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  1. Composition II

    Hi, I have to write tesis statement for a reasearch paper we will later write. For my thesis statement, I have to ask a quesiton about an ethical problem in society(not a yes or no question, and something new, not a common issue) and come up with a NEW
  2. Physics

    how much work is needed to raise a 6.0 Kg object14.0 m at constant speed?assume that friction is negligible.
  3. Math -fractions

    If a tower is made of blocks that are linked together and there are27 blocks in 3/7 of the tower. Exactly how many blocks are in the entire tower?
  4. algebra

    A piece of ribbon 3 1/4 ft long is cut from a 8-foot roll of ribbon. how much ribbon remains on the roll?
  5. criminal investigation

    california v. prysock 1981 maranda warnings must be given word for word as outline by supreme court true or false


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  1. 5th grade math

    Step 1: Find the volume of both boxes. Big Box: 20x15x9=___ Small Box: 12x8x4=___ Step 2: Subtract the small box's volume from the big box's volume.
  2. Math

    42 inches 37inches 41 inches
  3. statistics

    Did u find an answer?
  4. US History

    steam locomotive is the right answer Florida Virtual School right?
  5. math