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  1. Math

    Hello Ms.Sue So, 0.06% x $75 = to 7500 ? or what did I do wrong?
  2. Math

    5% of a number is equal ti 25. Would this be 20 A.S.A.P.
  3. Math

    Jane is 5 years younger than Mary. How old is Jane if Mary is 23 years old? Please show step so I can understand how you get the answer .Because word problem confuse me.Thank you in advance
  4. math

    5 pies shared equally among 8 neighbors how much each neighbor get
  5. math

    if a tree is 10 ft tall after 2 yr. and 25 ft tall after 5 yr. find the rate of change of growth if y is the height and x is the number of years
  6. chemistry

    Why is it necessary to heat the hydrate gently at first and then more strongly only after most of the water has been driven off?
  7. Math

    A baker bought some flour. He used to 2/5 of the flour to make bread and used the rest to make batches of muffins. If he used 16 pounds of flour making bread and 2/3 pound for each batch of muffins how many batches of muffins did he make
  8. Lan

    Spend a few moments reviewing the revising strategies you have learned. Apply what you have learned! Write the final draft of your autobiographical essay.
  9. Math

    (6.0x10^5)x(3.0x10^4)=? 18x10^20 18x10^9 1.8x10^20 1.8x10^10 2.(5x10^-2)/(2x10^10=? 2.5x10^-5 2.5x10^-1 25x10^1 25x10^2 3.(2.56x10^6)x(3.56x10^2)=? 9.1136x10^12 91.136x10^8 9.1136x10^8 91.136x10^12 4.In a recent year, the population of California was about
  10. math

    suppose another person was surveyed who said that he spends 3 hrs sleeping at night. How would this affect the mean median mode and range
  11. 7th grade math

    On a recent day, 8 euros were worth $9 and 25 euros were worth $27. Write an equation of the form y = KX yo show the relationship between the number of euros and the value in dollars. ___________, where y is dollars and X is euros My answer is $36 = k32.
  12. 7th Grade Matj

    On a recent day, 8 euros were worth $9 and 25 euros were worth $27. Write an equation of the form y = kx yo show the relationship between the number of euros and the value in dollars. ___________, where y is dollars and X is euros My answer is $36 = k32.
  13. algebra

    Perform the indicated operation if possible simply 6/7÷(-6/5)=
  14. Math

    1. A baker had 10 sacks containing the following amounts of flour: 4 ½ kg, 3 ¼ kg, 2 ½ kg, 2 ½ kg, 4kg, 3 ¼ kg, 4 ¼ kg, 5kg, 2 ½ kg, 3 ¼ kg 2. Plot the measurements on a line plot. Give the line plot a title and label the axis. 3. If the baker
  15. physics

    A child ties a rock to a string and whirls it around in a horizontal circle. Assuming a 1.50 m -long string making 20.0 ∘ angle below the horizontal, find the speed of the rock. Find the period of its uniform circular motion.
  16. Algebra 1, Physics

    Muriel and Connie are playing a game of catch. They decided it would be fun to stand on different sides of the building and throw the ball back and forth. Muriel can throw the ball with a velocity of 14 m/s, and Connie can throw with a velocity of 16 m/s.
  17. Alg 2

    Expressions, Equations and Inequalities I am struggling can someone please explain how to get the correct answer choice thank you! 1. Which of the following is equal to (3x/5-7)+7 5x/3 3x/5 3x-35/5 (3x-7)+35 5. name the property of real numbers illustrated
  18. English

    Are these right? IF not please help me understand them thank you. Identify the sentence that most strongly relies on emotional language. It took a lot of work, but we finally got the job done. With hard work and dedication, we got the job done.** We had to
  19. Biology HELP

    How do you know whether something is homozygous dominant or heterozygous dominant?
  20. Biology

    Assume you had a round seed garden pea plant and you wanted to find out whether the round seed plant was homozygous or heterozygous. What would you do? (Round is dominant to wrinkled seed)
  21. Math

    The function h(t) = 2 + 50t -1.862t^2, where h(t) is the height in metres and t is the time in seconds, models the height of a golf ball above the planet Mercury's surface during its flight. A) What is the maximum height reached by the ball (i got 1165.8,
  22. Math

    How do you write 4/9 as a decimal? Thanks for the help.
  23. Biology

    explain the consequence of x chromosome inactivation in terms of the proteins encoded by the x chromosome genes?
  24. math

