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  1. chemistry

    The mixture of 40 ml of water to 160 ml of solution with ph = 8, causes a change in the ph value. What is the value of the new PH. Use Log 2 = 0.3
  2. math

  3. chemistry

    There are 3.01X1023 atoms of gold, 1 mole of platinum, 3.01 moles of silver. Which one contains more atoms
  4. chemistry

    In the chlorine titration of a solution prepared by the dissolution of 0.2110 g of commercial hypochlorite was spent 19.50 ML of sodium thiosulphate solution 0.1002 mol/L. Calculate the percentage of chlorine (35.45 g/mol) in this sample
  5. chemistry

    A silver wire is immersed in a solution containing ions of CU2 + what is expected in this situation? A) no reaction occurs. b) The silver wire is oxidized. c) Copper is deposited on the silver wire. D) The ions Cu2 + are reduced.


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  1. Algebra

    You'll subtract x and 19 making it: 5x = -19. x = -19/5 because you can't reduce it any further unless you want a decimal.
  2. chemistry

    What is the IUPAC name for CH3—C(CH3)2—CH2—CH(CH3)—CH3
  3. chemistry

  4. ipc

  5. Math

    Sorry the answer choices should be: -1 11/23 -23/11 -10/3 0