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  1. Math

    1x+3y = 12 Solve for both, show work
  2. Bio

    On hot dry days guard cells are dying clothes Microsoft openings in plant leaves conserving water this in example of A environmental factors causing gene mutations in plants B finite resources acting as selecting agenta for evolution C A feedback mechanism
  3. Bio

    2) A person’s wedding on a hot day would most likely be an example of what biological process A digestion B respiration C homeostasis D gametogemesis
  4. science

    to determine both the independent and dependent, what are some questions you can ask yourself?
  5. English

    How is Penelope's character in The Penelopiad different from her character in The Odyssey? A) she is more bitter*** B) she is more courageous C) she is more subservient In The Penelopia, which of the following BEST describes the tone kept by Penelope when
  6. English

    What does the narrator of “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” want? people to reject computers computers to rule man and animal the natural world to swallow up technology computers and living things to live together in a natural harmony My
  7. world history

    Rome was considered a republic because? A.)citizens voted for some of there officials B.)patricians had the power to veto bad legislation C.)plebeians supervised the business of government D.)the emperor appointed representatives to the senate I really
  8. Social Studies 8

    1. for the additional green spaces to be considered public services, what must be true? A. The local government uses tax money to create them B. a national business provides funding for some of the spaces C. people who purchased season passes to the spaces
  9. Pre Algebra

    6. 7^5 • 7^6 = (1point) a. 49^30 b. 7^30 c. 49^11*** d. 7^11
  10. Language

    Which of the following topics would be most appropriate for an autobiography narrative? A. your opinion of the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games B. your explanation of how to download MP3 files to your personal musical device C. your account of your
  11. Social studies

    1. If a consumer makes monthly payments of $250 to pay off a car loan, what type of credit is she using? (1 point) non­revolving •• revolving short term unsecured 2. Caitlin wants to buy an airline ticket, but she’s uncomfortable taking that much
  12. chemistry

    The rate law is : rate = k [NO2]^2. Write an equation for the overall reaction. Identify the intermediate. Which elementary reaction is the slow one? I've been looking in my book on how to do this but I can't find how. Also, could you please explain the
  13. Trigonometry

    If 5cosA+3=0 and 180(degrees)
  14. Trigonometry

    If 5cosA+3=0 and 180(degrees)
  15. Trigonometry

    If 5cosA+3=0 and 180(degrees)
  16. Using graphs to analyse data unit test

    what are the mean median and mode of the following data set 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 26, 26 A. mean- 22.4 ; median- 22 ; mode- 26 B. mean- 22.4 ; median- 26 ; mode- 22 C. mean- 26 ; median- 22.4 ; mode- 24 D. mean- 23.4 ; median- 22 ; mode- 26
  17. Struggling on math please help :(

    What is a positive coterminal angle to 47° that is between 500° and 1000° and a negative coterminal angle to 47° that is between −500° and 0°? I don't really understand how to do this >.
  18. History

    What was the purpose of the freedmens bureau A.to allow former slaves to vote B.to grant former slaves a piece of southern land C.to repeal the black codes D.to assist former slaves with getting jobs, education, food, and cloths*** Can someone please check
  19. math

    Five divers found three chests of coins. they decided to divide the treasure evenly. what portion of the chest would each one get ?
  20. math

    Five divers found three chests of coins. they decided to divide the treasure evenly. what portion of the chest would each one get ?
  21. Math

    The area of an isosceles right triangle decreases at a rate of 5 cm² per second. At what rate is the hypotenuse changing when each of the other sides has length 10 cm? So far I have: Given: dA/dt= 5cm^2/s Find: dH/dt when b&h= 10cm And h= root 200(?)
  22. physics

    a bullet of mass 0.05 kg strikes a wooden block of mass 5 kg and becomes embedded within the block. The block and bullet then fly off at 10 m/s after the collision. What was the original velocity of the bullet if the block was initially at rest?
  23. Physics

    While standing at the edge of the roof of a building, you throw a stone upward with an initial speed of 6.05 m/s. The stone subsequently falls to the ground, which is 12.7 m below the point where the stone leaves your hand. At what speed does the stone
  24. math

    3.96 x 10^2/ 1.5 x 10^6
  25. math

    3.96 x 10^2/ 1.5 x 10^6
  26. Math

    What is the surface area of a pyramid height of 4.5in. and base of 5in.?
  27. Math

    What is the surface area of a pyramid with a base of 7cm and height of 9.1cm?
  28. Math

