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  1. math

    Substitute -1 for x. Simplify. If f(x) = 4x-3, find the following. f(-1)
  2. math

    You have two formulas to use: A = lw -->area = length times width P = 2l + 2w -->perimeter You know the perimeter, which is 200m of fencing. Let length = x Now let's solve the perimeter equation for w, using what we know: 200 = 2x + 2w 200 - 2x = 2w


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  1. Algebra

    Fourth root of 80y cubed
  2. Statistics

    See your most recent post.
  3. STAT- important

    Yes, you are correct. Read about the Central Limit Theorem. It might help to clarify the concepts for you.
  4. Math

    How about D?
  5. Staatistics

    Normal distribution: 99.7% is approximately +/- 3 standard deviations around the mean. 0.3% is outside those limits.