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  1. Precalculus 11

    I have kind of a general question... I'm working on a unit about solving systems of equations & I just feel like I've lost the general concept a little bit. When something says, "use your graphing calculator to solve the following systems of equations."
  2. Precalculus

    Hello, I'm a little confused & not sure where I went wrong: Solve the following systems of equations algebraically using the quadratic formula. Round answer to 2 decimal places. y=-x^2+2x+9 y=-5x^2+10x+12 My work: -x^2+2x+9=-5x+10x+12 Move everything from
  3. Precalculus

    Hello, I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly: Solve the following systems of equations algebraically. y=x^2-1 2x-y+2=0 My work: -x^2+2x+3=0 Divide everything by -1 x^2-2x-3=0 (x-3)(x+1)=0 x=3, x=-1 Thank you!! :)
  4. Chemistry

    A patient receves 3.0 mL of a solution containing technetium-99m for a breast image. If the activity of the technetium-99m is 9.5mCi/mL what is the dose received by the patient?
  5. math

    In the past, the value of houses a local realtor has sold is normally distributed with a mean of $253,000 with a standard deviation of $65,000. How much does a house have to sell for so that the house is in the bottome 20% of lowest selling houses for the
  6. Financial literacy

    In traditional economy, economic decisions are based on ______ and ______. I’ve gone through my at least 4 times and I can’t find anything that would answer this. Please help.
  7. Precalculus 11

    Determine the value of the discriminant and then state the nature of the roots. x^2-8x-9=0 root 28 is the discriminant 2 different roots is the nature of the roots Is that correct? Thanks a ton! :)
  8. american History

    How did trade with Asia impact Italy? Italians sought new reasons to extend the Crusades as they fulfilled their need for Asian goods. The Byzantine Empire secured its position by becoming a conduit of trade between Italy and the Middle East. The increased
  9. American History

    What significance did the domination of southern Spain by the Umayyad Caliphate have on European culture? Europeans became dependent on goods from the Middle East and Asia. Spaniards migrated to Africa to escape the invasion of the Umayyad Caliphate. Spain
  10. american history

    What was the significance of the closing of the Silk Road? It gave Europeans the incentive to establish new overland trails into territories in Asia. It inspired Europeans to discover the hidden secret of creating their own silk textiles. It encouraged
  11. American History

    What disadvantages did Native Americans experience in their trading with Europeans? Native Americans became reliant on European technology. Native Americans could not trade effectively because they lacked economic leaders. Native Americans traded for items
  12. biology

    Some antifungal medications can damage the patient’s own tissues. Why doesn’t this problem occur with antibiotics? Thanks!
  13. AP Chemistry- please help!

    Glycerol (a non-electrolyte that can be used as antifreeze and coolant in a car radiator) has a density of 1.261 g/mL and a molecular weight of 92 g/mol. If 111 mL of glycerol are mixed with 5.1 kg of water, by how much would the boiling point of the
  14. Precalculus 11

    Hello, An airplane makes a 990 km flight with a tailwind & returns, flying into the same wind. The total flying time is 3 hrs 20 mins & the airplanes speed in still air is 600 km/hr what is the the speed of the wind? I'm as far as
  15. Vet Tech

    A 20 lb puppy needs metoclopramide for vomiting. The dose is 2 mg/kg. The drug concentration is 5 mg/mL. How many mL will you draw up?
  16. english

    What is the object of the preposition in sentence? He will walk alone from his office. 1)alone 2)children 3)under 4)the I say (1) alone
  17. Chemistry

    If the specific heat capacity of ice is 2.10 J/(g.°C), how much heat is required to heat 530 g of ice from -45.0°C to -15.0°C? 1.) 33.400 kj 2.) 32595 J 3.) 33.4 kj 4.) 33000 J I was out sick when we learned this please help
  18. World History

    Which British colony became very valuable when gold and diamonds were discovered there? 1.) Cape Colony 2.) Suez 3.) Canada 4.) India I think it’s Suez. Am I correct?
  19. World History

