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  1. math

    A farmer wishes to fence off a rectangular field that borders a straight river, as shown in the diagram provided. He does not need to fence the side bordering the river. The total length of the fencing is 60 ft long. a. Use your knowledge of quadratic
  2. Math Statistics

    The following is taken from a State of the Park Report for Banff National Park.  Visitors Numbers  Total Visitors: 2004= 3,135,727. 2005=3,164,906. 2006=3,281,435  Total visitor days: 2004= 7,453,465. 2005= 7,518,997. 2006= 7,784,044 Total visitors have
  3. Math Statistacs

    U2 is an Irish band that has been popular for over three decades. The lengths of 80 of their songs were selected at random and are listed in the table below. Lengths of Randomly Selected U2 Songs. ? (seconds) 382 222 214 338 310 559 334 225 177 189 278 300
  4. science

    List your own example of turning an observation into a hypothesis. Be sure to list all five steps: observation, explanation, test (independent variable), prediction (dependent variable), and hypothesis. this is my example Observation The trash smells.
  5. Math

    . Alex plays rugby and can burn approximately 650 calories in a 1.25-hour game. Danielle enjoys kickboxing and can burn approximately 420 calories in a 45-minute class. Who burns calories at a higher rate?
  6. Math proportional reasoning

    Michael owns a butcher shop. Gary brings in a 718 lb steer to be butchered. Michael charges $2146 to butcher the animal for Gary. What is the cost per pound that Gary pays for the butchering of his steer?
  7. Math logic and reasoning

    1. Tyson was working with square numbers. He noticed a pattern for squaring consecutive numbers that end in 5 note:top column has 5^2,15^2,25^2,35^2 note: Bottom column shows answers of top column so 5^2=25,15^2=225,25^2=625, 35^2=1225 A.) Identify a
  8. mathematics

    how do I solve cosh((1+j)/2) to form of a+jb????
  9. math

    how many students are in the sample 15 20 22 25
  10. math

    Find the partial sum without using a graphing utility. 100 2n n = 1
  11. Math

    what allowed for the expansion of the ranching industry a. laws created by the government prohibited cattle drivers from cutting barbed wire. b.American Indians and buffalo had been removed from the plain of North Texas*** c. railroads allowed for
  12. Math

    on a map whose scale is 1:50000 a piece of land is represented by a rectangle measuring 3 cm by 2 cm. What is the actual size of this land in hectares?
  13. Physics

    A ball of mass 8.0kg is suspended by two wires from a horizontal arm of 0.8m, which is attached to a vertical shaft. If wire 1 is 0.6m and wire 2 is 1.0m, what is the tension of wire 1 if the vertical shaft is in uniform rotation about its axis such that
  14. Physical Chemistry

    Your hot tub has overheated to a very uncomfortable 48 degrees C. If your hot tub contains 402 L of hot water, what mass of ice at -5 degrees C would you need to add to your hot tub to bring the temperature down to a more comfortable 36 degrees C?
  15. Physical Chemistry

    One potential problem with using molarity to express concentration is that molarity is temperature dependent. If you make a 1.000 M solution of aqueous HCl at 25 degrees celsius, what would the molarity of this solution become if the temperature of the
  16. Chemistry

    1 mole of each of the following substances is dissolved in 1 L of water. Order them from most ions (1.) to least ions (4.) in solution. CH2CH2-OH ZnCl2 H2SO3 NaNO3
  17. math

    Shonda buys an Amalgamated dining room furniture set for $10,000, makes a down payment of 20%, and finances the rest with 60-month store financing at an annual interest rate of 5.4% compounded monthly. What is the amount of her monthly loan payment to
  18. math

    (x^2-x-20)/(x^2-25) My teacher said that the first step is to factor everything. I know that x^2-25 is factored as (x-5) (x+5), but still need help with factoring x^2-x-20.
  19. math

    A pair of 6 sided fair dice are rolled. If one of the dice shows an odd number what is the probability of the sum of the dice being 7 ?
  20. chemistry

    Which one of the two salts precipitated? AgNO3 + K2SO4 = Ag2SO4 + KNO3
  21. math

