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  1. Chemistry

    HA(aq) <-> H+(aq) + A-(aq) K = 5.0 x 10 -9 The initial concentration of HA is 0.30 M What is the final equilibrium concentrations of HA, H+, A-? Show work, solve if you can
  2. Chemistry

    The rate equation for the hydrolysis of sucrose to fructose and glucose is first order. After 27 minutes the sucrose concentration decreased from 0.0146M to 0.0132M. Find the rate constant K. Please help me!
  3. Social studies

    Why were the island shown on this map most likely acquired or annexed by the United States?
  4. Genetics

    Given the following portion of a double stranded DNA molecule, 3’GATCTCGATGTCGAGATC5’ draw the bands as they would appear on a Sanger DNA sequencing gel using the following primer 5’GATCTCGA3’
  5. Trig

    A tourist looks from the observation deck of the space needle in Seattle. The deck is at a height of 520ft. She sees her friend on the ground below at an angle of depression of 83.1 degrees. What is the distance between the two? Round to the nearest tenth
  6. Trig

    Last question! Just seeing why I’m getting these wrong In a right triangle with a leg of 4 and a hypotenuse of 8, find the measure of all angles. Correct answer: 30deg, 60deg, 90deg How?
  7. Trig.

    Given sin ∅ 3/5, find a, the other angle in the right triangle The answer is 30,60,90 How is this someone explain?
  8. Trigonometry

    a 10ft ladder is resting against the wall. the ladder touches the ground 6ft away from the wall. what angle, rounded to the nearest tenth, id the bottom of the ladder making with the ground The correct answer is 53.1 degrees Can someone explain how to get
  9. physics

    The height of the Empire State building is 318.00 meters. A pebble is dropped from the top of the building, what is the stones velocity just before it strikes the ground?
  10. Chemistry

    If the pressure of the gas inside the flask were increased and the height of the column in the open-ended arm went up by 0.5mm, what would be the new pressure of the gas in the flask, in torr? ANSWER IS 807.3 TORR
  11. math

    The temperature on Saturday was -4 degrees Fahrenhit.The temperature on sunday was 9 degrees warmer than the temperature on Saturday.Was the temperature in degrees Fahrenhit positive or negative explain,
  12. german

    1. Ich ___ warmes Wetter gern. ( 2 points ) A. bist B. habe C. bin D. hat 2. Wur ___ Sport gern. ( 2 points ) A. habe B. habt C. hast D. haben 3. ___ du Schnee gern? ( 2 points ) A. hast B. haben C. hat D. habt 4. Herr Barker ___ Amerikaner. ( 2 points )
  13. social studies

    The types of crops grown by farms in the Andes is influenced in large part by A. elevation. B. latitude. C. longitude. D. pampas.
  14. Science HELP

    Although the Amazon Basin receives more than 80 inches of rain per year, South America also has the driest place on Earth, known as A. Death Valley. B. Gobi Desert. C. Atacama Desert. D. the Caribbean.
  15. geometry

    apply the transformation m to the triangle with the given vertices. name the coordinates of the image points. identify and describe the transformation m: (x, y) -> (1.5x, 1.5y) l(-1, 4), m(-4, 4), n(-4, 3)
  16. Math

    How to use the hundredths grids to subtract 1.65-0.98
  17. algebra

  18. math

    On average, the earth is 93 million miles away from the center of the sun. The complete revolution around the sun takes 1 year. how fast is the earth moving in this orbit in feet per second?
  19. PreCal

    a car went 44 feet through an intersection in only 0.5 seconds. How fast was the car going in miles per hour?
  20. PreCal

    On average, the earth in 93 million miles away from the center of the sun. a.) assuming that the earth's orbit is circular, estimate the number of miles our planet travels in one complete revolution around the sun.
  21. algebra

    1. simplify the rational expression by rationalizing the denominator? 4 over sqrt 150 __________________ sqrt 189x
  22. Algebra B

    1. simplify the rational expression by rationalizing the denominator? 4 over sqrt 150 __________________ sqrt 189x
  23. Chemistry

    The half life of a radioactive material is 120 months. How much of this material will be left after 350 months if the initial concentration is 2.40M?
  24. Science

    The periodic table is arranged according to several trends. Which of the following is true as you move from left to right along the periodic table: A the element's atomic mass decreases and the atomic number increases B the element's productivity increases
  25. P.E

    Anger is a normal emotion that all humans feel at some time. It is important to express this emotion in a healthy way. Which of these ways of dealing with anger might affect your health in a negative way? A.) Accept your feelings B.) Ignore your triggers
  26. Math

