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  1. math

    In a square ABCD, point P is chosen inside ABCD and point Q outside ABCD such that APB and BQC are congruent isosceles triangles with angle APB = angle BQC = 80 degrees. T is a point where BC and PQ meet. Find the size of angle BTQ
  2. physics

    Please help me understand with steps, I really don't get it A square plate has a side length of 1.20 m. A 24.0-N ~ m torque is applied about an axis perpendicular to the plate through its center. If it experiences an angular acceleration of 6.25 rad/s2,
  3. math

    In how many positive four-digit integers that are not multiples of 1111 do the digits form an arithmetic sequence? (The digits must form an arithmetic sequence, in order. For example, the number 5137 does not count.)
  4. Science

    Which is the SIMPLEST level of organization in a human being? A) cells B) organs C) tissues D) organ systems C?
  5. Science

    A species of rabbit lives in a meadow where grass plants are readily available during summer months. The rabbits do not stray far from the meadow because the plants supply food and protection from predators. One summer, a fire destroys the plants in the


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  1. Career guidance

    You can become wha you want as long as you out in the effort and work to achieve it
  2. using skills

  3. Math

    the answers for connexus grade 6 are 1: A 2: C 3: A 4: D 5: C
  4. ecology

  5. Math

    1 b 2 c 3 d 4 a 5 d 6 d 7 b 8 d 9 c 10a 11b 12c 13c 14d 15d 16c 17c