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  1. Reading and comprehension

    Who gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States?
  2. Sewing

    List and draw five sleeves of your choice not types like reglan or set in but examples
  3. geography

    how are bays and headlands formed
  4. History

    1) Why did The British want to expand control into the Ohio Valley in the mid 17,000s? A) to force the French out of North America B)to put French settlers there under English rule C)to demonstrate Britain’s strength to France and Spain D)to gain access
  5. Pre algebra

    Which expression can be written as 9•(12+7)? A) 9+(12+7) B)(9+12)•(9+7) C)9•12+7 D)(9•12)+(9•7)
  6. Math

    Help thanks...what are some examples, no, all examples of isopentagons that you know of/can think of? I'm making some tessellations and I only know one type. Thanks in advance.
  7. World History

    Which factor was a challenge to the expansion and control of Roman territory? its location on the Mediterranean Sea its available local resources its lack of military leadership its location near Celtic and Germanic tribes
  8. Calculus

    Based on a preliminary report by a geological survey team, it is estimated that a newly discovered oil field can be expected to produce oil at the rate of R(t) = 800t^2/(t3 + 32)+ 5 (0 ≤ t ≤ 20) thousand barrels/year, t years after production begins.
  9. Is this correct? Algebra

    9. Joe wants to fence a rectangular pen for his goats. the length of the pen should be at least 60 ft, and the distance around should be no more than 260 ft. Which system of inequalities and graph represent the possible dimensions of the pen? I want to
  10. Statistics

    I don't understand this at all.. Assume that the weights of Chinook Salmon in the Columbia River are normally distributed. You randomly catch and weigh 40 such salmon. The mean weight from your sample is 24.1 pounds with a standard deviation of 3.5 pounds.
  11. Statistics

    Assume the weights of Farmer Carl's potatoes are normally distributed with a mean of 7.0 ounces and a standard deviation of 1.3 ounces. He bags his potatoes in groups of 6. You buy a bag and the total weight is 36 ounces. Here we determine how lucky or
  12. Economics 201

    Determine the price elasticity of demand for a microwave that experienced a 20% drop in price and a 50% increase in weekly demand quantity. I know I have to use the price elasticity of demand formula, but I keep getting the wrong answer. Can someone please
  13. Calculus

    Given that f(150)=100, f'(150)= -2.5, approximate the value of f(151.5). The answer is approximately 96.25, but I'm unsure of how my teacher has gotten that answer. Can someone please explain this to me?
  14. Calculus

    A is the doubling time for y=26e^0.5t, and B is the doubling time for y=13e^0.5t. Then (a) A=2B (b) B=2A (c) A=B (d) A=(ln2)B The correct answer is A, right? I just want to make sure I got the correct answer.
  15. Algebra

    Simplify the following Expression, 4(20+12) / (4-3)
  16. Physics

    force 15i -16j N is added to another 23i N. In what direct measured from the positive x-axis does the resultant act?
  17. english

    Which of the following is a reason to use parallel sentence structures in a literary analysis essay?
  18. Physics

    A Micro –Hydro turbine generator rotor is accelerating uniformly from an angular velocity of 610 rpm to its operating angular velocity of 837 rpm. The radius of the rotor is 0.62 m and its rotational acceleration is 5.9 rad/s2. What is the rotor’s
  19. Finance Help?

    Can someone please describe to me how the concept of Beta impacts financial decision making? Much appreciated!!
  20. American Government Help

    I have this question that I have to answer and I honestly have no idea what this means, American Government is my worst subject, I swear. Please help me? I'm comparing the U.S. constitution to the constitution of Colorado... Asses the merit of explicit
  21. language arts

    The seven wonders of the world is mostly about which of the following. A.The pyramids of Egypt. B.Architecture around the world. C.Incredible ancient structures. D.Respected building techniques. I think its's B or C.
  22. Chemistry

    How do differences in molar absorptivity and cell pathlength change the absorbance of a measurement?
  23. Chemistry

    What is final temperature of a 88 gram sample symbol of water at 295 k that absorbs 1250 Joules of heat ?
  24. Chemistry