    What was the impact of the Napoleonic Code? 1.) it became the set of civil laws adopted throughout Europe and other parts of the world. 2.) it established a way to use sociology to categorize European citizens for taxation 3.) It was the central method of
  20. world history

    What impact did the Concert of Europe have on Europe? 1.) The Concert of Europe sought to establish a unified trading partnership to promote unity and eliminate future wars. 2.) The Concert of Europe sought to eradicate monarchies in favor of democratic
  21. Chemistry

    Which of these most accurately describes the motion of gas particles? 1.) particles making up gases are mostly fixed in their locations and have vibrational motion. 2.) particles making up gases have few intermolecular interactions and are free to move.
  22. Chemistry

    Molecular crystals consist of molecules held together by intermolecular forces. Ice is a good example. In ice, water molecules are held together by ______, and by London dispersion forces. Intermolecular forces are _______ than ionic or covalent bonds.
  23. history

    The siege of the Alamo mission can be seen as a manifestation of which aspect of manifest destiny? • The need for a refuge for persecuted groups • The need to expand democracy • The need for new trade routes and markets*** • The need for new
  24. history

    The letter written by William Travis referencing the siege of the Alamo is an example of _? • a tertiary source • a secondary source • a primary source**** • an unbiased source
  25. chemistry

    Which one of the following pairs has only London dispersion forces as the intermolecular force between them? 1.) H2O; HF 2.)He; He 3.) HCl; HCl 4.) Ne; HCl please help I am so lost
  26. chemistry

    What is the difference between dipole-dipole interactions and dipole-induced dipole interactions? 1.) dipole-dipole interactions involve two non polar molecules. Dipole induced dipole interactions involve one polar molecule with a permanent dipole and one
  27. world history

    What was the difference between the profits of Great Britain and India? please help with this question I've looked it up and done my research and I'm really struggling.
  28. chemistry

    When two metal atoms are close to each other, their __________ orbitals __________ and they can share __________. help me fill in the blanks please
  29. ALGEBRA 2

    The Rattlesnakes football team plays a different opponent every week. So far this season, the Rattlesnakes have won 3 games out of 6. Which equation models the number of consecutive games the Rattlesnakes must win in order to increase their winning
  30. Precalculus 11

    The sum of the squares of three consecutive integers is 149. Find the integers. I got 6,7,8 or -6,-7,-8 There's no reason why it would specifically be one or the other right? It could be either? Thanks!!
  31. algebra 2

    what is the description of the end behavior of f(x)=x^3+5x^2−14x? Please help I have a hard time grasping this
  32. math

    Claudia wants to test if the binomial 3x−6 is a factor of P(x)=3x^3−9x^2+9x−6. First, she evaluates P(_[blank 1]_). After simplifying correctly, she is left with a remainder of _[blank 2]_. Based on the remainder, she correctly concludes that 3x−6
  33. math

    Consider the graph of f(x) as shown. Graph of f of x. The curve approaches infinity as x approaches negative infinity, then passes through the point (-3.45, 0), turns at about (-3.05, -2.03), passes through (-2.51, 0), then turns again at (-1.39, 4.62),
  34. algebra 2

    Suppose the polynomial f(x) has the following roots: 1+6sqrt2, 2−sqrt6, and 6+sqrt2. If f(x) has only rational coefficients, the Irrational Root Theorem indicates that f(x) has at least three more roots. What are the three additional roots that f(x) must
  35. math

    Given a polynomial equation p(x)=0, which expressions could be a pair of irrational roots of the equation? please help I don't know how to solve this
  36. algebra 2

    What is the number of distinct possible rational roots of p(x)=2x2+7x+6? I need help on how to solve this
  37. history

    Which option accurately describes the impact of Confucianism on Asian cultures? Qin Shi Huang declared Confucianism as the Chinese Empire’s official religion, resulting in a civil war. Confucianism established a governmental model, defined leadership
  38. World History

    Which option accurately describes the relationship between the Catholic Church and public literacy prior to the humanist movement? Prior to the humanist movement, the Catholic Church was predominately illiterate except for a few high-ranking bishops. Prior
  39. world history

