price of each shirt was $10.00 Part A: use rounding to estimate how much Mrs.Welsh paid for the scarf. Round to $50.00-$20.00=$30.00


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  1. LANG

    Denotative definitions are also known as explicit definitions.
  2. 1st grade

    Any time you are telling what is exactly being said, put quotes around it. Mr. K said, "Good luck on your homework." or "Good luck on your homework." Mr. K said. When not to: Mr. K wished me luck on my homework. See the difference? The second sentence was
  3. 1st grade

    If you write it this way, your mom is cleaning it for you. Try this. My room is a mess. Mom said that I have to clean it now. Only use quotes if the words are exactly what is being said. Mom said, "Clean your room now!" I said, "I will clean it now."
  4. 1st grade

    |||| .. is correct. the | is used as a ten. the . is used as a one. They are base ten. Blocks are used for this at school. They are also called longs (|) and shorts (.).
  5. Algebra

    Define your numbers first: 1st number = x 2nd number = x +1 Problem says "Product of 1", so multiply x(x+1)=1 x^2+x=1 x^2+x-1=0 From here use Quadratic Formula or complete the square to solve.