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  1. Calculus 2

    Convert r = 1 / (6cos(θ)+8sin(θ)) to an equation in rectangular coordinates (i.e., in terms of x and y). A similar example I found, where r = 1 / (cos (θ) − sin (θ)), found the rectangular equation to be y = x - 1. How would this answer change for my
  2. Calc 2

    Compute the total area of the (infinitely many) triangles in the Figure In the image, the height of all the triangles is 6/7. The x-values for the bases of the triangles from left to right are as follows: 27/64 , 9/16 , 3/4 , 1 Using the formula for the
  3. physics

    if an object is pushed along a rough horizontal surface and moves at a constant velocity, then...
  4. Math

    Yolanda buys two types of flowering plants. She buys 36 geraniums and 63 marigolds she wants to plant an eeach row will contain only one type of flowering each row will contain only one type of flowering plant Yolanda uses all the plants she bought in her
  5. Math

    In the last basketball game, Kevin scored 2 less than a third of his team's points. Part A: Let n represent the number of points Kevin's team scored. Write an expression for the number of points Kevin scored. Part B: Kevin scored 14 points. How many points


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  1. science

    @Your Helper School is confusing, and a lot of the stuff we learn is something that we will never use in our life, and most likely just forget. However, when we do forget these things it doesn't matter since we don't need to use them, like the scientific
  2. Pre-Algebra

    @random spam: *facepalm*
  3. social studies

    Jiskha is for homework help, notice the word HELP! Not homework answers, homework help.
  4. math (check)

    @The right one yeah, its getting out of hand. this sight is a homework help, not a homework cheat. *sigh* these people make me face palm.
  5. Help me with this math ms sue.

    ...why did you just give him the answers?? *facepalm* you guys.., no! Just stop!