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  1. Chemistry

    1-1H + 3-1 H yield 4-2 He What is energy in Kj per mole?
  2. Chemistry

    A 1.00x10-6g sample of nobelium- 254, has a half-life of 55 seconds after it is formed. What is the percentage of nobelium-254 remaining at the following times? (a) 5.0 min after it forms (b) 1.0 h after it forms
  3. Chemistry

    Lithium 7 decays losing one alpha particle what is left? 7H 1
  4. Chemistry

    140 Cal to heat 355 gm of water with initial temperature of 25 degree celsius, final temp?
  5. Chemistry

    CuS is oxidized by molecular oxygen to produce gaseous sulfur trioxide and solid copper (II) oxide. Write 2 balanced half reactions
  6. Physics

    Ok, my Physics professor gave us this to do uncertainty propagation with these equations. Can some please show me some examples on each of these so I know I'm doing them right? Uncertainty Propagation Since raw data includes uncertainty, all calculations
  7. Math

    If 1/3 of a gallon of paint covered 3/5 of the room I was painting, how much paint (gallons) would it take to cover the entire room?
  8. Math

    The scale of a map is 1/8 inch = 10 miles, If 2 cities are 3 inches apart on the map, how many miles are they from each other ?
  9. Math

    A 500 ml bag of penicillin G contains 250,000 uniys. The patient received 300ml. How many units of penicillin G did the patient receive?
  10. Chemistry

    At 25 degree celsius, which balloon has the greater volume, an oxygen balloon O2 at 1.2 atm with a mass of 16.0 g, or helium He balloon at 1.2 atm with a mass of 2.0 g?
  11. Add math

    P(x,y) moves such that its distance from point Q(4,8)is twiceits distance from point P(-2,3). Find the equation of the locus of moving point P.
  12. Add math

    The mean of a set of numbers 1,y,1,2y+2,13 and 16 is 9. Find the value of y and the variance.
  13. Add math

    George has planted several types of vegetables for his own consumption on an empty rectangular plot of land beside his house. He wants to fence the land as a dimension of (12x)m and (4-x)m. Find the length, in m of the fence he has to buy when the area of
  14. Add Math(rate of change)

    The volume of a cylinder increases at a rate of 324cm cube per second. The height, h cm of the cylinder is twice the radius, r cm. Find the rate of change in radius when the radius is 6cm.(use 3over2 pai)
  15. science

    You need to make a 2 fold serial dilution starting at 1:100 and ending at 1:3200. You need 2 ml in each test tube when you are finished. You have 40 microliters of serum. do you have enough?
  16. English

    Identify the main conflict from "the fall from the house of usher " and show what it reveals about the story's protagonist . I have studied this story and I'm not able to find one main conflict, I have found a couple but none add up to the point of what it
  17. math

    yesterday, lena had 55 baseball cards. Today she gave c away. using c write an expression for the number of cards lena has left.
  18. Math

    Round 5,156 to the nearest ten.
  19. math

    grant needs 2/3 cup of raisins and 3/4 cups of almonds to make trail mix. which statement can be used to find out if there are more raisins or almonds in the mix?
  20. Chemistry

    I am trying to determine the net ionic equation for Fe(NO3) and K3 PO4, can you help, I'm having a difficult time?
  21. Pre-Algebra Calculus

    NEED HELP PLEASE Mixture Problems 1.Joe created a metal containing 40% platinum by combining two other metals. One of these other metals weighed 12 lb. and contained 45% platinum. If the other weighed 3 lb. then what percent of it was platinum? 2. 12 gal.
  22. chemistry

    if i have a 21% solution of a product, and i need to make it a 9% solution of the same product what do i do? i am trying to dilute a product that is 21% to a 9% soultion so it can safety be used on cats. i know what to dilute it with, but i do not know how
  23. Math

    The total number of pears eaten by Pete and two of his friends, Tweet and Honk, (during this visit to the pear tree) were in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 5 respectively. If Pete ate 12 less pears than Honk, how many pears did Tweet eat during this time?
  24. Maths

    What is the daily interest rate for the following amount: $598 for 186 days at 7.75% APR
  25. Precalculus Trig (Geometry)

    A rectangular doorway is 38 meters wide and 60 meters high. The doorway is capped with a semi-ellipse that is 13 meters high at its center. Find the height h of the doorway and window 5 meters from the center. From the ellipse equation, I can see that a
  26. Precalculus Trig (Geometry)

    A large doorway has the shape of a parabolic arch. The doorway is 20 feet high at the top of the arch and 20 feet wide at the base. At a height of 10 feet above the floor, find the width of the arch. If you start the vertex of the parabola at 0,0, that
  27. algebra

    A penny has a 1 cm radius. What is its diameter? Its circumference? its area?
  28. math

  29. MATH

  30. math

    The ratio of red jelly beans to yellow jelly beans in a dish is 3.4. If Greg eats 3 red ones and 6 yellow ones, the ratio is 4.5. How many yellow jelly beans were originally in the dish? Do you make 3.4 a fraction and 4.5 a fraction and times them? 3/6
  31. Algebra

