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  1. Math

    kriss ate 3/8 of a pizza and kim are 4/8 of the same pizza.did they eat the whole pizza?
  2. Biology

    How does biodiversity affect ecosystem functioning? How does biodiversity affect ecosystem stability and resilience? I need help with this please I do not understand anything of these questions.
  3. Math

    How do you draw the model and the number equations for this question: Kelly has 5 times as many stickers as Meiling. They have 300 stickers altogether. How many stickers does Kelly have? Pls help! Thnx
  4. Math

    A 6 ft tall person walks away from a 10 ft lamppost at a constant rate of 5 ft/s. What is the rate (in ft/s) that the tip of the shadow moves away from the pole when the person is 10 ft away from the pole? I have drawn out the picture, but I am not sure
  5. English please help !!

    Which revision fixes the misplaced modifier in the sentence? Jace organizes his collection of coins from various countries sitting on the floor. A.His collection of coins from various countries sitting on the floor, Jace organizes. B.Sitting on the floor,


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  1. Maths

    9− 2/x
  2. Social Studies PLS. Help

    A C D 100% :D
  3. science

    Thank you Anonymous! 100% :)
  4. Biology

    Well they explain what carrying capacity, resilience, stability and ecosystem services are. What I understand is that there are limiting factors wuch as water food space oxygen that when population increases they might be scarce, at this point some
  5. Science---Hurry Please Help!

    A) total solar eclipse i think