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  1. income tax preparation

    jim johnson has 40% interest in Richards and Johnson, LLP. The partnership has the following activity for the year sales 180,0000 cost of goods 105,000 guaranted payment richard 25,000 depreciation 11,000 interest expense 1000 tax exempt income 1500
  2. finance

    jeanette owns a rental property that she used for 20 days and rented for 80 days. The rental income was $10,000 and expenses included the following, mortage interest 2500,property tax $1500, insurance and repairs $1000 and depreciation $2000. Calculate net
  3. math

    12 4/5 punds of coffee beans he wants t repackage 4/5 bags. how many bags can he make?
  4. math

    9 pounds of coffe beans repackeage them into 3/8 pounds bags. how many bags cna he make?
  5. Fundamental tax 2012

    trade or business expense are treated as: a. deductible only if the activity had substantal income b. an itemized deduction if not reimbursed c deductible as itemized deductions subject to the 2% AGI d. deductible as for AGI deduction


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  1. college math

    Would the answer be 26.64 or 26 yd
  2. College math

    Would the answer be 4790.24