    6 friends share 5 apples equally. How much apple does each friend have?
  27. Physics

    Question: A 62 kg astronaut floats outside a 3200 kg spacecraft. She's initially stationary with respect to the spacecraft. Then she pushes against the spacecraft and moves away at .50m/s to the left. I got an answer of .0096kg from doing 62*.50/3200 but
  28. Science

    Identify six stages of the process of scientific inquiry (scientific method) and explain why the process is not a rigid sequence of steps.
  29. Math

    Meghan and Sabrina compared the amount of interest they each earned on their savings accounts. Each had deposited $1000, but Meghan earned $140 interest and Sabrina earned $157.50. Whose savings account had a higher interest rate? Explain.
  30. Math

    Nick borrowed $7150, to be repaired at an annual simple interest rate of 6.25%. How much interest will be due after 5 years? How much will Nick have to repay?
  31. Physics

    A helicopter rises vertically with a constant upward acceleration of 0.40 m/s2 . As it passes an altitude of 20 m, a wrench slips out the door. A) How soon does the wrench hit the ground? B) At what speed does the wrench hit the ground?
  32. Physics

    After solving a difficult physics problem, an excited student throws his book straight up. It leaves his hand at 2.5 m/s from 1.5 m above the ground. A) How much time does it take until the book hits the floor? B) What's its velocity then?
  33. Physics

    You're approaching an intersection at 50 km/h (13.9 m/s ). You see the light turn yellow when you're 35 m from the intersection. Assume a reaction time of 0.6 s before braking begins and a braking acceleration of -3.0 m/s2. A) will you be able to stop at
  34. Physics

    A stock car starts from rest at time t=0 with velocity (m/s) increasing for 4.0 s , according to the function Vx=1.4t2+1.1t. a) Find the car's velocity at the end of the 4.0 s interval. b) Find the average acceleration for this interval.
  35. Physics

    A car travels a straight road at 140 km/h for 30 min then at 90 km/h for 10 min. It then reverses and goes at 90 km/h for 20 min. a) Find the average velocity for the entire trip. b) Find the average speed for the entire trip.
  36. Physics

    The winner of the Kentucky Derby runs the 1.25-mile race in 2 minutes, 2.0 s. What's the horse's average speed in m/s? A Message from Your Instructor: Velocity refers to the displacement from the initial point to the final point. For the first part,
  37. Algebra

    a submarine was cruising at a depth of 1,375 feet. The captain gave an order to climb 450 feet. Compared to sea level , find the depth of the sub
  38. SAT Math

    The function w is defined by w(x)=6+3x. If 4⋅ w(z)=96, what is the value of z? So is w(x)=w(z)?
  39. SAT Math Question?

    Lindsey and Stephen work at a factory. Lindsey can complete one full job in three hours, and Stephen can complete the same job in five hours. If Lindsey and Stephen work together on the job for one hour, then how long, in minutes, will it take Stephen to
  40. SAT Math

    All of the students who took chemistry at Groveton High School last year were juniors or seniors, as shown in the table below. If 80% of the students who took chemistry passed, then what fraction of the students in the combined junior and senior classes
  41. SAT Math

    If m percent of 50 is equal to 20 percent of n, then what is the value of m/n? Thank you!
  42. SAT Math Question?

    Which of the following accurately defines all possible values of p-q if 15≤p≤30 and 7≤q≤19? The answer is -4≤(p-q)≤23, but I'm not sure how. Thank you!
  43. Math

    There are 12 more girls than boys in the class. 35 % of the class are boys. How many pupils are there in the class?
  44. physics

    an aeroplane has a mass of 15 tonnes. At cruising speed,air flows over the top of it's wing at 150 m/s and under the wing at 120m/s. Calculate the pressure in difference between the top and the bottom of the wing and the surface area underside the wing
  45. Physics

    An object is sliding along a flat surface with an initial speed of 30 m/s. What must the coefficient of kinetic friction be between the object and the surface if the object slides to a stop in 10m? What would be the speed of the object after it had only
  46. Chemistry

    One-third cup of vanilla ice cream provides about 145 kcal of energy. A typical adult uses about 195 kcal/hr of energy while walking. If all of the energy in one third of a cup vanilla ice cream were to be burned off by walking, how many minutes would it
  47. Algebra

    The formula I = PRT where I = Interest, P = principal, R = rate, and T = time is used to calculate the amount of simple interest earned. Solve this formula for T.
  48. History

