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  1. Math

    Cezar ised nails, screws, and pegs to build a model house. He used twice as many as pegs and 3 fewer nails than screws. He used 15 nails. How many pegs did he use?
  2. science

    Is the flame coloration a test for the metal or for the acid radical?
  3. Social studies

    Based on the timeline what can be directly tied to the invention of the cotton gin *cant upload the time line A civil war B economic hardship in the south C the spread of slavery D industrialization in New England *lesson 8 unit 7 Unit test
  4. Math

    To describe a sequence of transformations that map triangle ABC onto triangle ABC a student starts with a reflection over the X axis. how should the student complete sequence of transformations to map triangle ABC onto triangle ABC
  5. Math

    Jason is driving from lick you to Datsun a distance of more than 200 miles after driving 60 miles Jason stop for gas how many more miles, X, does Jason have to drive to reach dodge city


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  1. Civcs HELP!! Ms.Sue

    It's B, not D
  2. Advanced Algebra

    In general stocks are riskier than bonds and bills. The most likely answer here is U.S. Treasury Bills
  3. Language Arts

    I got to connections this is for lesson 19 unit test arts 8 unit 3 facts and visions B D C C B C A B A D A B A B B B I took the test and got 3 wrong but for the answers I just gave you I fixed them to the right answers . Idk who’s right and who’s not
  4. Social Studies

    All ms sue does is sit on her computer all day looking up the questions for you she’s doesn’t know any of this she gets it all from google . She is rude and just try and bans everyone just for asking for some help but in some cases she does help out
  5. Social Studies. Please help!

    So what are the correct answer for 6 and 7 ?????