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  1. Geometry

    Triangle STR is congruent to triangle XYZ, TR= 14c - 13, and YZ = 10c - 1, Find c and TR
  2. Algebra

    The weight an object exerts on a scale varies directly with the mass of an object. If a bowling ball has a mass of 6 kg,the scale reads 54. a.write an equation for the relationship between weight and mass. b.If another object has a mass of 8 kg, what would
  3. pre-algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 31. The first number is 5 less than the second. Find the numbers. what?
  4. Chem

    If 25.0 cm3 of 0.50M sulfuric acid reacted with exactly 12.5 cm3 of sodium hydroxide, calculate the concentration of the alkali. I first balanced the chemical equation between sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. H2SO4 + 2NaOH --> 2H2O + Na2SO4 I
  5. Chem

    If 15.0 cm3 of 2M hydrochloric acid reacted exactly with 40.0 cm3 of potassium hydroxide. Calculate the concentration of the alkali I got the answer of .75M for KOH I went from cm^3 of HCl to L to mols then mols of KOH then to molarity of KOH. Is this


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  1. Biology

    Those are all wrong
  2. Geometry problem Please help me!!!!!

    DG= 258 TD+ DG+240= 756 756-240= 516 TD+DG=516 2x=516 x=258 DG= 258
  3. us history

    Was it right?
  4. Chemistry

    oooo DrBob getting savage haha
  5. Government

    I got Smart's test and got 100%