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  1. Algebra

    -2 X (-3)
  2. Pure Mathematics

    In=∫ x^nSinx dx....with the limits π/2 and 0 i found that In would be equal to n(π/2)^(n-1) -n(n-1) In-2 how do i deduce the value of I4? where n=4

    1. The complex number 'a' is such that a^2=5-12i use an algebraic method to find the two possible values of 'a' 8. The complex number z is given by z=cosTheta + isinTheta where -1/2pi< or equal to Theta less than or equal to 1/2pi. a. show that
  4. Pure Mathematics

    1. Given that the straight line y=c-3x does not intersect the curve xy=3, find the range of values for c. 2. Find the range of values for c for which the line y=cx+6 does not meet the curve 2x^2-xy=3. 3. Find the range of values for k for which 8y=x+2k is
  5. Mathematics

    what is (5 3/5 divided by 1 5/9) - (1 1/5) squared? what is (five and three over five divided by one and five over nine) minus (one and one over five) squared? the answer is suppose to be 2 4/25 (two and four over twenty-five) but I'm not sure how to work
  6. Geography

    (In school the topic I'm now doing is TOURISM.) 1) In tourism, what does long stay and group travel mean? 2)What is the Jamaica Tourist Board and how does it helptourism? 3) What is the 'Meet the People Programme' and how does it help tourism?
  7. Information Technology

    Apeart from the computer, what three electronic devices contain a chip and what nfunction does it play in that specific device? Can a remote, phone and the T.V. be examples? but what function does it play in these devices?
  8. Home Economics- Clothing and Textiles

    what are 5 reasons for disposal of fullness on garments?
  9. Home Economics(sewing)

    1)what does the term "disposal of fullness" mean? 2)What are 4 methods of controlling fullness and how is that method done? 3)What are 5 reasons why people dispose of fullness? 4)CAN YOU SEND ME THE NAME OF A WEBSITE(S) THAT HAS PICTURES OF GARMENTS
  10. Geography

    What are the namesz of insects that live on cattle?
  11. Languages

    How do you say, Happy Valentines Day in Spanish and in French?
  12. English Language

    What does it mean to be 'scrupulously fair?'

    What are some problems children face at school and in general as students
  14. Information Technology

    Explain the following: 1)Video Graphic Card 2)Output of Sound
  15. History

    Since the time of the Portuguese sailors of the 15th century man has developed many new ways of traveling. What are these new ways and when were they developed?
  16. History

    Since the time of the Portuguese sailors of the 15th century man has developed many new ways of communicating, what are they and in when were these new methods developed?
  17. french

    1) What is the translation for the french celebration, Le jour de l'an? 2) What is the date of the celebration? 3) What is done during the celebration?
  18. Mathematics

    12.07 divided by 0.00897 giving the answer correct to 3 significant figures.
  19. History

    What is the name of a famous Arawak chief and what was the name of the Arawak's read dye?
  20. Science

    (FOR PLANTS) What is chemical reaction and how do plants use it?
  21. Physical Education

    What are the measurements of field hockey stick and ball? What are the names of 4 International hockey Players? What is IFWHF and FIH? What are Social, Mental and Physical Well-being? Describe Endomorph,Ectomorph and Mesomorph What is Health?
  22. sewing


    How does Information Technology affect skills?
  24. Tnformation Technology

    Give two ways in which Informayion Technology has affected the following areas: a)health b)job c)skills d)Lifestyle(entrtainment,home,shopping)
  25. Library Science

    What are 8 different types of information commonly found on a card catalogue?
  26. math

    What is -4m squared times -5m cube
  27. Science

    What is pressure? as in one of the things the skin responds to as a type of sence
  28. math

    What is -4m squared times -5m cube is it 20m5 or 10 m5
  29. Science

    What is pressure? as in one of thethings the skin responds to.
  30. Social Studies

    Why is it important for us to learn Social Studies?
  31. math

    what is 18m2+12m2+23m2
  32. Social Studies

    what are some ways in which we learn Social Studies?