    Which best describes the theory Jean-Jacques Rousseau outlined in The Social Contract? Rousseau theorized that people are born inherently greedy and a large powerful government is needed to counteract such greed to maintain social order. Rousseau theorized
  40. history

    Which most accurately describes endeavors of explorer John Cabot? John Cabot led successful expeditions to Newfoundland, claiming the land for England. John Cabot was the first European explorer to discover the Mississippi River. John Cabot led successful
  41. history

    Which most accurately describes events in the life of explorer Sir Walter Raleigh? Raleigh led major expeditions to America, including the ill-fated Roanoke Colony. Raleigh is best known for establishing the colony of New Mexico for Spain. Raleigh was the
  42. wold history

    Which trade route refers to the extensive trade and sharing of plants, animals, culture, and ideas between the Americas, Africa, and Europe following Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the Americas? Trans-Saharan Trade Columbian Exchange Incense Route
  43. world history

    Which accurately describes Portugal’s motivation for funding explorations along the coast of Africa? to navigate around Africa to Asia and find the kingdom of Prester John to navigate around Africa and find the kingdom of Japan to navigate around Africa
  44. history

    Why did Pope Pius V excommunicate Queen Elizabeth I in 1570? The pope declared her a heretic because she invaded France and Spain, allies of the Catholic Church. The pope declared her a heretic because she sided with Charles V to form the Schmalkaldic
  45. World history

    How did the Crusades affect Jewish societies? (Select all that apply) A.) crusaders massacre Jews in France when Pope Eugenius III called for the second Crusade, led by French and German Kings. B.) jsu aligned with the Byzantine empire and helped Eastern
  46. Chemistry

    The adult blue whale has a lung capacity of 5.0 x 10^3L. Calculate the mass of air (assume an average molar mass of 28.98g/mol) contained in an adult blue whales lungs at 0.0 Celsius and 1.00atm, assuming the air behaves ideally. I have the answer but
  47. Math

    Show me a picture grid of 1.8 divided by 0.6
  48. History

    “The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom in a state: it ought not, to be restrained in his common wealth.” - The above quote runs counter to a set of legislative acts during the Adams admiration that were inspired by _. • the
  49. Geometry

  50. Geometry

    three security cameras were mounted at the corners of a triangular parking lot. camera 1 was 110 ft. from camera 2, which was 137 ft from camera 3. cameras 1 and 3 were 158 ft. apart. which camera had to cover the greatest angle? Camera 1 None Camera 3
  51. Geometry

    1. Find the length of a diagonal of a rectangle ABCD with vertices, A (-3,1), B(-1,3), C(3,-1) and D (1,-3). A) 5.7 B) 6.3 C) 3.2 * D) 4.5
  52. physics

    A circular disk of mass 0.2kg and radius 33cm, initially not rotating, slips down a thin spindle onto a turntable (disk) of mass 1.7kg and the same radius, rotating freely at 4.4rad/s. a) Find the new angular velocity of the combination b) The change in
  53. physics

    A car moving with a constant speed of 83 km/h enters a circular, flat curve with a radius of curvature of 0.40 km. If the friction between the road and the car’s tires can support a centripetal acceleration of 1.25 m/s2, without slipping, does the car
  54. Precalculus 11

    Determine if the given value is a solution for each quadratic. Answer yes or no. 2x^2-3x(root 2)+2=0 I know the answer is yes but I don't know how to get to that answer. Thanks a ton! :) Kayla
  55. Math

    Darla purchased a new car during a special sales promotion by the manufacturer. She secured a loan from the manufacturer in the amount of $24,000 at a rate of 4.2%/year compounded monthly. Her bank is now charging 6.8%/year compounded monthly for new car
  56. physics

    A little boy jumps onto a small merry-go-round(radius 2.00m) in a park that rotates for 2.30s through an arc length of 2.55 before coming to rest. If he landed( and stayed at a distance of 1.75 , frp, tje cemtral axis of rotation of the merry-go-round,
  57. physics

    Help please? Having trouble with this. A race car makes two and half laps around a circular track in 3.0 min. What is the car's average angular speed?
  58. Physics

