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  1. Algebra

    -2/3 + (-3/10) =
  2. Algebra

    Which of the following is less than 6.5×10^-5 A. 1.4x10^-3*** B. 2.5x10^-4 C. 7.8x10^-5 D. 4.6x10^-6 Please check my answer
  3. Language Arts

    May some one check my answers please for Lesson 18: Adventures and Imagination Unit Test: questions 10 - 16 10. Complete the sentence with the word or phrase that has the most positive connotation. When we saw her barefoot and wearing flowers as a crown,
  4. Essay

    Do Electronic Devices Improve Our Lives? Please help me!! Someone give me ideas!!! I have writers block, because of how many stories I do! Please Help!!! I only need ideas!!!!
  5. Algebra

    What is the graph of the system? y ≤ −x − 1 y ≥ 2x + 4 Would I use elimination for this?
  6. Math

    bills weight is 102lbs. this is 10 less than 3 times his little brothers weight. How much does his little brother weigh? write an equation
  7. Math. PLEASE HELP!

    1. What is the sum? 7 over 3+ -3 over 8 A. 65/24 B. 47/24 C. -4/5 D. -5/4 2. What is the difference? 9 over 5 - 1 over 6 A. 49/30 B. -8/1 C. 59/30 D. -1/8 3. What is the simplified form of the following expression? 4 over 7^3 A. 343/64 B. 21,952 C. 407 D.
  8. Entrepreneurship

    In which type of organization are there few or no levels of managers between the people who run the company and the employees? A. flat organization B. hierarchical organization C. matrix organization D. functional organization
  9. Math

    Define a variable and write an expression to represent the following phrase: Seven years younger than Lisa.
  10. math

    Lupe is applying for a summer job. Six employees doing the same work earn $8.00, $8.50, $9.00, $9.50, $10.00, and $21.00 per hour. In the interview, the boss tells Lupe that the average hourly wage is $11.00. Is the boss's statement misleading? Why or why
  11. Math :)

    The question is: find the image of o(-2 -1) after two reflections, first across the line y=-5, then across the line x=1, I'm confused because I reflected it across the y access and got -7,-6 then I reflected it x=1 and Got -6,-5, But that is not in the
  12. Math

    when doing rotations do you go clockwise or counterclockwise?
  13. economics

    Question.1 Your aunt is thinking about opening a hardware store. She estimates that it would cost $500,000 per year to rent the location and buy the stock. In addition, she would have to quit her $50,000 per year job as an accountant. a. Define opportunity
  14. Science

    Hello :) For my assessment tomorrow, one of the things I have to think about is this: "Explained how the ear defenders will work using the Big Idea of Energy Transfer." I have no idea about this at all, please help!
  15. English

    I just need some help with this statement, the topic is how Mama is a help to her family rather than a hindrance in "Raisin in the Sun" Mama perpetually helps characters such as Walter and Ruth throughout the play, whether by bettering their morals or
  16. business

    Which of the following statements is generally not true about state intermediate appellate courts? A. Appellate court decisions are final and further appeal is not possible. B. The appellate court reviews the record of the trial court. C. The appellate
  17. RES 341

    A sample of 300 is taken and the sample mean is computed to be 7.65 and the sample standard deviation is 5. Assume the data is ratio level. Compute the 95% confidence interval on the mean. Compute the 3.9% confidence interval on the mean Which confidence