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  1. Elastic Collisions-Physics

    A 0.16 kg billiard ball moving at 1.20 m/s collides elastically with one of the same mass at rest. It continues at a speed of 0.6 m/s afterward in a different direction from before. What is the final speed of the other billiard ball? I thought it was 0.6
  2. Physics

    A 0.145 kg baseball is thrown at a launch angle of 30° and strikes the ground at 18 m/s. How fast would it be moving when it reaches the ground if it's launch angle were 45°? Ignore air resistance. A. 340 m/s B. 210 m/s C. 16 m/s D. 18 m/s
  3. Inflation and Actual Rate of Return

    Becka borrowed $500 from her cousin at the rate of 9% per year. If the inflation rate was 2.9% that year, what is her cousin's actual rate of return on the loan?
  4. APR Problem

    After visiting several automobile dealerships, Richard selects the car he wants. He likes its $11,000 price, but financing through the dealer is no bargain. He has $2,200 cash for a down payment, so he needs an $8,800 loan. In shopping at several banks for
  5. APR Problem

    Joshua borrowed $1,900 for one year and paid $95 in interest. The bank charged him a service charge of $22. If Joshua paid the $1,900 in 12 equal monthly payments, what is the APR? (Enter your answer as a percent rounded to 1 decimal place.) So, I got


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  1. science(check answers)

    1. D which is 4 2. A which is 1 3. A which is 1 4 C which is 3 5. B which is false Instagram: Mariude13
  2. physics

  3. LA

    1.A 2.C 3.B No Lie done at 2:32 on april 26
  4. LA

    it is 1. c 2.c 3.a 100% no lie Lesson 3: walk two the moons chapters 5-8
  5. language arts

    A B A D for connexus