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  1. Chemistry

    calculate the % dissociation of a 0.750M acetic acid solution and 0.50 M sodium acetate solution. I got the % for acetic acid to be 0.48% but cant finish the question.
  2. Math

    In the US, there is a .9 probability that a dollar bill is tainted with traces with drugs. If we randomly select 6 bills, what is the probability that 0 will be tainted? I got .0657 using my calculator
  3. physics

    A student is skateboarding down a ramp that is 7.06 m long and inclined at 29.0° with respect to the horizontal. The initial speed of the skateboarder at the top of the ramp is 4.03 m/s. Neglect friction and find the speed at the bottom of the ramp.
  4. Chem

    If you take a 15.0-mL portion of the stock solution and dilute it to a total volume of 0.700L , what will be the concentration of the final solution?
  5. Elements of University Composition and Communicati

    Each of the following sentences has one grammatical error. The errors are in one of the following four categories: subject–verb agreement, run-on sentence, verb form and tense, or sentence fragment. Read each of the sentences and write the type of error


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  1. math[fractions]

    It is n inproper fraction, so you divid 9 from 46, right?
  2. Design

    i meant silver*
  3. Algebra: 8th Grade; Equation Check

    I don't get number 3 and I am sorry, but I made a typo. The freight train travels at 64 km/h. If the passenger train takes 2 hours LESS time than it takes the Freight train to make the trip from Central Park to Clear Creek. how is the equation: D/63 = D/96
  4. geography

    thanks so much that really helped me out!