    In what way was the government of ancient Athens different from that of the United States? A. Athens was direct democracy in which citizens voted on laws themselves B. Athens was an oligarchy ruled by the wealthy members of the council of 5 hundred. C.
  49. Math

    You are buying 4 tickets for a football game on stub hub for tickets are $60 each you have to pay a handling fee of $5 per ticket and a shipping fee of 10 for the entire order How much is or going to cost? How much does each person owe you for their fair
  50. Math

    Jay can jump rope at a rate of 8 jumps for every 10 seconds . Find the rate
  51. Maths

    0.5 of peters money is 3.50 how much money has he altogether
  52. math

    If one person can do a job in 60 minutes and another per can do it in 90 minutes, how long will it take them, working together, to do the job?
  53. Physics

    You are testing a car on the Nevada salt flats traveling 85 m/s. Your parachute deploys and you decelerate at 13 m/s^2. How long does it take to come to a complete stop?
  54. Math 6th grade

    Tony owns a personal training business. He makes a total of $500 for every 3 clients he acquires. If Tony is saving to purchase 2,2000 in new equipment , how many clients will he need?
  55. Science

    Hemlocks are a common type of tree in the northern forests of the United States. In studying one forest, a forester noticed that mature hemlocks were abundant but there were very few young hemlocks. She wondered why there were so few young hemlocks. By
  56. Math

    Which equation represents the situation? The sum of three consecutive integers is 36. x+(x+3)+(x+3)=36 x+(x+1)+(x+2)=36 x+(x+2)+(x+4)=36 x+x+x=36
  57. ss

    A. By gaining control of Quebec, the British could increase financial and military support from the colonists.*** B.By gaining control of Quebec, the British would disrupt French supplies from reaching forts further north. C. Without capturing Quebec, the
  58. astronomy

    At your telescope, you measure the parallax of the star Regulus to be one-half of the parallax of the star Denebola. What do you immediately know about their relative distance from us? a) That Regulus is further away than Denebola. b) That Regulus is
  59. math

    A popular snack food reduced the amount of sodium in one serving from 700 milligrams to 630 milligrams. What is the percent decrease in the amount of sodium in this snack?
  60. math

    33 pounds of bananas cost $163.50. how much would 18 pounds cost? how much would a one pound banana cost?

    A gumball machine contains 150 gumballs. If the probability of getting a yellow gumball is 1/7, what is the probability of not getting a yellow gumball?

    if one coin is flipped and then a second coin is flipped, what is the probability that both coins land on tails? A) 1/8 B) 1/32 C) 1/16 D) 1/4

    A soda company determines that there is a 3% chance that a soft drink bottle is under filled. If two bottles are selected at random, find the probability that both bottles are under filled

    if a die is tossed and a coin is flipped, what is the probability of getting a number less than five on the die or tails on the coin? (write answer as a fraction in lowest terms)

    A letter is chosen at random from the word mathematics. what is the probability of choosing either a T or an M? A) 4/11 B) 3/11 C) 1/11 D) 2/11

    a bag contains seven red balls numbered 2,4,5,6,7,8,10 and three white balls numbered 1,3, and 9. If a ball is drawn, what is the probability the ball is white or the number on the ball is less than 3? Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.

    from a bag containing 6 white balls, 3 black balls and 13 red balls, two balls are drawn at random. what is the probability that they are both red?
  68. Math

    Every 1 1/2 on a wilderness map represents 1 mile. If the actual distance between two likes is 10 miles how far apart are the lakes on the map?
  69. physics

    A reflecting telescope is used to observe two distant point sources that are 3.50 m apart with light of wavelength 600 nm. The telescope's mirror has a radius of 5.0 cm . What is the maximum distance in meters at which the two sources may be distinguished?
  70. CHEM 2: Boiling Point

    Which Aqueous solution has the highest normal boiling point? a.) 0.1 m NaCl b.) 0.1 m C2H5OH c.) 0.1 m CaCl2 d.) They all have the same boiling point. I think that the answer is D, the all have the same boiling point. Is this correct? Because Delta T=
  71. CHEM 2 Question

    For A+2B <---> 2C : K=2.23 For 2C <---> D : K=0.27 What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction: 2D <---> 2A + 4B ? I calculated it and got this: k=(k1)(k2) =(2.23)(.27)=0.6021 =(1/0.6021)=1.67 =(1.67)^2= 2.76 Is this
  72. Science Chemistry

    A sample of beer is 4.6% by Mass C2H5OH. The density of beer is 0.93 g/mL. What is the molar concentration of C2H5OH in this sample of beer?
  73. Algebra

  74. Lab Math

    What is osmolarity of a 0.20M MgSO4 solution, which is 50% dissociated?
  75. Math

