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  1. Chemistry

    A student is examining a bacterium under the microscope. The E. coli bacterial cell has a mass of m = 1.90 fg (where a femtogram, fg, is 10−15g) and is swimming at a velocity of v = 2.00 μm/s , with an uncertainty in the velocity of 3.00 % . E. coli
  2. social studies

    how can I pull up my social studies grade rapidly/// connections academy student
  3. Chemistry

    Which of the following set of quantum numbers (ordered n, ℓ, mℓ, ms) are possible for an electron in an atom? Check all that apply. -4, 3, 1, 1/2 2, 1, -2, 1/2 4, 2, 1, -1/2 4, 2, -1, -1/2 2, 4, 1, -1/2 5, 3, -3, 1/2 5, 3, 4, 1/2 3, 2, 0, -2
  4. Math

    What's 5.01x11.6 can you show work.
  5. Chemistry

    1) In Europe, gasoline efficiency is measured in km/L. If your car's gas mileage is 21.0 mi/gal , how many liters of gasoline would you need to buy to complete a 142-km trip in Europe? Use the following conversions: 1km=0.6214mi and 1gal=3.78L. Answer
  6. Chemistry

    a) How many moles of atoms are in 7.00 g of 13C? Answer "0.538" mol 13C b) Based on your answer in Part A, calculate the number of atoms in this amount of 13C? Answer "3.24×10^23" 13C atom c) Based on your answer in Part B, how many electrons are in this
  7. riddle

    The names of 5 trees are hidden in the sentences below. The letters are in consecutive order. Can you find them? 1: Whoever watches the video, a king. 2: Those cause mayhem locks up for the night. 3: Hop in evenings but play at night. 4: When visiting
  8. Math

    Can someone please explain how 2^10 x 3^5 = 12^5? This is in regards to the exponent rule of different bases but same exponents. I'm trying to understand how 2^10 x 3^5 ends up as 12^5. Thank you in advance!
  9. Physics

    Two crates of fruit are released from the top of a ramp inclined at 25 degrees from the horizontal and 2.5 meter long. The two crates consist of an apple crate of mass 35 kg that is placed in front of a watermelon crate of mass 80 kg. The apple crate has a
  10. Physics

    A 60 kg block slides along the top of a 100 kg block. The lighter block has an acceleration of 3.7 m/s2 when a horizontal force F= 350 N is applied. Assuming there is no friction between the bottom 100 kg block and the horizontal frictionless surface but
  11. Physics

    Suppose a 101 kg crate is pulled by a horizontal force of 525 N along a flat surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.35. Find the acceleration of the crate.
  12. Statistics

    There are several advantages of using a paired t-test. Since the same subjects are being tested in each of the varying conditions, those subjects serve as their own control. This is a major advantage as you need not consider potential differences between
  13. World History

    Which option most accurately describes the settlements of Protestant French Huguenots in the New World? huguenots settlements in present-day Caribbean, Florida, and South Carolina were destroyed by the Spanish until they finally settled in present-day
  14. Physics

    Anybody help me with this? A disk with mass m = 6.5 kg and radius R = 0.41 m hangs from a rope attached to the ceiling. The disk spins on its axis at a distance r = 1.4 m from the rope and at a frequency f = 19.4 rev/s (with a direction shown by the
  15. physics

    A purple beam is hinged to a wall to hold up a blue sign. The beam has a mass of mb = 6.9 kg and the sign has a mass of ms = 15.3 kg. The length of the beam is L = 2.55 m. The sign is attached at the very end of the beam, but the horizontal wire holding up
  16. chemistry

    What's the net ionic equation for the reaction: PH3(g) + O2(g) → P2O5(s) + H2O(g)? Please go step by step:)
  17. Physics

    A uniform disk with mass m = 9.42 kg and radius R = 1.31 m lies in the x-y plane and centered at the origin. Three forces act in the +y-direction on the disk: 1) a force 315 N at the edge of the disk on the +x-axis, 2) a force 315 N at the edge of the disk
  18. physics