    A bag has 2x+1 red marbles, 3x blue marbles, and x+2 green marbles. What is the probability of picking a red marble?
  32. Algebra

    Compound inequalities 4x+7
  33. Algebra

  34. Algebra

    compound inequalities -10
  35. algebra

    2b-2/2b^2-8 (find domain to rational expression)
  36. Algebra

    Using the ac method factor the trimonials. 15x^2 + 31x+2=
  37. Algebra

    Using the ac method factor the trimonials. 15x^2 + 31x+2=
  38. Fin/571

    3. Bell Mountain Vineyards is considering updating its current manual accounting system with a high-end electronic system. While the new accounting system would save the company money, the cost of the system continues to decline. The Bell Mountain’s
  39. math

    I need a prime and composite factor chart. Can you help me?
  40. Chem

    Ka1 = 4.5E-7 and Ka2 = 4.7E-11 for the carbonate system. Ksp is 5.0E-9 and Kw =1.0E-14. A town’s groundwater has [Ca2+] = 37 mg/L, alkalinity of 1.36E-3eq/L and pH of 8. This is to be mixed with surface water with [Ca2+] = 4mg/L, alkalinity of 8.0E-4
  41. Stats

    two tailed test for experiment with N= 24. Can't find table of t critical values, but tcv@ df=13. Compared tobt with tcv. Will this more likely create type I or type II error?
  42. math

    the product of 237 and 13
  43. physics

    The load-bearing piston in a certain hydraulic system has an area 20 times as large as the input piston. If the larger piston supports a load of 2000N, how large a force must be applied to the input piston? A certain boat displaces a volume of 4.5m3 of
  44. Civ/Hum

    How is Modernity reflected in the movie Metropolis
  45. english

    assign each word a part of speech A mistake at a pharmacy sent to the hospital.
  46. Grammar

    What are the nouns in the sentence whales have brains as big as watermelons.
  47. Ochem

    Which Alkene is capable of stereoisomerism: 1-pentene, 2-methyl-1-pentene, 2-methyl-2-pentene, 2-pentene, or 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene?
  48. Criminal justice

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the issues facing police departments in today’s society. · Include a description of how local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies currently interact with the U.S. Department of Homeland
  49. math

    Janet took out a loan of $50,000 from Bank of America at 8 percent on March 19, 2006 which is due on July 8, 2006. Using exact interest, the amount of Janet's interest cost is
  50. chemistry

    Fill in the missing value for V. P=1.2 atm, n-5.00 and T= 300.15 K....how do I set up the PV=nRT or do I solve in a different way?
  51. economics

    Is limitless growth really possible? What forces do you think will be most important in slowing or halting economic growth?
  52. math

    rounded to the nearest ten i am 12750. i am a multiple of 2 i use only 4 different numbers in all my 5 places.
  53. Physics

    Suppose a cylindrical platform with moment of inertia 0.005kg m2 is freely rotating at angular speed 10 rad/s. A disc initially, rotationally at rest with mass 0.6kg and radius 0.1 m is dropped onto the platform so that their centers coincide. The kinetic
  54. MATH

    A polygon has 20 diagonals .how many sites it have? ans 8 BUT HOW DO WE GET IT
  55. MATH

    Ten different letters of an alphabet are given .2 of these letter are followed by two digits are used to number the product of a company .in how many ways product can be numbered? ANS CHOICES ARE 52040 8100 5040 1000 4000
  56. math

    how many five doght numbers can be formed using the digts 0,2,3,4,and 5. when repetition is allowed such the number formed is divisible by 2 or 5 or both. ans. choices are: 100 150 3125 1500 125
  57. math

    how many 5 dight numbers are there with distinct dights. ans choices arw 144 27216 4386 6843 720 I need to see how to solve it step by step thanks
  58. math

    Find the number of words which can be formed by using the letters of the word EQUATION if each word has to start with a vowel. this a permutation question ans, choose are 40320 1260 1080 400 25200
  59. MATH

    Find the number of words which can be formed by using the letters of the word EQUATION if each word has to start with a vowel.
  60. math

    Find the number of words which can be formed by using the letters of the word EQUATION
  61. math

    In how many ways can 15 stduents be seated in a row such that the 2 most talkative children never sit together? answer choose are a. 14!,14! b. 15,14! c.14! d. 14!13 e. 15!
  62. math

    A teacher prepares a test. She gives 5 objective type questions out of which 4 have to be answered. Find the total ways in which they can be answered if the first 2 question have 3 chioce and the last 3 have 4 choices. I think this a permutation question
  63. math

    What is the largest possible domain for the function? F(x) = ã x + ã (4 - x^2)
  64. math

    if you join all the vertices of a heptagon how many quadrilaterals will you get?
  65. math

    What is the largest possible domain for the function f(x) = sqrt x + sqrt(4 - x^2) ?
  66. math

    if Y = -X^2 -6x - 8 find the value(s) of x when y =1. ans choices are -3 3 o 9 i need help working this problem
  67. math