    Consider a roll of two six sides dice. Let A be the event that the sum of the faces showing is 4. Let B be the event that one of the faces showing is 3. What is the union of A and B ? What is the intersection of A and B ?
  22. physics

    Island A is 500km east and 320km south of Island B. Island C is 75km east and 1015km north of island A. find the components of the (delta)r vector value pointing from island B to island C
  23. Maths

    show that the circles x^2 + y^2 - 10x - 8y + 18 = 0 and x^2 + y^2 - 8x - 4y + 14x = 0 do not intersect. Apologies on behalf of my friend
  24. Math (Probability)

    Suppose that 4 cards are drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that all 4 are hearts? There are 13 hearts of 52 cards. So, where do I go from here to solve the equation?
  25. physics

    A block with a mass of 2.85 kg is hung by a vertical spring of stiffness 13.3 kg/s2. The damping force is given by -b(dx/dt)m where b = 364 g/s. The block is pulled down 12 cm and then released. (a) Calculate the time required for the amplitude of the
  26. maths probability plz help

    The Probability that a USA-based business man goes to paris by car is 0.6 and by air is 0.4. If he goes by car, the probability that he will be early for his appointment is 0.3 while if he goes by air, the probability he'll be early is 0.65 (i) what is the
  27. physics

    A playground merry-go-round of radius R = 1.1 m has a moment of inertia of I = 280 kg*m^2. and is rotating at a rate of ω = 9 rev/min around a frictionless vertical axis. Facing the axle, a 37 kg child hops onto the merry-go-round and manages to sit down
  28. physics

    A 2.51 kg particle moves in the xy plane with a velocity of v = ( 4.98 , -3.58 ) m/s. Determine the angular momentum of the particle about the origin when its position vector is r = ( 1.73 , 1.15 ) m.
  29. Linear Algebra

    Hi, I really need help with these True/False questions: (a) If three vectors in R^3 are orthonormal then they form a basis in R^3. (b) If Q is square orthogonal matrix such that Q^2018 = I then Q^2017 = Q^T. (c) If B is square orthogonal matrix then B^−1
  30. Math

    an 8% solution, a 10% solution, and a 20% solution of sulfuric acid are to be mixed to get 100 milliliters of a 12% solution. How many milliliters of each must be mixed if the volume of the 20% solution must be 25 milliliters less than the volume of the
  31. Algebra

    Multiply -4b by 1-b/b? I did -4b/1 × 1-b/ b But my answer isn't adding up?
  32. Math

    In the figure to the right, ABCD is rectangle. Find the area of △ABC, if the area of △AOD is 10. It is a rectangle with a x in the middle.
  33. Math

    In the figure to the right, ABCD is rectangle. Find the area of △ABC, if the area of △AOD is 10.
  34. Geometry

    In the figure to the right, ABCD is rectangle. Find the area of △ABC, if the area of △AOD is 10.
  35. Analytical Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 0.2222 (¡¾0.0002) g of KIO3 in 50.00 (¡¾0.05) mL. (i) Calculate the molar mass of KIO3 with its associated uncertainty to the correct number of significant figures. (ii) Find the molarity and its uncertainty with an
  36. Math

    In a book closet, mathematics books are kept in stacks of 4. If each student carries no more than one stack, what is the least number of students needed to carry books for a class of 23? Is the answer five or six students?
  37. Physics

    What is the total amount of potential energy that can be stored in a 10,000 gallon water tower built with the water tank 61.50 m above ground level?
  38. Physics

    A 250.0 kg motorcycle can roll 45.9 m up a long hill before coming to a stop if the motorcycle approaches the base of the hill 30.0 m/s.
  39. Physics

    The drawing shows a collision between two pucks on an air-hockey table. Puck A has a mass of 1.5 kg and is moving along the x axis with a velocity of +5.5 m/s. It makes a collision with puck B, which has a mass of 3.2 kg and is initially at rest. The
  40. Calculus (vectors)