    An object is formed by attaching a uniform, thin rod with a mass of mr = 7.42 kg and length L = 4.88 m to a uniform sphere with mass ms = 37.1 kg and radius R = 1.22 m. Note ms = 5mr and L = 4R. 3) What is the moment of inertia of the object about an axis
  19. science

    What are three reasons lichens are useful to humans? Thanks!
  20. physics

    A mass m = 88 kg slides on a frictionless track that has a drop, followed by a loop-the-loop with radius R = 15.5 m and finally a flat straight section at the same height as the center of the loop (15.5 m off the ground). Since the mass would not make it
  21. physics

    A block with mass m = 17 kg rests on a frictionless table and is accelerated by a spring with spring constant k = 4201 N/m after being compressed a distance x1 = 0.556 m from the spring’s unstretched length. The floor is frictionless except for a rough
  22. math

    The difference between two numbers is 4. The sum of the smaller number and three times the larger number is 36. What are the two numbers?
  23. Physics

    a ball of putty has a mass of 1.5kg and is rolling toward the north with a velocity of 2m/s. it collides with another putty ball with the same mass travelling towards the east with a velocity of 10m/s. find the velocity of the combined mass after a
  24. Calculus

    a small business estimates that its profit from producing x items can be modelled by: P(x) = 0.003x^3 - 1.5x^2 + 200 - 1000 due to limited space and capital, the number of items produced must not exceed 350 items. Explore the model and make suggestions to
  25. physics

    A cannonball is shot (from ground level) with an initial horizontal velocity of 41 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 22 m/s. 1) What is the speed of the cannonball 1.7 seconds after it was shot? 2) How high above the ground is the cannonball 1.7
  26. physics

    Determine the x and y components of the following three vectors in the xy plane. 1) (a) A 14-m displacement vector that makes an angle of 22° clockwise from the +y direction. x: 2) y: 3) (b) A 19-m/s velocity vector that makes an angle of 40°
  27. physics

    A blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 21.0 m/s, from a height of 0.8 meters above the ground. 2.6 seconds after the blue ball is thrown, a red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 8.3 m/s from a height of 24.6 meters above the
  28. Math

    Find the volume of the rectangular prism. A- 23in^3 B- 297in^3 C- 318in^3 D- 159in^3 Please help and the numbers H- 3 l- 9 w-11
  29. geometry

    If a triangle has a 4 meter side and a 9 meter side, between what lengths could the last side be? I have the answer, but I can't figure out why/how. Thanks!
  30. Statistics

    According to a recent survey, 65% of all customers will return to the same grocery store. Suppose 11 customers are selected at random,what is the probability that A) exactly 5 will return? B) all 11 will return? C) at least 6 will return D) at least one
  31. math HELP PLEASE

    Describe each pattern with the general term: a. 2, 4, 6, 8 ... b. 4, 7, 10, 13 ... c. 1, 4, 9, 16 ...
  32. math HELP PLEASE

    Given the pattern rule, write the first 5 terms for each sequence: a. Start with 0, add 5 b. Start with 2, multiply by 6 c. Start with 100, divide by 2 and add 10 d. Start with 1, multiply by 3, subtract 1
  33. Chemistry

    How many molecules are there in 6.8 grams of CO2
  34. Chemistry

    The approximate concentration of hydrochloric acid, in the stomach is 0.17M .calculate the mass of the following antacids required to neutralize 50mL of this acid; 1.) bicarbonate of soda, NaHCO3 2.) aluminum hydroxide, Al(OH)3
  35. Math

    Bill wants to paint the ceiling and four walls of his bedroom. The room is 6.0 m long, 3.0 m wide and 2.4 m high. Paint comes in 4 L cans. One litre of paint covers 10 m2. What area does Bill need to paint? How many cans of paint does Bill need?
  36. Math

    A trapezoid has an area of 60 cm2 and a height of 5 cm. What is the sum of its parallel sides?
  37. Math