    900 people were surveyed on how they get to work in Dallas. Public Transportation- 19% and Bikes 11%. How many people were surveyed that take public transportation and bikes?
  29. Chemistry

    What is the volume of 2.0 kg of isopropyl alcohol at 20 degrees Celsius? Density at 20 degrees is 0.785g/ml. I got .00255 ml when using 3 sig figs.
  30. Science

    a baseball catcher is catching a fastball that is thrown at 43 m/s by the pitcher. if the mass of the ball is .15 kg and if the catcher moves his mitt backward toward his body by 8 cm as the ball lands in the glove what is the force on the mitt?
  31. Math

    At a shoe store, all shoes are on sale for $20 off the regular price. If p represents the regular price, write an expression to represent the sale price.
  32. Social studies

    What are the groups who are on the same side in a war
  33. Stats

    A telephone company’s goal is to have no more than five monthly line failures on any 100 kilometres of line. The company currently experiences an average of two monthly line failures per 50 kilometres of line. Let x denote the number of monthly line
  34. Math

    Suppose she cut the cake into 8 equal size pieces and 6 people ate all the pieces. Explain how they could have divided the pieces so that everyone ate the same amount of cake. Show work in a drawing
  35. Spanish

    Need some help with my spanish assignment Complete the following sentences with the correct form of either dar or decir. My answers are in parentheses. I am having trouble, any input is appreciated! 1) Mis amigos (decimos) que hay una fiesta en casa de
  36. Math

    Brenda is building a rectangular pen for her dog. She has enough fencing to build the pen so that it has a perimeter of 36 feet. She wants the pen to have an area of 65 ft2. What are the dimensions of the dog pen? A. 5 feet by 13 feet B. 10 feet by 8 feet
  37. math

    If the LCM of two numbers is 60, and the difference between the two numbers is 3, what is the pair of numbers?!?!?!?
  38. Physics

    Consider a torque ⃗τ that is constant in both magnitude and direction, and acts on a rigid body of mass 10 kg at a point 1 m from the pivot. How much work does the torque do on the rigid body, if it turns through an angle of 180◦ while the torque is
  39. Physics

    Given: A flat dance floor of dimensions lx = 24 m by ly =23m and has a mass of M = 1200 kg. Use the bottom left corner of the dance floor as the origin. Three dance couples, each of mass m = 110 kg start in the top left, top right, and bottom left corners.
  40. Physics

    Given: A flat dance floor of dimensions lx = 24 m by ly =23m and has a mass of M = 1200 kg. Use the bottom left corner of the dance floor as the origin. Three dance couples, each of mass m = 110 kg start in the top left, top right, and bottom left corners.
  41. Physics

    A horizontal disk with a radius of 23 m ro- tates about a vertical axis through its center. The disk starts from rest and has a constant angular acceleration of 5.5 rad/s2. At what time will the radial and tangen- tial components of the linear acceleration
  42. Physics

    Consider a torque ⃗τ that is constant in both magnitude and direction, and acts on a rigid body of mass 10 kg at a point 1 m from the pivot. How much work does the torque do on the rigid body, if it turns through an angle of 180◦ while the torque is
  43. Physics

    A 2.73 kg particle has a velocity of vx = 6.02 m/s and vy = 0.316 m/s. Find the magnitude of its total momentum. Answer in units of kg · m/s
  44. physics

    A block of mass 2.5 kg is pushed up against the vertical wall by a force of 60 N acting at 47◦ to the ceiling. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the wall is 0.67. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Find the work done by
  45. physics

    A single constant force 18.1 N acts on a particle of mass 2.92 kg. The particle starts at rest at t=0. What is the instantaneous power delivered by the force at t=4.48s? Answer in units of W
  46. physics

    A rain cloud contains 3.11 × 107 kg of water vapor. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . How long would it take for a 1.8 kW pump to lift the same amount of water to an altitude of 20000 m? Answer in units of years
  47. physics

    A car and driver weighing 7750 N passes a sign stating “Bridge Out 28.5 m Ahead.” She slams on the brakes, and the car decelerates at a constant rate of 10.6 m/s2 . The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is the magnitude of the work done
  48. physics

    A spring with spring constant of 30 N/m is stretched 0.19 m from its equilibrium position. How much work must be done to stretch it an additional 0.077 m? Answer in units of J
  49. Physics

    Two blocks connected by a string are pulled across a rough horizontal surface by a force applied to one of the blocks, as shown. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . If each block has an acceleration of 5.2 m/s2 to the right, what is the magnitude of
  50. Physics

