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  1. Math

    How can you use 4s facts to find 7x8 for a 3rd grader to understand
  2. Science

    which of the following statements is true as the moon goes from new moon to full moon phase? (2 points) A:We see more of the lighted side of the moon B:We see less of the lighted side of the moon C:The time it takes to go from new moon to full moon is 2
  3. english

    To construct an effective ending to any type of essay, you should
  4. Physics

    A boy threw a rock straight down from a tree top with a velocity of 5.00 m/s. If the rock struck the ground below 1.80 s later, what was its velocity at this time?
  5. Algebra

    Find the surface area of a right circular cone with radius of 5cm and height of 12cm.
  6. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations: x + 2y = 3 4x + 5y = 6
  7. Algebra

    Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept for the equation y = -¾x + 3
  8. Algebra

    What is the shape that is formed by taking the inner piece of cardboard in a paper towel roll, carefully cutting along the seam and flattening? How do you know this?
  9. critical points

    (1 pt) Find all critical values for the function f(x) = 6 x^3 - 18 x + 1, and then list them (separated by commas) in the box below. List of critical numbers:
  10. Math please help

    Simplify & write the answer using positive exponents: 1. (3^3)(3^-6) 2. S^2 t^-1 / (s^4 t^4)^1/2 Simplify then evaluate, express answer to 4 decimal places where nessasssary : 3. [(2/3)^2]^-3 4. [(1-4)^-3 Divide (1/4)^2]^-2
  11. Math

    Simplify and write the answer using positive exponents : 1. (3^3)(3^-6) 2. S^2 t^-1 / (s^4 t^4)^1/2 3. [(2/3)^2]^-3
  12. Math help

    Explain whether the following given are closed under addition: {x|x ¸ W and x>100}
  13. math

    Write the base-three numeral for the base-three representation shown...
  14. Pre-Calculus

    Hi! I need help with this math homework question: If you had a triangle that has the vertices (-2, 1), (0, -5), and (1. 2) and you had to shift that triangle 5 units left and 4 units down, how would you find the vertices of the shifted triangle?
  15. Algebra

    An inspector of weights and measures uses a special set of weights to check the accuracy of scales. Various weights are placed on a scale to check the accuracy of any amount from 1 oz. to 15 oz. What is the fewest number of weights the inspector needs?
  16. math

    ok i don't know this so here it is it says use the number 913,256 and write the period that has the 913. what did they just say?
  17. IPC

    Which of the following elements is not likely to form bonds? gold oxygen neon mercury
  18. IPC-Science

    The specific heat of gold is 0.031 calories/gram°C. If 10.0 grams of gold were heated and the temperature of the sample changed by 20.0°C, how many calories of heat energy were absorbed by the sample? 6.2 calories 0.016 calories 6,451 calories 0.062
  19. Math

    Ellipses [(x+3)^2 / 12] + [(y-2)^2 / 16] I Have to find the following: Center: Foci: Vertices: A: B: C: Eccentricity:
  20. Civics

    Ms.Sue would you mind checking my answer? Question~How does the constitution protect someone's freedom of speech while also limiting their freedom of speech? Answer~ we are allowed to state our opinion as long as it-does not taken someone's rights away,
  21. Civics

    Which rights have allowed for citizens to check the powers of government?
  22. algebra

    what do you call drilling 4976 holes? worksheet answeres
  23. Social Studies

    I need a 4 paragraph essay on the devil's arithmetic. my theme is "no laugh, no hope. NO hope, no life." THANK YOU (: im not passing and i reallllllly neeed help on this
  24. Physics

    A car is traveling at 42.0 km/h on a flat highway. (a) If the coefficient of friction between road and tires on a rainy day is 0.100, what is the minimum distance in which the car will stop? m (b) What is the stopping distance when the surface is dry and
  25. Physics

    Consider the figure below. (Let w1 = 150 N and w2 = 38.0 N.) (a) What is the minimum force of friction required to hold the system of the figure in equilibrium? N (b) What coefficient of static friction between the 150-N block and the table ensures
  26. physics

    A rocket is launched at an angle of 59.0° above the horizontal with an initial speed of 103 m/s. The rocket moves for 3.00 s along its initial line of motion with an acceleration of 31.0 m/s2. At this time, its engines fail and the rocket proceeds to move
  27. College Physics

    The best leaper in the animal kingdom is the puma, which can jump to a height of 3.7 m when leaving the ground at an angle of 45°. With what speed must the animal leave the ground to reach that height? _____m/s
  28. Chemistry

    If 84 g of CO2 were produced, how many grams of butanol were burned?
  29. basic engineering electricity

    At what current drain does the ampere-hour Energizer d cell drop to 75% of its value at 25mA?
  30. Chemistry