    A 1 g sample of water at 373 K is cooled by the removal of 100 J . what will be the final temperature of the water
  25. Chemistry

    What mass of water in Gram can be heat from 300 K to 315 K by addition of 600 Joules of heat ?
  26. chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of 12.5g of sucrose (C12H22O11) in 80mL of solution. 12.01 x 12 = 144.12 1.01 x 22 = 22.22 16.00 x 11 = 176.00 ------------------- 342.34 12.5g ----- / 342.34 = 0.003/80 = 4.56 80mL
  27. criminal justice

    what kind of test is used to determine if a person if a person is in custody
  28. algebra 2

    mary travel 60mph at 6am, tom travel 70mph at 8am. What time tom will catch up to mary?
  29. algebra 2

    mary travel 60mph at 6am, tom travel 70mph at 8am. What time tom will catch up to mary
  30. Math

    spider and ants after John counted the legs and heads were 68 legs and 10 heads. a. how many spiders were there? b. how many ants were there?
  31. geometry

    The Ratio of similarity of Triangle BOY to Triangle GRL is 1:2, If BO=x+3 and GR=3x-1, then the length of GR is ?
  32. Math

    Marting throws a baseball upwards at a velocity of 80 ft/sec. The following equation models this situation: H (t) = -16t squared + 80t + 6 , where H(t) is the height of the ball in feet and t is the time in seconds after the ball was released. HOW LONG
  33. Math

    Marting throws a baseball upwards at a velocity of 80 ft/sec. The following equation models this situation: H (t) = -16t squared + 80t + 6 , where H(t) is the height of the ball in feet and t is the time in seconds after the ball was released. HOW LONG
  34. Sign Language

    Which of the following would be considered a late deadened individual? a person born hearing who became Deaf as a teenager*** a person born Hearing who becomes Deaf at age 1 a person born Deaf who learns sign language later in life a person born deaf who
  35. Sign Language

    Why do Deaf people educated in Deaf Industries or Deaf schools tend to bond so closely with one another because they all use Signed English to Communicate because so many social events are based around school*** because all of their parents are Deaf
  36. Sign Language

    What is one way you should NOT get a Deaf person's attention wave your hands snap your fingers*** tap lightly on the shoulder lightly slap the table
  37. Sign Language

    _____ used finger spelling exclusively Rochester Method American Sign Language Signed Exact English Cued Speech***
  38. Sign Language

    ____ is a communication method of visually showing the sounds of speech Rochester Method*** American Sign Language Signed Exact English Cued Speach
  39. Sign Language

    Which group within the Deaf Community is comprised of people who could hear at the sometime in there life institutional Deaf late deafened*** mainstream Deaf oral Deaf
  40. Sign Language

    Anyone born Hearing who has become Deaf after learning spoken language and being raised in the Hearing Community is considered late deafened*** SODA CODA Hard of Hearing
  41. Sign Langiage

    When someone signs a story with all B-hand signs, they are signing about a real train an idiomatic expression*** a metaphor a hand shape story
  42. Sign Language

    What does the acronym CODA mean? Child of Deaf Adults*** Culture of Deafened Adults Community of Deaf Adults Cochlear Oral Deaf Adults
  43. Sign Language

    Which behavior tends to happen more in Deaf Culture than in hearing Culture? If someone arrives late to a meeting, he quietly sits down People walk quickly through a conversations*** Someone yells loudly to get everyone's attention A person says someone's
  44. Sign Language

    What is one belief that is shared by most people in Deaf Culture? All Deaf people want to become hearing Hearing people are not part of the Deaf Community Deaf and deaf have the same meaning Deafness is not seen as a handicap***
  45. Sign Language

    De'VIA artwork was started by hearing people to support Deaf artists focuses on being Deaf and growing up Deaf*** can only be done by Deaf artists is always 3D artwork
  46. Sign Language

    A hand shape story uses the same hand shape for most of the words*** uses many different hand shapes as possible explains the meaning of a hand-shape is signed with both hands
  47. Sign Language