    The cost of fish is $6.75/kg. What is the cost of 850 grams?
  38. Math

    A green paint is created by mixing 3 parts of yellow with every 5 parts of blue. How many gallons of yellow paint are needed to make 44 gal of this green paint?
  39. Math Help

    The area of the parallelogram is given. Find h ———————————-\ | \ \ | \ \ h | \ 12m2 \ | \ \ | \ \ | \ \ — — ——————————--\ h 6m
  40. literature

    In the house on mango street, after she gets married, what does Sally do all day because her husband won’t allow her to do all that she wants? A. She sits and looks out the window and at her possessions. B. She talks to her friends on the telephone. C.
  41. history

    "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains." The quote above most accurately reflects the need for which of the following Enlightenment ideals? •individual freedom*** •faith •moderation
  42. Math

    How does x + 0.08x turn into 1.08x?
  43. Math

    Given a rectangle is transformed using the rule (x,y)→(-x,-y),what transformation occurred?Rotation or reflection.If Rotation name the direction and degrees and if reflection name the line. I think it's Rotation 180 degrees.Is that correct?
  44. Math

    Given a rectangle is transformed using the rule (x,y)→(-x,-y),what transformation occurred?Rotation or reflection.If Rotation name the direction and degrees and if reflection name the line.
  45. Math

    Given the points A=(2,-3) and B=(-3,1),if they are transformed to the points A'(-2,-3) and B'(3,1) what transformation occurred?Rotation or reflection?If rotation name the degree and direction and if reflection,name the line of reflection. No graph
  46. english

    can someone help me for free to put the word abstract in a sentence?
  47. literature

    From "There will come soft rains", Although Bradbury’s story takes place in the future, what real war is Bradbury commenting on in his story? [Hint: the story was published in 1950] How was that war fought/won differently than WWI? What technological
  48. ss-idk

    In the late 1990s the Mexican government passed a number of laws concerning the manufacture and operation of automobiles. These included switching to cleaner-burning fuels, installing catalytic converters on new cars, requiring tougher vehicle inspections,
  49. ss

    Historians generally agree that the first international slave trade in Africa was A) with Portuguese traders. B) across the Indian Ocean. C) across the Sahara Desert. D) the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. ***
  50. ss

    In which country would you MOST expect to find state-controlled industry, the greatest amount of restrictions on private business ownership, and the majority of the population working for the government? A) Brazil B) Canada C) Cuba D) Mexico idk this can
  51. ss

    In what way is the government of the United Kingdom similar to that of the United States? A) Both have a head of government that is a member of the legislative branch. B) Neither government has a formal set of written laws as a framework. C) Both have seen
  52. social studies- helpppp

    France and Britain were able to avoid the worst of the Great Depression because A) their colonies were required to purchase goods from them.**** B) neither had any significant involvement in international trade. C) the Great Depression affected only the
  53. Market economy/government

    In a market economy, a high price will usually cause A) producers to offer less and consumers to buy less. B) producers to offer less and consumers to buy more. C) producers to supply more and consumers to buy less.*** D) producers to supply more and
  54. ss

    Europeans began to settle in Latin America in the 1500s. Many of these settlers married Native Americans. The children of mixed European and Native American ancestry were called mestizos. . Mestizos became a new A) peer group. B) ethnic group.*** C) family
  55. Social Stuidies

    What was happening in Europe during the 1600s which caused Europeans to explore new trade routes? A) A period of religious revival was beginning. B) The enlightenment created a spirit of adventure.*** C) Political pressure pushed many to leave Europe for
  56. ss helpppp

    The most obvious influence of British colonization on the country of Australia is Australia's A) use of the English language.**** B) adoption of British currency. C) declaration of war on France. D) participation in world trade. Which of these marked the
  57. Social Studies urgent

    All of these were inspirations for 15th Century European exploration of the Western Hemisphere EXCEPT A) the desire to spread Christianity B) the desire to conquer India and China C) the desire to establish new trade routes to Asia D) to search for basic
  58. Trade

    One of the PRIMARY reasons that trade between nations takes place is because A) no nation can be economically self-sufficient. B) resources are evenly distributed around the world. C) nations use their absolute advantage in production to monopolize
  59. Diseases- SS