    Miss Sue, is the answer that psydag give to Angel at 4:53 today correct? doesn't seem to add up
  25. math

    the product of two mixed numbers that are each between 4 and 5 is between 16 and 25. I think that is false. am I correct
  26. Math

    Given that a cylinder has a volume of 1200cm^3, what is the volume of a cone that has the same height and same radius as the cylinder? explain your reasoning
  27. Probability and Linear Math

    SET UP BUT DO NOT SOLVE THE FOLLOWING LINEAR PROGRAMMING PROBLEM. A financier plans to invest up to $500,000 in two products. Project A yields a return of 10% on an investment, whereas Project B yields a return of 15% on the investment. Because the
  28. Literature

    When you save documents, it is important to check the _____ at the top of the navigation window to ensure saving your file in the current location A.adress bar ** B.insert ribbon C.file type D.file name
  29. Math

    Tom and Lana both need $15,000 in 3 years. Tom finds an investment in which he can earn 8% compounded annually. Lana finds an investment in which she earns 7 7/8% interest compounded monthly. Who must invest more money now in order to get $15,000 in 3
  30. POL201

    Originalists often hold that it is incorrect to use the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to strike down laws that discriminate because
  31. math

    kristyn is 4 years younger than mario. 3 years from now, she will be two thirds as old as mario. find their present age.
  32. Geometry

    Find the area of the triangles in square centimeters: a. 3.5, 4.8, 6.1 b. 10.2, 4.4, 7.1
  33. Geometry

    The average human heart pumps about 60 milliliters of blood for each beat. a. About how many liters of blood does your heart pump each day? b. Do you think a reasonable degree of precision for this question would be to report the answer to the nearest 100
  34. algebra

    how do you solve for w in a bmi equation, if only height (h=65 inches)is known and w (weight) is what is to be solved for? Bmi=703w/h^2
  35. business law

    Eagle Sales Company owns a warehouse, subject to a mortgage obtained from First National Bank. Separately, Eagle and First National obtain insurance policies from Good Hands Insurance Inc., to cover the warehouse. Later, Eagle sells the property to
  36. college math

    Please simplify 100(-5)/25. Thanks a lot.
  37. medical

    what is medical code for come due to barbiturate intoxication
  38. Math

    Quinn and Julius inherited $50,000 each from their great-grandmother’s estate. Quinn invested her money in a 5-year CD paying 1.6% interest compounded semiannually. Julius deposited his money in a money market account paying 1.05% compounded monthly. How
  39. Math

    Fantasia Florist Shop purchases an order of imported roses with a list price of $2,375 less trade discounts of 15/20/20. What is the dollar amount of the trade discount? Using your answer to the question above, what is the net dollar amount of that rose
  40. Math 6th :)

    Do you know of a number line calculator. I just need to have my calculation I did on a number line. Drawn up nice and neat.
  41. Math

    The amount allowed in weight per bus is 221 pounds. My friend weighs 60 pounds. For us to ride in a car together how much can you weigh? I wrote this solution. If it is right? if not could you show me the steps? x + 60 < = 161; at most 221 pounds. Is
  42. chemistry

    While doing a titration lab to determine concentration of hydrogen peroxide what is the purpose of using an acid to dilute th H2O2?
  43. Teacher Aide

    A common characteristics of regional educational agencies is that they a don't hire aides b provide many services that individual school districts couldn't afford c serve all of the school districts in a state d are located in Eastern states
  44. latin

    translate to good enMonete, custodes, militem infelicem. Apud viros avaros hodie est.
  45. phi 103

    Logic can help analyze ethical problems.
  46. chemistry

    how many grams of nitrogen will react with 23 grams of oxygen
  47. Math

    If seven of the apples in a basket are red and there are 21 apples in the basket, what percent of the apples in the basket are red?
  48. Language Arts

    I just need someone to double check my work. :) Here are my answers: 1. C 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. D 6. B 7. A 8. A Here are the questions: Choose the option that correctly identifies the ( underlined words ) in each sentence. 1. (Stretching for 210 miles), the
  49. Quantitative Analysis

    The dibasic compound B (pKb1 = 4.00, pKb2 = 8.00) was titrated with 1.00 M HCl. The initial solution of B was 0.100 M and had a volume of 100.0 mL. Find the pH at the following volumes of acid added and make a graph of pH versus Va; Va=0, 1, 5, 9, 10, 11,
  50. Chemistry