    Deaf Culture includes only music only jokes only stories a variation of traditions***
  48. Sign Language

    One of the norms shared by all members of Deaf Culture is Cued Speech*** American Sign Language Rochester Method Signed Exact English
  49. Sign Language

    A Hearing person who doesn't sign but works with Deaf people at the job site would fit into the Deaf community*** Deaf culture Deaf Sphere Deaf World
  50. Sign Language

    Deaf Music is music played by Deaf musicians only*** is music by hearing artists about Deaf people is music interpreted into American Sign Language expresses what being Deaf means
  51. Sign Language

    _____ Uses signs in an English order Rochester Method American Sign Language Signed Exact English*** Cued Speech
  52. Sign Language

    _____ includes all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and the people who interact with them Deaf Community Deaf Culture*** Deaf Sphere Deaf World
  53. Sign Language

    A(n) ______ setting is one in which speech, lip-reading, and hearing are utilized instead of American Sign Language Deaf/Blind Hard of Hearing*** oral institutional
  54. Math

    Draw and label examples of all rectangular prism built with 16 unit cubes
  55. Math

    mathan cut a rectangular tiles in half for his kitchen floor design. the tile was not a square. he made one cut along a diagonal from one vertex to another vertex. classify the two triangle resulting from the cut by their angle and their side length
  56. math

    A digital TV box can store 120 hours of programmes. The average length of different programmes is shown here: .Films=1.5 hours each .Sports=2 and one quarter hours each .Nature=75 minutes each Amy has re orded 12 films,9 sports and 15 nature programmes.
  57. Algebra

    A high diver is standing on a platform above a pool. Her diving path can be modeled by the function h(t)=-16t^2+8t+12, where h is her height in feet above the water and t is time in seconds. a) How high is the platform (initial height of the diver)? b)
  58. stats

    3. A fitness center is running a discounted membership fee. Did the discount increase the membership sales? Write your hypotheses mathematically.Write null and alternative hypothesis.
  59. Math

    A garden has 2.6 lbs for each tomatoe plant. What formula represents y, the total yield of tomatoes, for a garden containing x plants?
  60. Math

    Trisha rides her bike 5 miles on Saturday in 30 minutes. She rides another 13 miles in one hour. What is the average rate of her speed on Saturday?
  61. Math

    Joe can read 24 pages of a book in 1/3 of an hour. What is Joe's reading rate in pages per hour?
  62. Math

    Kathy drove 305 miles on Sunday and 190 miles on Monday. What is the average speed in miles per hour for the two days?
  63. Math

    Students build a float for homecoming parade. The float is rectangular shaped. The float 6 feet wide and 10 feet long. The students make a scale drawing of the float that is 14 inches long. What is the width of the scale drawing of the float?
  64. Math

    A full grown hippo weighs 70 times as much as a baby hippo. The baby hippo weighs 95 pounds, what is the difference in weights of the full grown hippo and the baby hippo?
  65. Math

    If I spend t hours every night on my homework and 1/4 of the time studying math, what equation can I write to represent the number of hours I will spend doing my math homework during the next 5 days?
  66. math

    In the Apollo spacecraft, the service module weighed 3000 lbs less than 5 times the weight of the command module.The lunar module weighed 1000 lbs less than 3 times the weight of the command module.If the total weight of the three modules was 95000 lbs,
  67. math

    Two trains started at the same time from the same station and traveled in opposite directions.One traveled at a rate of 50mph and other at a rate of 60mph.In how many hours were they 660 miles apart?I want to know if my answer is correct. 50t+60t=660
  68. Math

    Fehima has 4 times as many dimes as quarters.If her dimes and quarters have a value of $3.90, how many of each coin does she have?I want to know if my answer is correct. D=4(q) 0.10d+0.25q=3.90 0.10(4q)+0.25=3.90 0.40q+0.25q=3.90 65q=3.90 65 q=0.06 65q
  69. math