    In moving a 35kg desk from one side of a room to another, a man finds that a horizontal force of 275N is necessary to set the desk in motion, and a force of 195N is necessary to keep it in motion at a constant speed. What are the coefficients of both
  59. Physics

    In moving a 35kg desk from one side of a room to another, a man finds that a horizontal force of 275N is necessary to set the desk in motion, and a force of 195N is necessary to keep it in motion at a constant speed. What are the coefficients of both
  60. geometry

    Name the property of equality or congruence that justifies going from the first statement to the second statement. StartFraction x Over 2 EndFraction equals 3x2=3 x equals 6x=6 symmetric property of congruencesymmetric property of congruence distributive
  61. Pre algebra

    What are the actual dimensions of the sofa in inches? 90 x 45 90 x 36 75 x 25 80 x 30 I think its the second choice
  62. physics

    A piece of uniform sheet metal measures 25 cm by 25 cm. If a circular piece with a radius of 5.0 cm is cut from the center of the sheet, where is the sheet’s center of mass now?
  63. Math

    How can u use regrouping to multiply
  64. English

    3. How does Malik relate with his mother in “The Next Adventure”? How do their interactions change over the course of the story? Use specific details and evidence from the text to support your response. Your response should be at least two complete
  65. math

    A single fair is tossed. Find the probability of obtaining a number different than 9
  66. geometry

    find the values of x , y , and z this diagram is not to scale 36 , 63 , 13 and the other three x ,y and z what are the values of them?
  67. Geometry

    6. Which of the following facts, if true, would allow you to prove that line l and m are parallel? A.angle m + angle 4= 180 B. angle 1 = angle 8 ** C. angle 6+angle 3 = 180 D. angle 7= angle 6
  68. math

    seven and two thirds minus six and a half
  69. Math

    Jody deposited $65 into her savings account. The next day, she withdrew $24. How much of her deposit remains in the account.
  70. Physics

    A 0.20-kg billiard ball travelling at a speed of 15 m/s? strikes the side rail of a pool table at an angle of 60°. If the ball rebounds at the same speed and angle, what is the magnitude of its change in momentum? I need help!
  71. Physics

    Water is lifted out of a well 30.0m deep by a motor rated at 1.00hp. Assuming 90% efficiency, how many kilograms of water can be lifted in 1 min? Answer is 137kg but can not figure it out.
  72. Physics

    Six identical books, 4.0 cm thick and each with a mass of 0.8kg, lie individually on a flat table.How much work would be needed to stack the books one top of the other?
  73. science

    Special telescopes, such as the Chandra x-ray Telescope, help astronomers see different kinds of electromagnetic radiation besides visible light. Why is this helpful? • X-rays give off a spectrum of light that tell astronomers what elements make up
  74. Physics! Help!

    Vector A, a wind velocity vector, has a magnitude of 20 miles per hour and is blowing toward the North. A second wind velocity vector, Vector B, has a magnitude of 50 miles per hour and is blowing toward the Southeast. A third wind velocity vector, Vector
  75. Physics!

    A force acts on a 1.5-kg, mass, giving it an acceleration of 3.0m/s^2. (A) If the same force acts on a 2.5-kg mass, what acceleration would be produced? (B) what is the magnitude of the force?
  76. Physics

    A force acts on a 1.5-kg, mass, giving it an acceleration of 3.0m/s^2. (A) If the same force acts on a 2.5-kg mass, what acceleration would be produced? (B) what is the magnitude of the force?
  77. Emergent computer tech.

    1. What file is being called by this IMG tag? (1 point) answer= SRC 2. What type of link is used to call this file? (1 point) answer=need help with this one 3. If the user loads this graphic in a text-only browser how will the browser describe it? (1
  78. Foundations of Math 1

    Solve the equation. 78=-2(m+3)+m A –28 B –42 C –72 D –84
  79. biology

    In a pre-lab for nutrient food testing , I was assigned to answer these questions, but I have no idea what they are talking about. And no, we have not discusses the answers in class. Here are the questions: Answer the following questions: 1. What is a
  80. english 2 ( 5 questions)

