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  1. math

    Carbon 14 (14C) dating assumes that the carbon dioxide on Earth today has the same radioactive content as it did centuries ago. If this is true, the amount of 14C absorbed by a tree that grew several centuries ago should be the same as the amount of 14C
  2. Math/Statistics/Probability

    Leroy and Fred play chess at a club every Wednesday. The probability that Leroy will lose is .3, that he will stalemate is .5, and that he will win is .2. The probability that Fred will lose is .25, that he will stalemate is .4, and that he will win is
  3. Chemistry

    Which of the following equations is balanced correctly? A. 2 C3H3 + O2 → 2 CO2 + H2O B. Cl2 + 2 KBr → KCl + Br2 C. 3 H2O → H2 + 3 O2 D. 2 C2H2 + 5 O2 → 4 CO2 + 2 H2O Can anyone help me figure out which is balanced correctly?
  4. Chemistry

    If you wanted to dope Selenium with something to make it a p-type semiconductor, what would you use?
  5. US History

    How did the spoils system affect president James Garfield and his successor Chester A. Arthur??


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  1. Calculus

    C. 14.093

    The answer of 33 was correct.
  3. Calculus

    Answers D and E were correct.
  4. Calculus

    Positive 6 was correct!
  5. Chemistry

    Never mind I figured out it was D