    Can 15.32 be an integer? THANKS!!!
  70. Math

    I need to design a site plan for a wildlife centre. In order to save money, I must design the plan using the least amount of fencing possible. The plot of land is 80 m wide by 100 m long, and it must be fenced off. Each section for each animal must be

    what is the difference between dew and frost
  72. math

    a punch recipe says to mix 4 cups pineapple juice, 8 cup orange juice, and 12 cups seltzer in order to make 18 servings of punch. a. how many cups of each ingredient do you need to make 108 cups of punch? b. how many servings can be made from 108 cups of
  73. math

    Explain how to graph information from the table
  74. math

    A supervisor finds the mean number of miles that the employees in a department live from work. He finds mc022-1.jpg and mc022-2.jpg. Which statement must be true?
  75. Pre Algebra Math

    Hi I rlly need someone to check my answers ASAP, and I need help on number 5, im totally fried >.< I can't get any attachments up, but any of you took the Polygons and Angles Quiz? Pretty plz with cherries on the top I need help!
  76. chem

    Calculate the pH of the buffer that results from mixing 50.8 mL of a 0.493 M solution of HCHO2 and 13.0 mL of a 0.646 M solution of NaCHO2. The Ka value for HCHO2 is 1.8×10−4
  77. History (Unit 2 History exam Unit 2 Lesson 10)

    Hey guys! I need help in my History unit 2 exam for 8th grade, I was wondering if any of you took it yet and could help me with some of the questions... I really need help it's very hard! >.< Can u pretty please help? T-T
  78. physics

    Two students are on a balcony that is 15 m above the ground. One student throws a ball vertically downward with an initial velocity of 12 m/s. Another student throws a ball upward at the same time with exactly the same speed. Both Balls eventually hit the
  79. Math

    1. 45 x 3 = _ A. 130 B. 135** C. 109 D. 135 Check
  80. math fractions

    1 3/10+2 1/7+2/5
  81. math

    5 1/3-2 3/7
  82. math fractions

    seven-twentyfourths*one and seven-eighths/three and one-half
  83. math fractions

    eleven*two and two-thirds/one and four-sevenths
  84. math fractions

    one and two-sevenths/one and nine-fourteenths
  85. math

    six*one and one-fourth*one and two-thirds
  86. math fractions

    one and five-sixths/one-half/twelve
  87. math fractions

    3 3/7*2 7/12
  88. math fractions

    Lana`s toy boat can sail 7 1/2 yards in 4 1/6 minutes. How far would it sail in 8 3/4 minutes if it kept the same pace?
  89. math fractions

    Sophie jogs four and one-fourth miles in seven-eighths hour. How far would she run in four and one-half hours if she kept the same pace?
  90. math fractions

    The teacher gives each pair of students one and fourteen-fifteenths liters to water their plants in the garden. If the pairs of students share the water evenly how much water does each student get
  91. math fractions

    12 liters of water flow out of the faucet every three-fifths minute. How much water flows out each minute?
  92. math fractions

    Jenni loves crochet. She buys five-sevenths yard of yarn for $2. How much yarn would she get for $1? THANKS!!!!
  93. math fractions

    A recipe calls for three cans of condensed milk. Each can holds one-half cup of condensed milk. If Alice wants to cut the recipe in half how much condensed milk will she need? THANKS!!!!
  94. math fractions

    Jaelen's new toy car can move four and one-fourth feet in two-thirds second. How far coyld it go in six seconds? THANKS!!
  95. algebra

    are -0.4 and -0.4... between -0.4 and -0.3... ?
  96. algebra

    what is 1 terminating decimal & 1 repeating decimal that are in between negative 1/2 and negative 1/3
  97. math

    What is 17+15/3-two to the fourth power. thakyou!
  98. math

    After the game the coach bought 9chicken meals for $5 each and 15 burger meals for $6 each. What percent of the total amount the coach spent was used for the chicken meals?
  99. Math Help

    Two people are selected at random from a group of 6 pilots and 4 engineers. What is the probability that both of them are engineers?
  100. Math

    Two people are selected at random from a group of 6 pilots and 4 engineers. What is the probability that both of them are engineers?


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