    A 100.0 mL aliquot of 0.100 M weak base B (pKb=5.00) was titrated with 1.00 M HClO4. Find the pH at the following volumes of acid added Va= 0, 1, 5, 9, 9.9, 10, 10.1, and 12mL
  51. Chemistry

    A weak acid HA (pKa = 5.00) was titrated with 1.00 M KOH. The acid solution had a volume of 100.0 mL and a molarity of 0.100 M. Find the pH at the following volumes of base added and make a graph of pH versus Vb: Vb = 0, 1, 5, 9, 9.9, 10, 10.1, and 12 mL.
  52. chemistry

    how many liters of hydrogen gas can be formed at 722 mmHg at 15 degress C when 5.5 grams of zinc metal with 150 mL of 1.25 molarity HCl solution?
  53. Math

    Why could the mean of the data set below be misleading? ages of teachers: 29, 38, 39, 26, 29, 29, 39, 77, 38, 29
  54. math

    in 1986, 43% of U.S. adults approved of men and women living together without being married. for the period from 1986 through 2007, the percentage approving of cohabitation increased on average by approzimately 0.6 each year. if this trend continues, by
  55. environmental science

    Although most salamanders have four legs, the aquatic salamander shown below resembles an eel. It lacks hind limbs and has very tiny forelimbs. Propose a hypothesis to explain how limbless salamanders evolved according to Darwin's theory of natural
  56. business management

    Complete the Consulting Project Plan. Revise and apply feedback as appropriate for Part One and Part Two. Include these revised sections in your final submission. Describe the applicable functional areas of business. Refer to your University of Phoenix
  57. algebra

    translate the following phrase into an algebraic expression. "the quotient of a number less seven and twenty."
  58. math

    All other conditions being equal, does a z or t value with larger magnitude have a larger or smaller corresponding P- value?
  59. Math Help!

    What is the probability that 3 will be spun on the spinner below? The sections in the circle are 8 sections with numbers, 1,3,2,4,2,4,2,3 My answer is 1/4 is this correct? The choices were 2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/8. I almost think to pick 2 but it doesn't seem
  60. Math

    Virginia will spin each spinner once. What is the total number of different outcomes of a color and a number that can occur? the first color wheel is three sections of red, blue and green the other circle has sections of 1-8. Any help would be great and if
  61. algebra-trig help asap

    Write an equation I'm not sure how to do this though. The sine of x with an amplitude of 4, period of 3(pie) and phase shift to the right of pie/4
  62. algebra-trig help asap

    An isosceles triangle has a base 36 cm long and a base of 65 degrees. Find its perimeter. I'm not sure if this is right but my answer is 1250.4 in^2
  63. College algebra

    An architect wishes to design a large room 122 feet long that will be a whispering gallery. The ceiling of the room has a cross section that is an ellipse whose foci are to be located 14 feet to the right and the left of center. Find the height h of the
  64. College algebra

    A circular vent pipe with a diameter of 5.5 inches is placed on a roof that has a slope of 1/4. Find an equation of the ellipse that should be cut from the roof so that the pipe will fit. Round parameters to the nearest hundredth.
  65. College algebra

    Find the standard form of the equation of the hyperbola with the given characteristics. Foci:(+4,0) or (-4,0) Asymptotes: y=4x or y=-4x.
  66. College algebra

    A fountain in a shopping mall has two parabolic arcs of water intersecting. The equation of one parabola is y = -0.25x^2+2x and the equation of the second parabola is y=-0.205x^2+4x-11.75. How high above the base of the fountain do the parabolas intersect?
  67. algebra-trig help asap

    x=sec^-1 2 I really need help with this problem. Thanks
  68. algebra-trig help asap

    Evaluate the expression. Assume that all angles are in Quadrant I. 14. tan(arccos 3/5)
  69. algebra-trig help asap

    Evaluate the expression. Assume that all angles are in quadrant 1. 1. cos(arccos4/5)
  70. college algebra

    a cub measures n inches on each edge. If a slice 1 inch thick is cut from one face of the cube and then a slice 3 inches thick is cut from another face of the cube, the resulting solid has a volume of 1560 cubic inches. Find the dimensions of the original
  71. college algebra