    6 Read the following sentences from "When Greek Meets Greek." Fraser scratch his head. "I know of a landlord up the road who vow that ain't ever taking anybody who come from the West Indies. But he don't mind taking Indians. He wouldn't know the difference
  81. english 2

    Can someone please please help me!!!! 1.Read the following sentences from "Lifeguard Rules!" “That’s it, Ira and Michael,” Francesca had said. "You guys don’t get a third warning. Go spend fifteen minutes out of the water. I’ll inform you when
  82. physics

    An apple falls from a tree and hits the ground 9.63m below. With what speed will it hit the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared.
  83. geometry

  84. Geometry

    PB is a line segment on a number line. It has endpoints at -2 and 12. What is the coordinate of its midpoint?
  85. Math

    Solve the following system using elimination (aka linear combination) attach an extra sheet, if needed. { 3x+2y+4z=11 { 2x-y+3z=4 { 5x-3y+5z=-1
  86. 9th Grade Foundations of Math 1

    7/3y - 8 = 111 Equations.
  87. early chhildhood

    "Shaping" involves A. Removing reinforcers to diminish a behavior** B. rewarding each step toward a goal to teach a new skill C. using negative reinforcement to increase a behavior d. Using positive reinforcement to increase a behavior
  88. early childhood

    One similarity between the developmental theories of Piaget and Vygotsky is that they are both A. constructivist theories of learning throught interaction with the environment B. objectivist theories of development throught the resolution of crisis C.
  89. Precalculus 11

    I just want to double check that I have this right. Write the new equation of the parabola y=(x-3)^2-7 that is translated 4 units left, 5 units up & is compressed by a factor of 1/4 y=1/4(x+1)^2-2 Thanks a bunch :) ♡
  90. Emergent computer tech

    1. Text that is located between and appears in the browser’s ______________. answer: Tab title 2. There are _______ levels of headings in HTML. answer 6 3. If the tags are around a word, then it will be ________. answer Emphasized 4. A link’s
  91. Introduction to Early Childhood Education

    which of the following is typically NOT a role fulfilled b general early childhood classroom teachers? Teaching children communicating with families diagnosing learning disabilites engaging in professional development**
  92. Introduction to Early Childhood Education

    Early childcare education professionals teach children for birth to age 3 age 3 to 6 age 3 to 8 birth to age 8** Child care centers and family child care homes provide care and educations under federal regulations**?? in cooperation with local school
  93. Introduction to Early Childhood Education

    which of the following is not a characteristic that an early childhood educaton professional should have? Postive attitude sense of humor carelessness ** Self-regulation
  94. Math

    What is the best estimate for the product of 289 and 7
  95. Precalculus 11

    (6a^2-15a)/(6a-15a^2) (3a(2a-5))/(3a(2-5a)) Multiply top & bottom by -1 -(5-2a)/(5a-2) is that correct? I have an answer here that's -(2a-5)/(5a-2) but I don't understand how to get there... Thanks :)
  96. Precalculus 11

    If when simplifying 2 rational expressions you got: (-2(x-3))/2-x would you multiply the top & bottom by -1? Thanks!! :)♡
  97. Precalculus 11

    When subtracting 1 rational expression from another, when I'm multiplying the top & bottom of the first term by the denominator in the second term is that number automatically negative because the whole term is being subtracted? ex: (8a-3b)/7a - (2a+5b)/4b
  98. Precalculus 11

    It takes an express train 1hr longer to travel 240km than it does for a small plane to travel the same distance. If the plane travels twice as fast as the train, how fast does the plane travel? This is an ex., they lay out online but I'm confused about how
  99. Precalculus 11

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can explain this to me: I'm ID-ing polynomials; -x^7-5x^4+(3/x)= not a polynomial .25x^3+3.9x^2-(x/3)= polynomial Why is 3/x not but x/3 is? Thanks a bunch! :)
  100. Physics 11

    Devon speeds past Tamara in his space shuttle. In Tamara's frame of reference, the shuttle moves with a speed of 0.88c. Devon's radio is blaring out music with a beat that occurs every 0.50 seconds. How often does Tamara hear the beats? I'm getting 0.24 s


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