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  1. History

    Which is the best definition of naturalization? The process of living and working in the U.S. in order to become a citizen The act of taking an oath of loyalty to the U.S. in order to become a citizen The legal steps taken for a citizen born in another
  2. History

    Which set of issues led to the Civil War? Economics, religion, boundaries Politics, education, voting rights ** Slavery, politics, economics Voting rights, slavery, politics
  3. Calculus

    A balloon rises vertically at a rate of 8 feet/sec. A bird flies 40 feet above ground toward the balloon’s path at 20 feet per second. At what rate is the distance between the bird and the balloon changing when the bird is 50 feet from the balloon
  4. Physics

    A body vibrates in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 5 cm and a frequency of 0.50 Hz. a) Calculate: i) the maximum acceleration ii) the maximum velocity iii) the magnitude of the acceleration and velocity when the body is displaced 10 mm from its
  5. Physics

    The piston in a particular car engine moves in approximately simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 8 cm. The mass of the piston is 8 kg and the piston makes 100 oscillations per second. Calculate: a) the maximum value if the acceleration of the


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  1. physics

  2. concepts to population health

    subpopulations have different diets, culture, habits, genes and all these generate different risk factors for health and disease. Coal miners in West Virgina are substantially different in those things listed above as compared to Indians in Oregon.
  3. math

    How did u come up with hayden had 2 1/2 gallons of water in his watering can. The speed packet said to use 1/1 of a gallon of peppers and 5/8 of a gallon for tomatoes. Hayden then used some of the water for the lettuce. If hayden had 3/4 gallons of water
  4. MATH

  5. Math

    The GCF of 128, and 48 is 24 therefore, the largest of each square she can make is 24 inches in each side