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  1. english

    what does social disorganization, functional-structural, social conflict, social issue and Symbolic Interaction mean? i have googled them but i don't understand
  2. math

    is this a function or not? because it has two same y's and x's... {(-6,3), (-3,-6), (4,-6), (4,-3)} thank you!
  3. algebra

    Task 2: Non-Linear System of Equations Create a system of equations that includes one linear equation and one quadratic equation. Part 1: Show all work to solving your system of equations algebraically. Part 2: Graph your system of equations, and show the
  4. english

    i have to give an "listed action list" on a proposal im doing about "improving reading habitats in children" what does that mean and how would i write that? i came up with a plan as if i was starting a reading program. would it just be completed sentences
  5. writing

    At this bookstore cafe, some people are talking too loudly on their phones and disturbing other costumers and holding up lines. I need help on a solution explaining 'where and how' the notice will be distributed (its only for the employees) and then a


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  1. chemistry

    288 j
  2. english

    Listed action items is what I meant to say
  3. physics

    Thank you sm!!! I have been struggling this for a while and I overcomplicated it!
  4. Science**updated asnwers**

    Zombieman is correct. P.s. I am reporting mrs. sue to a moderator. There is kids here. It is highly inappropriate to be talking about drugs...
  5. Math