    A plane must travel S15E at 720km/h. If the wind Is from S35W at 130km/h, what heading and airspeed should the pilot set to reach the destination. I got 648km/h E8.89S
  41. Science

    Bb is an example of an organism's ______. "Bb" is from Punnett square
  42. Math

    A rectangular Persian carpet has a perimeter of 216 inches. The length of the carpet is 30 inches more than the width. What is the dimension of the carpet
  43. Integral Calculus

    We can use this power series to approximate the constant pi: arctan(x) = (summation from n = 1 to infinity) of ((-1)^n * x^(2n+1))/(2n+1) a) First evaluate arctan(1) without the given series. (I know this is pi/4) b) Use your answer from part (a) and the
  44. Calculus application of sin function

    a horizontal position of the pendulum of a grandfather clock can be modelled by h(t)=Acos(2(pi)t/T), where A is amplitude of the pendulum in meters, t is time in seconds, and T is the period of the pendulum, in seconds. If the pendulum has a velocity of
  45. Calculus

    Find the local maximum and minimum values of the following curve within the given domain. y=SECx-TANx 0 ≤ x ≤ 2π
  46. Calculus

    determine all asymtote(s) of f(x)= 1/(x(x-1)^2) using limits
  47. Calculus

    find the point(s) of inflection on the function f(x)= 10x + 10/x
  48. Math, Surds

    The area of a square vegetable guarden is 60m^2. a) What is the exact length of each side of the garden? b) If a fence of a chicken wire is to be constructed around the vegetable garden, what length (to the nearest meter) of chicken wire is needed. It
  49. Calc

    Find the value(s) of c guaranteed by the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals for the function over the given interval. f(x) = 4√x [4, 9]
  50. Math

    Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the x-axis over the given y-interval. g(y) = 4y2 − y3, 1 ≤ y ≤ 3
  51. Math

    On a trip of d miles to another city, a truck driver's average speed was x miles per hour. On the return trip the average speed was y miles per hour. The average speed for the round trip was 50 miles per hour. Show that y=25x/(x-25) Find the limit of y as
  52. Math

    The measurement of the radius of a circle is 16 inches, with a possible error of .25 inches. Use differentials to approximate the possible propagate error in computing the area of the circle.
  53. Integral Calculus

    I am unable to find the formula for this given sequence: {2, -6/4, 24/16, -120/64, 720/256,...} So far, I know it's at least this: a(sub(n)) = ((-1)^(n+1))/(4^(n-1)) Basically, all I'm having trouble with is finding the pattern between the numerators. If
  54. Algebra

    Solve. x^2-xy+3y^2=15, x-y=2 Thank you
  55. Algebra

    Find an equation of a hyperbola with vertices (0​,3) and ​(−4​,3) and e=3/2. Thank you
  56. Algebra

    which equation represents the relationship shown in the table below? x | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | __________________ y | -3 | -1 | 1 | 3 | a.) y = -x - 3 b.) y = x - 3 c.) y = 2x - 3 d.) y = -2x + 3
  57. Physics

    A 125-g arrow is shot vertically upward with an initial speed of 28 m/s. Assuming 30% loss in total mechanical energy while ascending, what maximum height above the position from which it was shot does the arrow reach?
  58. Physics

    Suppose that instead of our sun, our star were a giant star such as Betelgeuse. The mass of Betelgeuse is estimated to be about 20 times that of our sun. With earth in the same orbit? With its same mass, how long would our year be in earth days if we
  59. Physics

    A) the earth year is 365.25 days long. How long would our year be if earth followed the same orbit, but was only the mass of Mars? Answer this in earth days. B) How long would our year be if earth were the same mass, but had the orbital distance of mercury
  60. Physics

    At a height of 500km above earth, a satellite will orbit the earth once every 95 minutes. Find the mass of the earth based on this idea. B) How far above earth's surface would a satellite need to orbit so that it revolves at exactly the same rate as the
  61. Physics - Circular motion

    A domesticated pig places a 100g rubber puck on a turntable. The turntable is set at a rate of 78rpm,and the pig knows the coefficient of static friction is 0.37 between the puck and turntable surface. A) How far out from the center of the turntable can
  62. Physics - circular motion