    If A = {a, b, c, d} and B = {-1, 0, 1} which of the following relations is a function from A to B. a.(i) {(a, 0), (c, 1), (d, -1)} b.(ii) {(a, -1), (b, -1), (c, 0), (d, 1)} c.(iii) {(a, 1), (b, 1), (c, 0), (d, O)} d.(iv) ({a, 1), (b, 0), (c, -1), (o.O),
  68. math

    What is the largest possible domain for the function f(x) = ~x + ~(4 - x^2) ? a.{x: O:::;x:::;2,x ER} b.{x: -2 :::;x :::;2, x E R} c.{x: 0 s X :s 4, X E:R} d.{x: x 2': 2, x ER}
  69. math

    if Y = X2(xsquared) -6x - 8 find the value(s) of x when y =1. yes there was a typo its x squared i don't know how to rise the 2
  70. math

    if Y = _X2 -6x - 8 find the value(s) of x when y =1.
  71. math

    . Two groups of students are using a dynamic geometry software program to investigate the properties of quadrilaterals. The first group has concluded that the diagonals of a quadrilateral always bisect each other. The second group of students is not
  72. math

    While investigating the properties of parallelograms using a dynamic geometry software program, a student notices that the diagonals of a parallelogram seem to bisect each other. The student conjectures that this statement is true for all parallelograms.
  73. alegebra

    amelia gets 4 points for each correct answer and loses 1 point for each worng answer. One her last quiz she earned 50 points and answered 25 questions. write a system of equations
  74. macroeconomics

    As an economist, you have been asked to write a letter to a meeting of international professionals to explain the differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics and to provide real-world examples. Please write a letter of 4–6 pages including, but
  75. math

    two teams meet in playoff series at the end of the regular season. Team A won 55 of 81 games played in its home stadium during the regular season, while Team B won 48 of 81 games played in its home staduim. The first two games of the series will be played
  76. math

    two teams meet in playoff series at the end of the regular season. Team A won 55 of 81 games played in its home stadium during the regular season, while Team B won 48 of 81 games played in its home staduim. The first two games of the series will be played
  77. geometry

    If the area of a square is 100 cm. What is the area of each triangle produced if you draw two diagonals in the square?
  78. chem

    Calculate the pH after 0.12 mol of NaOH is added to 1.00 L of 0.60 M HF and 1.06 M KF
  79. chem

    Calculate the pH after 0.12 mol of NaOH is added to 1.00 L of 0.60 M HF and 1.06 M KF
  80. algebra

    Please help me solve this function? f(x)= -4(x-3)^3 (x+1)^2
  81. algebra

    How do I solve this inequality? Please help. (3x-2)/(5)-2
  82. music

    what the definite for music
  83. geometry

    You have isosceles triangle WXY and segment WZ is the perpendicular bisector of segment XY. You have to prove triangle WXY isosceles in only three steps using the theorem: If a point is on the perpendicular bisector of a segment, then it is equidistant
  84. algebra

    v-4(4-V)=-2 (2V-1)
  85. physical science

    a man walks 3.00 mi due east, then turns and walks 2.00 mi due north. How far is he from the starting point?
  86. 4th grade math

    long division 823 divide by 7
  87. Chemistry

    0.1 mol NaCl + 0.1 mol KCl would produce a buffer solution if dissolved in water?
  88. math

    What is 2/3 minus 1/6
  89. Health care delivery in the us

    I need to write a paper on health care system evolution, what questions will I be looking to answer
  90. College Mathematics

    A survey of 300 parks showed the following 15 had only camping 20 had only hiking trails 35 had only picnicking 185 had camping 140 had camping and hiking trails 125 had camping and picnicking 210 had hiking trails Find the number of parks that: Did not
  91. math

    austin invests 4500 with first national bank at 5 1/4% simple interest. how much interest does austin earn after one year?
  92. math

    a 46 5/16 lb bag of nuts is packaged in 1 3/4 lb containers. the remaining nuts are given to the person packing the nuts. how much does the person get? justify your answer
  93. math

    4 1/5x3/4x6=
  94. science

    i am in 7th grade accelerated science, so i am learing 8th grade material. I am having some difficulties with covelant and ionic bonds. My lab is due tomorrow and i have a quiz on Wed. If anyone can help me understand this better i would be greatful.
  95. Native America

    How well do you think Native American organizations, like the Bureau of Indian Affairs(BIA), the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) are helping Native Americans to Advance? Explain. If anything,
  96. college

    create a table that lays out a day-to-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search, spanning 3 weeks
  97. 5th gr science

    clue 1 1 a deafening roar 2 maybe a minute 3 maybe an hour clue 2 a "midwest funnel"
  98. math

    how to find a mean of a ratio? how to do a nice fraction close to a mean?
  99. 6th grade

    I need to balance the equation and show my work. Ex. N - 2.4 = 5 +2.4 = +2.4 ----------- N = 7.4 How would I show my work for: 2.3 + 4.09 = N I know the answer is 6.39 because I add 2.3 and 4.09 but how do I show the work? Thanks
  100. ethincs & Diversity

    What differentiates the act of simply grouping people from the act of stereotyping?


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