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  1. math

    In a Grand Prix automobile race, Speedy Ryder averaged 110 miles per hour for the first half of the course and 130 miles per hour for the second half of the course. Cannonball Carter maintained a constant speed of 120 miles per hour throughout the race.
  2. math

    Statuary Hall is an elliptical room in the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The room is also referred to as the Whispering Gallery because a person standing at one focus of the room can hear even a whisper spoken by a person standing at
  3. science

    Does sound go through a wooden block?
  4. History

    Explain the Elizabethan beliefs regarding pride.
  5. Physics

    A cylinder has a diameter of 15cm. The water level in the cylinder is maintained at a constant height of .45m. If the diameter of the spout pipe is .50cm how high is the vertical stream of water?Assume water to be an ideal fluid


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  1. Physics Speed of Sound

    sound travels faster in warm water than a wooden block. Also sunlight does not go through a wooden block so there is a chance that sound doesn't go through a wooden block.
  2. Chemistry

  3. math

    How is finding a fractional part of a set different than finding a fractional part of a whole?
  4. Math

    What is 6.738(kg) to the nearest ten gram?
  5. Social Studies

    It has no text it’s just a question