    You approach a slight bump in the road on the highway in a car. The bump carries you into a circular (convex) vertical arc of radius 39m. A) choosing two different cars ( it is for you to choose 2 particular models, providing the mass of each), at what
  63. physics

    quarterback throws a pass to a receiver, who catches it at the same height as the pass us thrown, The initial velocity of the ball is 15.0 m/s, at an angle of 25.0 degrees above the horizontal. How long is the ball in the air?
  64. Calculus

    Use the limit process to find the area of the region between the graph of the function and the y-axis over the given y-interval. f(y) = 7y, 0 ≤ y ≤ 2
  65. Biomechanics

    An athlete jumps straight upwards at 2.5 m/s, find: 1. a) total flight time 2. b) maximum jump height
  66. Calculus

    differentiate the given function, simplify your answer by leaving no negative or rational exponents. final answer should be in factored form where possible. y=(x^2 +2x)^3(x+2)
  67. Calculus

    A nut store sells 200 bags of almonds per month at a price of $5 per bag. For every $0.20 decrease in the price, the store sells five more bags per month. Determine the marginal revenue when 120 bags are sold.
  68. Calculus

    A nut store sells 200 bags of almonds per month at a price of $5 per bag. For every $0.20 decrease in the price, the store sells five more bags per month. Determine the marginal revenue when 120 bags are sold.
  69. Calculus

    The demand function for a bottle of hand lotion is p(x)=0.78+0.0003x, where x is the number of bottles sold and p is the price, in dollars. The cost function is c(x)=480-0.32x+0.0005x^2. Find the marginal profit when 700 bottles of hand lotion are sold.
  70. Calculus

    Determine the coordinates of the point on the graph of f(x)=3x^2-7x+4 where the tangent line is parallel to the line 5x+y=3
  71. Calculus

    find the point, (c,f(c)), on f(x)=x^2 in the interval 0≤X≤4, such that f'(c) equals the average rate of change over that interval.
  72. Calculus

    Determine the equation of the tangent to f(x)= (1/x)+x at the point (1,2)
  73. Organic Chemistry

    Butanamide (Amide) vs Aminobutane (Amine) Which compound do you think has the higher melting point? Explain your reasoning.
  74. Science

    Show how vertical multiplication can be used to do a charge balance if Zn2+ combines with Cl-
  75. Calculus

    Lim (√(3-x) - √(3+x)) /x x->0
  76. Calculus

    Lim √(3-x) - √(3+x) x->0 x
  77. calculus

    (Compute all instantaneous rate of change using the limit of the difference quotient) 2) A football's path is represented by the function h(t)=-4.9t^2 +10t+2, where h is its height, in meters, after t seconds. Find the rate of change of the football's
  78. Calculus

    Determine the average rate of change of f(x)=1/(x^2 -x) over the interval 2 is less then or equal to x and 3 is greater or equal to x.
  79. Physics

    An antique cabinet is in the cab of a pickup truck traveling 20.1 m/s and has a coefficient of static friction of 0.250 between the antique and the cab. In the event of a sudden stop, what is the shortest distance the pickup truck can stop without having
  80. physics

    a child saw a skunk in a hole of a tree, standing 2.5m away. the child attempted to throw a pebble into the hole but missed with a speed of 11m/s. Angle of elevation is 75 degree, what was the Vfy of the pebble.
  81. daymon

    a child saw a skunk in a hole of a tree, standing 2.5m away. the child attempted to throw a pebble into the hole but missed with a speed of 11m/s. Angle of elevation is 75 degree, what was the Vfy of the pebble.
  82. Science

    Where can I look and/or what website can I look at for the different components of the scientific method process? Please help

    a 75kg parent and a 22kg child meet at the center of an ice rink. they place their hands together and push hard enough to slide apart. a. is the force experienced by the child more than, less than, or the same force experienced by the parent? I said they
  84. Physics