    If you put a piece of iron in an aqueous solution of blue Cu2+ ions the spontaneous redox reaction Fe+ Cu2+„³ Fe2+ Cu Will occur. An aqueous solution of Fe2+ ions is red-brown a. What is oxidized b. What is reduced c. What is the oxidizing agent d. What
  31. Chemistry

    which of the following are redox reactions a. 2Na+2H2O-->2Naoh+H2 b. MgBr2+2NaF-->MgF2+2NaBr c. 2CO+O2--> 2CO2 d. SO2+H2O--> H2SO3 For those reactions that are redox reactions: Indicate which atoms get oxidized and which atoms get reduced. Indicate which
  32. Chemistry

    Is it appropriate to call a soft drink an aqueous solution? Justify your answer
  33. Chemistry

    Use the shortcut rules to assign an oxidation state to each atom in: a) PCI3 b) H2S c) MnO4- d) HNO3 e) HCOOH f) S2O32-
  34. Chemistry

    Draw a Lewis dot diagram for NF2H and use the oxidation state method of electron bookkeeping to determine how many electrons each atom should be assigned.
  35. chemistry

    I need help with this question please help, I just don't understand it Fe3+ (aq), Ca2+ (aq) and Ba2+ are all present in the same solution. Fully describe a procedure whereby you could separate these ions from one another Mr Pursley posted this response,
  36. chemistry

    I know I posted this and it got a response, but unfortunately for me the reponse has got me confused, sorry Bob. Fe3+ (aq), Ca2+ (aq) and Ba2+ are all present in the same solution. Fully describe a procedure whereby you could separate these ions from one
  37. chemistry

    Fe3+ (aq), Ca2+ (aq) and Ba2+ are all present in the same solution. Fully describe a procedure whereby you could separate these ions from one another
  38. Trigonometry

    v=2(ab+bc+ca), solve for a
  39. Trigonometry

  40. Algebra 2

    v=2(ab+bc+cd) for a
  41. math

    v=2(ab+bc+cd) for a
  42. math

    how do you solve 5k-3=negative13
  43. History 1301

    I am to describe how the differences (of human history in North America during the 8000bc era and the asia euriasia and europe era) affected the internation state affairs of 1450. I don't even know where to begin.
  44. Pre-Calc

    Tee Ball is similar to baseball, but the field is a diamond 40 ft square. The pitchers mound is positioned 25 ft from homeplate. Determine the distance from the pitchers mound to 3rd base.
  45. chemistry

    35g of water at 55 degrees Celsius is heated until it is all steam at 100 degrees Celsius. How much every was added?
  46. MATH - Probability

    A commander faces a battlefield mobility situation. He has three feasible routes, R1, R2 and R3. The payoffs of his choice will be determined by weather conditions W1, W2 and W3. The best result is to gain 200 miles and the worst result is to lose 160
  47. college philosophy

    A commander faces a battlefield mobility situation. He has three feasible routes, R1, R2 and R3. The payoffs of his choice will be determined by weather conditions W1, W2 and W3. The best result is to gain 200 miles and the worst result is to lose 160
  48. math again

    You have a bag with 60 black jelly beans and 240 red ones. a) If you draw one jelly bean out of the bag, find the probability that it is black. -------60/300= 1/5 b) If you add 60 black jelly beans to the original bag and draw out a bean, what is the
  49. math

    If a movie ticket now averages $6.75 and has been increasing an average of 15% per year compute the cost: in 8 years 8 years ago
  50. grammar

    what is the predicate adjective and participle in this sentence? Nearly a hundred years later, a talented ballet dancer appeared in the same city.
  51. solving inequality

    I have two problems that Im.. having a problem with. I would like an answer but with an step by step explanation, so i can do the other 20 that are due tomorrow... lol. 1. 3x - 8 > 10 2. -2x +7 ≤ 37
  52. 9th grade : Algebra

    How would you work out this problem? 2x+5y=10
  53. biology terms

    i need help to find what some biology terms mean. -substrate concentration - enzyme - catalyst
  54. ap chemistry

    Some reactions that are predicted by their sign deltaG to be spontaneous at room temperature do not proceed at a measurable rate at room temperature. A suitable catalyst increases the rate of such a reaction. What effect does the catalyst have on deltaG
  55. math

    if kyra and chloe each ate half a pizza, how is it possible that kyra ate more pizza?
  56. social studies

    what were the egyptian portrait masks for mummies made of
  57. world cultures

    I am working on a project for school and I can't seem to find the year that these Chinese inventions were invented. Yo-yo. Compass. Acupunture. Wheelbarrow. Printint.
  58. band

    please help me solve this riddle. "you've heard me before, yet you hear me again. Then I die, Til' you call me again." Who wrote this riddle?
  59. math

    How to solve for delta using trig functions? i.e. cosine sine tangent secant Thank you I'm not sure what delta you're referring to. Could you please elaborate some for us. What is it you're trying to do with the trig funtions? the problem is.. limit sec