    A string under a tension of 68 N is used to whirl a rock in a horizontal circle of radius 3.7 m at a speed of 16.53 m/s. The string is pulled in, and the speed of the rock increases. When the string is 0.896 m long and the speed of the rock is 71.5 m/s,
  51. Physics

    In the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, the speed of the electron is approximately 2.45 × 106 m/s. Find the central force acting on the electron as it revolves in a circular orbit of radius 5.18 × 10−11 m. Answer in units of N
  52. Physics

    Zak, helping his mother rearrange the furni- ture in their living room, moves a 48.9 kg sofa 3.3 m with a constant force of 21 N. What is the work done by Zak on the sofa? Neglect friction. Answer in units of J
  53. Physics

    A 17.9 kg block is dragged over a rough, hor- izontal surface by a constant force of 74.1 N acting at an angle of angle 32.3◦ above the horizontal. The block is displaced 72.4 m and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.242. Find the work done by the
  54. Physics

    A car is moving at 50 miles per hour. The kinetic energy of that car is 5 × 105 J. How much energy does the same car have when it moves at 114 miles per hour? Answer in units of J
  55. NAU

    When jumping straight down, you can be seriously injured if you land stiff-legged. One way to avoid injury is to bend your knees upon landing to reduce the force of the impact. A 80.6-kg man just before contact with the ground has a speed of 6.59 m/s. (a)
  56. need asap trigg

    simplify the expression by using a double angle formula or a half angle formula: a. 2 tan 7 degrees /1-tan^2 7 degrees b.2 tan 7 theta / 1-tan^2 7 theta
  57. Trigg

    Find sin 2x, cos 2x, and tan 2x from the given infomation csc x=4, tan x < 0
  58. Math Trigg

    Find sin 2x, cos 2x, and tan 2x from the given infomation csc x=4, tan x < 0

    What were some of the benefits of the Articles of Confederation?
  60. physics

    to determine that force acting on each mass it was assumed that g=9.8m/s^2. The value of g at the place where the experiment is performed may be slightly different from that value. state what effect it would have on the percentage error calculated for the
  61. Math-Probability

    Please explain how to get the answer.I have now idea. 1.If you roll two fair dice,one red and one green,what is the probability of getting a 2 on the red die and a 3 on the green die? Give answer in a reduced fraction. 2.If you roll two fair dice,one red
  62. Chemistry

    Make sure the water’s Mass is still set to 1.0 kg and its Temp is 25 °C. Set the cylinder’s Height to 500 m. How does doubling the mass affect the temperature change of the water?
  63. Chemistry ?

    How many moles are contained in a 4.67-L sample of gas at 30°C and 199 kPa? A. 1.7 mol B. 11.8 mol C. 0.37 mol D. 3.7 mol I guessed D, but I'm not sure.
  64. Chemistry help?

    The mass of a quantity of NiCl2 is 24.6 g. How many formula units are in the sample? A. 3.2 3 1023 NiCl2 formula units B. 5.3 3 10–21 NiCl2 formula units C. 1.1 3 1023 NiCl2 formula units D. 1.9 3 1027 NiCl2 formula units
  65. Chemistry?

    What mass of sulfur has to burn to produce 4.5L SO2 at 300°C and 101 kPa in the following reaction? S(s) + O2(g) -> SO2(g) A. 3.07 g S B. 68.8 g S C. 41.0 g S D. 13.5 g S
  66. Legal Studies

    I nee help to write my legal studies assignment that's due tomorrow,any want to help?
  67. math

    a rectangle has a base of 25 in. and a height of 15 in. if the shape is dilated with a scale factor of .6, what is the area of the new shape?
  68. Math

    For a chemistry experiment, Heather needs 3.75 grams of salt. How many decigrams of salt does Heather need?
  69. physics

    a student is on a rotating merry-go-round at a constant rate and tosses her apple in the air. if the apple in thrown up with a velocity of 1.2 m/s and the student catches it again after rotating 5.00 revolutions, how fast is the merry-go-round spinning in
  70. physics

    An airplane starts at rest and accelerates down the runway for 20s. At he end of the runway, it's velocity is 80 m/a north. What is its acceleration?
  71. Geometry

    Find KN and LM. In triangle LKM, angle L is bisected. Line segment LK is 11, line segment KN is x-4, line segment NM is 5.4, and line segment LM is 2x + 1.3 (there is a drawing of this triangle) Thanks.
  72. Math

    Eight times a number equals 24 more than two times the number. What is the number?
  73. Math