    A spring with a spring constant of 22.0 N/cm has a block attached to one end and the other end is fixed. How much work does the spring do on the block if the spring is stretched from relaxed length by 6.8 mm as the block is moved? How much additional work
  85. Math

    What prime number am I? I have 3 prime factors Each prime factor is a different number I am a multiple of 10 I am less than 50
  86. Math

    To make green paint, Jeff's art teacher instructed him to mix blue and yellow paint. To make the desired shade of green, the ratio of blue paint to yellow paint is 3:4. What the does the ratio 3:4 mean? a. 4 parts yellow for every 3 parts blue b. 4 parts
  87. Math

    Robin and Emily are selling boxes of candy bars. Robin sells 36 boxes of candy and Emily sells 24 boxes of candy. Which expression, using the form a(b+c), represents the amount they sold altogether? a. 2(12+24) b. 4(9+6) c. 24(6 + 36) d. 12 (3+2) Can you
  88. Math

    Ms. Jones wrote the equation below on the board. x divided by 42=21 If the equation Ms. Jones wrote is true which of the following equations must be true? Answers: a. x=21 divided by 42 b. x=21 x 42 c. x=42 divided by 21 d. x=21 plus 42 I am not sure where
  89. Math

    Robin and Emily are selling boxes of candy bars. Robin sells 36 boxes of candy and Emily sells 24 boxes of candy. Which expression, using the form a(b+c), represents the amount they sold together a. 2(12+24) b. 4(9+6) c. 24 (6 + 36) d. 12 (3 + 2) My answer
  90. Math

    If it costs $75 to buy 3 video games, how much money will Jordan need if he wants to buy 12 video games? $75.00/3 video games=$25.00 for 1 video game $25.00 x 12 video games=$300.00 for 12 video games Can you please double check my answer to see if I got
  91. Math

    Mrs. Hanson's class of 22 students shares 132 colored pencils Which statement is true? a. For each student there are 7 colored pencils. b. For each student there are 6 colored pencils c. For every 7 students, there is 1 colored pencils d. For every 6
  92. Math

    Shelby drove to her aunt's house, which is 360 miles away. If it took her 5 hours and she drove at a constant rate, what was Shelby's average speed? My answer which I figured out in two different ways: 360 miles/5 hours=72 mph 360 miles/5 hours=x/1 hour=72
  93. Math

    Rita needs to measure out 3.5 gallons of vinegar for a science experiment However, her only measuring tool is a measuring cup that holds 1 cup. How many cups of vinegar does she need? I am confused on this can you please help me?
  94. chem

    Calculate the number of grams of Fe formed when 0.350 kg of Fe2O3 reacts. m = g
  95. Math

    Molly has 15 marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of black to white marbles? There are 8 black marbles and 7 white marbles. A. 7:8 B. 7:15 C. 8:7 D. 8:15 My answer would be C Can you please double check my answer and tell me if I am right or wrong.
  96. Math

    Which table correctly fills in the ratio table below? Boys 3 6 ___ 21 Girls 2 4 6 ____ A. Boys 3 6 9 21 Girls 2 4 6 20 B. Boys 3 6 9 21 Girls 2 4 6 8 C. Boys 3 6 13 21 Girls 2 4 6 8 D. Boys 3 6 9 21 Girls 2 4 6 14 I believe the answer is B Could you please
  97. Math

    Jason watched a caterpillar move 10 feet in 2 minutes. Jason says the caterpillars unit rate is 0.2 feet per minute. Is Jason correct? Explain. I believe that Jason is correct because: If you have 2 minutes/10 feet=x/1 10/10=1 2/10=0.2 If you have 10
  98. Math

    Marta, Loribeth, and Ira all have bicycles. The table shows the number of miles of each rider's last bike ride, as well as the time it took to complete the ride. Marta: Distance of Last Ride (in miles) 8 Time Spent on Last Bike Ride (in minutes) 80
  99. Math

    Kim was walking down a rocky path. For 4 minutes, the elevation dropped steadily. Altogether it dropped 8 feet. What was the change in elevation per minute for the 4 minute?
  100. Algebra

    A number n is less than 6 units from 0. write inequality and solve it.


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