    A Gentoo penguin can swim at a rate of 17 mph. How many miles can a penguin swim in four hours? Use the expression RT, where R represents rate and T represents time.
  76. Math

    Create a piecewise function of the following scenario where D(t) is the total distance walked in miles as a function of time T (in minutes) You begin a walk from your home at a fast pace of 6 miles per hour for 30 minutes. You rest for 15 minutes, and then
  77. Math

    What is the area of a pentagon with sides of equal length, measuring 5v+3?
  78. Social Studies

    How do jobs today differ from the Jeffersonian era (agriculture, crafts, shipping)? Does it make a difference in the way education is conducted, public or otherwise?
  79. math

    Are is their a good website that has good video with precal lessons im havong difficulty with a bad teacher
  80. Psychology

    A man feels anxious and a little sick to his stomach when he walked up to the front door of his old elementary school. School had been very hard for him and he remembers feeling “stupid” a lot of the time he was in school. What is the unconditioned
  81. math

    Are is their a good website that has good video with precal lessons im havong difficulty with a bad teacher
  82. Physics

    with what minimum speed must a ball be thrown straight up in order to reach a height of 34 meters above the launch position?
  83. Science

    My granddaughter has to do a project about a product she would create and test we've decided on the safetyof white paper napkins vs dyed ones I don't know where to begin please help
  84. Physics

    The coordinate of a boy running across a parking lot as a function of time is gives as :x0†3=3t*2 7.2t 28 and y0†3=0.28t*2 - 9.1t 30...express the boys position vector r0†3 and velocity v0†3 in unit vector rotation and find the magnitude
  85. Phychology

    Which of these guests would require service to their car? A young mother with her baby A man in his workout wear A couple with three bags of groceries An elderly person with one bag of groceries All of the above
  86. Pre- Algebra

    State if each number is Rational,Irrational,or not a real number? 1.)square root of 9/16 2.) square root of -9 3.)square root of -16 divided by -4 4.)square root of -8(-2) 5.)square root of 25 divided by 8 6.)square root of -1/4 Please Help! I have been
  87. geometry

    Perimeter of pool is 84ft squared. The removal charge for tile is $20 per linear foot. Each new 6-inch square tile costs $2. A pool professional installs the new tile for an additional $300 charge. What is the total cost for removal and installation, and
  88. geometry

    - One cubic foot is approximately 7.5 gallons of water - A typical garden hose releases approximately 11 gallons of water per minute Total cubic feet is 2268. How long will it take to refill the pool?
  89. Algebra

    A square has an area of 49 square units. Find the sode length and perimeter of the square.
  90. Precalculus

    10x^2=2^x Hi! How do I go about solving an equation like this? It's meant to be a calculator solution but I'd love to know how it's done by hand. Logarithms maybe? .. Thank you in advance (:
  91. Geometry

    The degree measure of the vertex angle is (3x-8). The degree measure for each base angle is (6x-41). What is the value of vertex angle?
  92. Algebra

    Solve. 1.) 7/33y = -56/3 2.) 8/11k = 29/44
  93. Physics

    A rocket has put your spacecraft in a circular orbit around Earth at an altitude of 350 km. Calculate the force due to gravitational between the Earth and the spacecraft in N if the mass of the spacecraft is 2450 kg.
  94. Chem11

    How many moles of iron(iii) chloride could be made with an unlimited supply of iron atoms but only 1.81 X 10e23 chlorine atoms?
  95. Algebra

    Multi-Step The heights of the starting players for the Davis High School boy's basketball team are 78 1/2 in., 74 in., 71 5/8 in., 70 3/4 in., and 69 1/2 in. Find the average height of the starting players.
  96. BioChemisty

    You have a 0.5 M HEPES pH 7, and a 0.5 M HEPES pH 8 solution. How much of each stock solution do you need to make 125mL of a 50 mM HEPES pH 7.5 solution? How much water?
  97. algebra

    9 balls in a hat. balls are numbered 1-9. you choose 3 balls. how many possible combinations are there?
  98. Chemistry

    A star is estimated to have a mass of 4.4x1026lbs. It has a diameter of 8.69x105 mi. Calculate the density in g/cm3.
  99. Algebra

    A ladder base is 3 m away from a house, and the fully extended ladder is 5 m long when it leans against the house. How high does the ladder reach on the house?
  100. Financial math

    Taylor is purchasing a home for $235,000. She is putting 20% down. She has qualified for a 30 year mortgage at 4.5% APR. Calculate her monthly payment.


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