    In the years between 1517 and 1617, which disease killed the greatest number of Native Americans in Florida? A) Measles B) Smallpox *** C) Influenza D) Bubonic Plague
  60. SS check plz

    If governments around Europe reduced funding for primary and secondary schools, which of these would be the MOST likely to be the result? A) Europeans would take more vacations. B) Europeans' standard of living would decrease. **** C) Europe would export
  61. Social Studies please help fast

    Which of these is a natural result of specialization? A) Isolation is caused by specialization. B) When people specialize they become rich. C) Specialization leads to interdependence.*** D) Specialization leaves people worse off than without Why were the
  62. algebra 1

    Are these both prime? Can they be factored? y^2-y+156 and r^2-9r-39 Thank you
  63. algebra 1

    If the volume of a prism is 3x^2 + 6x - 24, what are the dimensions? Please help.
  64. Science

    which of the following is true about kinetic energy select all that apply A as an objects speed increases kinetic energy decreases B only moving objects have kinetic energy ••• C kinetic energy increases as an objects height increases D kinetic
  65. Algebra

    A worker gets 18 dollars per hour for a normal work week of 40 hours and time-and-a-half for overtime. Assuming he works at least 40 hours a week, construct a function describing his weekly paycheck,P, as a function of the number of hours worked, t.
  66. English

    Identify the compliments in the sentence the newspaper published an article and an editorial about mayor Sharon Pratt Texan
  67. Algebra

    The yearly per capita consumption of whole milk in the United States reached a peak of 40 gallons in 1945, at the end of World War II. By 1970 consumption was only 27.4 gallons per person. It has been steadily decreasing since 1970 at a rate of about 3.9%
  68. science

    Where are the major zones of volcanism? Thanks!
  69. Math

    Eleven seats on a condominium association board for buildings Amity, Buddy, and Chum are to be apportioned. Current Representation: Amity Buddy Chum 1 800 2113 4050 2 267 704 1350 3 133 352 675 4 80 211 405 5 53 141 270 Use the given table of
  70. Math

    Eleven seats on a condominium association board for buildings Amity, Buddy, and Chum are to be apportioned. Current Representation: Amity Buddy Chum 1 800 2113 4050 2 267 704 1350 3 133 352 675 4 80 211 405 5 53 141 270 Use the given table of
  71. Algebra

    Factor: x^2+6x Please give step by step directions! Thanks!
  72. Calculus help

    You are going to make many cylindrical cans. The cans will hold different volumes. But you'd like them all to be such that the amount of sheet metal used for the cans is as small as possible, subject to the can holding the specific volume. How do you
  73. Art

    Find examples of tints, shades, primary and secondary colors, and warm and cool colors in "the banjo lesson". Thanks!
  74. English

    The Rhythm and rhyme patterns of the Limerick form are important because A) funny poems should have rhyming lines B) they make limericks easy to understand C) they add to the humor of limericks D) they make Limericks easy to write
  75. CHEM 101 (edited)

    Calculate ΔHrxn for the following reaction: CaO(s)+CO2(g)→CaCO3(s) Use the following reactions and given ΔH values: Ca(s)+CO2(g)+1/2O2(g)→CaCO3(s), ΔH= -812.8 kJ 2Ca(s)+O2(g)→2CaO(s), ΔH= -1269.8 kJ I have literally tried everything and I don't
  76. CHEM 101

    Calculate ΔHrxn for the following reaction: CaO(s)+CO2(g)→CaCO3(s) Use the following reactions and given ΔH values: Ca(s)+CO2(g)+12O2(g)→CaCO3(s), ΔH= -812.8 kJ 2Ca(s)+O2(g)→2CaO(s), ΔH= -1269.8 kJ
  77. Algebra

    Factor this: x^2-5x+12 It may be prime. I tried to work it out, and I ca't figure out how, and that is whyI think it may be prime. Thanks!
  78. english

