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  1. math

    Multiply, write result in scientific notation. 15.(1.4x10^1)(8 x 10^4)
  2. Social Studies

    headline from the Past: Hiram Rhodes Revels Elected as First African-American Senator! headline from modern times: United States Elects First African-American President, Barack Obama How are the two events described in the headlines above similar?
  3. Social Studies

    Much of Booth’s anger at Abraham Lincoln resulted from the actor’s fanatical belief in the South’s constitutionally protected ________________. a- Right to maintain agricultural societies b- Right to maintain rural communities c- Right to secede d-
  4. Science

    A golfer hits a golf ball with a club. The mass of the ball is 0.05 kg. The ball accelerates at 2,000 m/s2. What is the net force, to the nearest newton, that accelerates the ball? I know the answer is 50, but I don't know how to do it!
  5. Social Studies

    Alexander Hamilton favored a strong federal government because he believed it would benefit the economy. As a result of this belief, he also supported-- A. the abolishment of all tariffs B. the establishment of a national bank C. Increasing the
  6. Math

    -8x > -64 A little confused on how this is done.
  7. Math

    Identify a pattern and write the next three terms. 600, 300, __, 30, 6, __