    A propane tank has the shape of a circular cylinder with a hemisphere at each end. The cylinder is 6 feet long and volume of the tank is 5pie cubic feet. Find, to the nearest thousandth of a foot the length of the radius x.
  72. algebra-trig help ASAP

    Can someone please help me understand how to graph y=3cos(x/4)-5
  73. algebra-trig

    Can someone please explain to me how to graph sine and cosine step by step because I am so confused and I really really need help.
  74. algebra-trig

    Can someone please explain to me how to graph sine and cosine step by step because I am so confused and I really really need help.
  75. electricity and electronics

    9.electrons are emitted from a conductor when the conductor is
  76. chemistry

    An electron traveling at 4.3×105 m/s has an uncertainty in its velocity of 1.92×105 m/s. What is the uncertainty in its position?
  77. algebra-trig help asap

    An isosceles triangle has a base 22 cm long and a base angle of 72 degrees. Find its perimeter.
  78. college algebra

    a rectangular box has a volume of V(x)=x^3+13x^2+50x+56 cubic inches. The height of the box is x+7 inches. The width of the box is x+4 inches. Find the length of the box in terms of x.
  79. Algebra-Trig help asap

    A rhombus has sides of 5 cm each and one diagonal is 6 cm long. Find the area of the rhombus.
  80. algebra

    5+4x-7=4x-2-x label contradictions and identities show all work?
  81. Trig-Algebra help asap

    A regular octagon is inscribed in a circle with a radius of 5 cm. Find the area of the octagon.
  82. Trig-Algebra help asap

    A regular pentagon is inscribed in a circle whose radius measures 7 cm. Find the area of the pentagon.
  83. Trig-Algebra help asap

    A rhombus has sides of 5 cm and one diagonal is 6 cm long. Find the area of the rhombus.
  84. Trig-Algebra help asap

    The adjacent sides of a parallelogram measure 8 cm and 12 cm and one angle measures 60 degrees. Find the area of the parellelogram.
  85. Chemisty

    Calculate the mass of water in grams that could be produced from the reaction of 10.00mL 0.4122M hydrochloric acid and 35.00mL 0.1738M sodium hydroxide solution. Identify the limiting reactant.
  86. Chemistry

    I really need help with this question. If 2 trials using 10.0 mL of a solution with an unknown concentration were titrated using close to 20mL of a standard solution each trial, what approximate volume of the standard solution would be needed to titrate
  87. college algebra

    Write in y=mx+b form the line perpendicular to 5x-y=2 passing through (10,-2)
  88. college algebra

    Given f(x)= x^2-3+2 and g(x)=2x-4 find (fg)(-3)
  89. college algebra

    Given f(x) = sqrt of x+4 and g(x) = 1/x find (gof)(x).
  90. college algebra

    Given f(x)=sqrt x+4 and g(x)= 1/x find (fog)(x)
  91. college algebra

    Find the maximum or minimum for f(x)=3x^2+x+1
  92. college algebra

    given f(x)=4x-5, g(x)= x+5 over 4 Find (fog)(x). are these inverse functions?
  93. college algebra

    Find the domain of the function. q(s) = sqrt of 81-s^2
  94. college algebra

    t(x)=2x^2-1, Find t(2/3)
  95. algebra

    Which set of ordered pairs represents a function from P to Q? P={5, 10, 15, 20} Q={-2,0,2}
  96. Algebra/Trig Check Answers please

    Please check these answers thanks. 1. The shadow of a vertical pole is 24.8 feet long when the angle of elevation of the sun is 42degrees 0.0'. Find the height of the pole. Answer: 22.3=height 2. From a point on a lighthouse 108 feet above water, the angle
  97. Algebra/Trig Check Answers please

    Can you please check these answers thanks 1. A ladder 14 feet long is leaning against a house. The foot of the ladder is 4.8 feet from the house. Find the angle of elevation of the ladder and the height it reaches on the house. Answer: 13.2=height 18.9
  98. chemistry help asap

    Please check these thanks. 1. In a titration, 33.21 mL 0.3020M rubidium hydroxide solution is required to exactly neutralize 20.00 mL hydrofluroic acid solution. What is the molarity of the hydrofluroic acid solution? Answer: 0.502HF 2. A 35.00 mL-sample

    I really need help on this problem. A sector has area of 15 in^2 and central angle of 0.2 radians. Find the radius of the circle and arc length of the sector
  100. math

    3 ft 3in x 7=


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