    What happened to the men that eat the Lotus? What does this suggest about the main problem that Odysseus has with his men? (From the Odyssey) Thanks!
  79. english

    What are some reminders of The Iliad and The Odyssey that can be found in today’s world? Why does Penelope not agree to marriage even after 10 years of waiting for her husband to return? Who would be our modern-day equivalent of Greek bards? I am so
  80. english

    After escaping the Sirens, in which direction does Odysseus sail toward the home of Scylla and Charybdis? Scholars have named the Straits of Messina as the home of Scylla and Charybdis. Why might these watery threats be attributed to this geographical
  81. Math

    Mode is 126 a d range is 26 what is two possible answers for three baseball card collections
  82. Art

    Explain how optical mixing occurs when using thin black lines on white paper. Thanks!
  83. Math

    If the probability that an identified hurricane will make a direct hit on a certain stretch of beach is 0.04, what is the probability against a direct hit? So if it is against, would I take 1-.04 and that would be the answer? Thanks!
  84. Math

    a u.s based motorcycle manufacturer says that it expects to build 149,000 motorcycles tbis year, up from 137,000 last year. find the percent of increase in production Would it be 8.75 percent increase? I took 149,000-137,000/137,000 and I got .08759124 and
  85. math

    Juanita wants to gives bags of stickers to her friends.She wants to give the same number of stickers to each friend. She is not sure if she needs 4 bags or 6 bags of stickers .How many stickers could she buy so there are no stickers left over?
  86. Grade 11 Physics: Forces

    A girl pushes a wooden box across a floor and exerts 140 N to keep the box moving at constant velocity. If the kinetic coefficient of friction is 0.55, find the mass of the box.
  87. Physis

    Figure (a) shows a red car and a green car that move toward each other. Figure (b) is a graph of their motion, showing the positions xg0 = 270 m and xr0 = -35 m at time t = 0. The green car has a constant speed of 24 m/s and the red car begins from rest.
  88. Texas History

    which capital was located nearest the frontier
  89. Science

    If you have 10 grams of water and you add 5 grams to it how much salt water do you have?
  90. Calculus

    If an isosceles triangle has a fixed perimeter P, find the dimensions that maximize that area. Show how you know that it is the maximum.
  91. American Government

    Please I need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. What type of power does the Constitution grant to the Supreme Court? (1 point) executive power federal power judicial power legislative power 2. Which are examples of judicial restraint in the Supreme Court? Select
  92. genetics!!

    In sexual reproduction, the variation among offspring, and the fact that they are genetically different from their parents, is due to which of the following? a) random alignment of homologues during meiosis 1 b) crossing over c) random process of
  93. biology

    A man is heterozygous for two genes (R and L) that are located on different chromosomes. Which of the following processes would result in different combinations of the alleles for these two genes in his sperm? a) fertilization b) independent assortment c)
  94. Math

    1 3 3 6 6 10 10 15 How do you get from the first number to the next?
  95. Math

    The bases on a baseball diamond are 27.4m apart. The pitcher pitches,and the batter hits a fly ball straight up 15m. What is the maximum angle of elevation of the ball to the nearest degree, as seen by the pitcher if he is standing at the center of the
  96. Math

    Consider ∠C such that sin C = 7/25 a) What are the possible quadrants in which ∠C may lie? b) If you know that cos C is negative, how does your answer to part a) change? c) Sketch a diagram to represent ∠C in standard position, given that the
  97. Algebra

    What is g(-2) for the function g(x) = x squared - 2? I got 0, but it was wrong. Please help! Thanks!
  98. geography

    Is there a connection between The Balfour Declaration and the frustrations of Hezbollah? I have some vague ideas, but I need more info and more clear and in depth info! Thanks!
  99. Data

    Three Canadians, 4 Americans, and 2 Mexicans attend a trade conference. In how many ways can they be seated in a row if the people of the same nationality are to be seated next to each other?
  100. history

    Were the European governments ( Britain and France) Justified in their decision to create mandates in the Middle East at the end of World War 1 ? I need as much details as possible!


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