    A number equals four less than three times the number. What is the number?
  74. science

    why does the sun come out write after i rains
  75. Chemistry

    I have to sort compounds into groups, separating them by if they are acidic, Ionic, or Covalent. Heres the list: Calcium Carbonate Sodium Hypochlorite Sodium Chloride Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Acetic Acid Ammonium Hydroxide Silicon dioxide Magnesium
  76. physics

    If an object wishes to travel 165 km at a rate of 45 mi/hr...how long will it take the object to reach their destination in hours and minutes.
  77. science

    please help me i am in 4th grade and i need help on my science project. my science project is, is smiling contagious and i have no idea what to do for research and data
  78. Math

    I need help and I forgot my book and class please help me solve theses Sr = SQUARE ROOT 1. What is the solution to -75 sr to the nearest integer? (1 point) 9 8 -8 -9 2. Shelly sews a blanket that has an area of 170 square feet. It has 30 square blocks,
  79. math

    Cameron is making bead necklaces. He has 90 green beads and 108 blue beads. What is the greatest number of identical necklaces he can make if he wants to use all the beads?
  80. Biochemistry

    This is my last question and I just am not getting it for some reason. Prepare a 500 ml of 0.15 M tris buffer, pH 8.25 from tris mono hydrochloride, 0.400 M HCL, and 0.350 M NaOH. Determine amounts needed and them write the recipe. Pka for tris is 8.00
  81. Math

    How do you find a vertical and asymptote of a linear function?
  82. physics

    A ball player hits a home run, and the baseball just clears a wall 17.3 m high located 131.0 m from home plate. The ball is hit an an angle of 35° to the horizontal, and air resistance is negligible. Assume the ball is hit at a height of 1.0 m above the
  83. spanish

    what goes in the blank son or estan aquellos profesores _______ muy inteligentes.
  84. Physics Help

    A ball of mass 1.76 kg is tied to a string of length 4.19 m as shown in Figure P6.50. The ball is initially hanging vertically and is given an initial velocity of 9.4 m/s in the horizontal direction. The ball then follows a circular arc as determined by
  85. Physics

    Two objects, A and B, have the same kinetic energy. A has a speed that is 12.1 times greater than the speed of B. What is the ratio of the mass of B to the mass of A? I'm not sure how to do this one given... KE_A = KE_B & V_A = 12.1V_B How do I find the
  86. Physics!

    A roller coaster track is designed so that the car travels upside down on a certain portion of the track, as shown in Figure P5.20. What is the minimum speed the roller coaster can have without falling from the track? Assume the track has a radius of
  87. Physics

    Asteroid satellite: While on its way to Jupiter in 1993, the Galileo spacecraft made a flyby of asteroid Ida. Images captured (Fig. P5.66) of Ida discovered that the asteroid has a tiny moon of its own, since given the name Dactyl. Measurements found that
  88. healthcare

    Hospitals are generally categorized as nonprofit, for-profit or government. • Provide a few details about the three categories of hospitals. Identify at least one example of each from your community or state. • What are the differences in populations
  89. healthcare

    Hospitals are generally categorized as nonprofit, for-profit or government
  90. math

    what is correcting quotients
  91. pre-algebra

    I can not solve this problem: 3/4 =5/x
  92. math

    what is 1/8 + 5/6 + 2/3 reduced
  93. Algebra

    The measures of two sides of a parallelagram are 28 in and 42 in. If the longer diagonal has measure 58 in, find the measures of the angles at the vertices
  94. science

    why are dog fleas more successful parasitesthen bacteria that cause deadly diseases?
  95. Math/Writing-HELP PLEASE

    Explain why a trapezoid a quadrilateral, but why all trapezoids are not always quadrilaterals. If a shape has four sides, no equal angles or sides, what is it? This is an opinion fill in the blank, but I can't think of any words. You give me love, You gave
  96. US History

    Why was control of the seas so important for the Allies and the Axis?
  97. math

    how can i findout how to do a histogram of 2 tables 1 with 3 intervals and the other with 4
  98. physics

    a lot of ppl in my science class have trouble with this problem... pls show your work if you know how to solve it. A juggler throws a ball from height of 0.950 m with a vertical velocity of +4.25 m/s and misses it on the way down. What is its velocity when
  99. Chemistry HELP

    40.0 mL of 0.1880 M formic acid is titrated with 30.0 mL of 0.2010 M NaOH. Pka of formic acid is 3.8. What is the pH of the titration?
  100. Algebra

    Form a polynomial f(x) with real coefficients having the given degree and zeros. Degree 5; zeros:1;-i; -7+1


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