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  1. castor financial math

    Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for the following problem. Choose the correct answers. Tim Tele received a $380 discount loan to purchase a DVD player. The loan was offered at 18% for 60 days. Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for
  2. physics

    You have a mass of 69 kg and are on a 57-degree slope hanging on to a cord with a breaking strength of 135 newtons. What must be the coefficient of static friction to 2 decimal places between you and the surface for you to be saved from the fire?
  3. science

    will a 19.2 bock float in water? i need help please!
  4. statistics

    A jar contains 7 red balls, 5 green balls, 4 blue balls, and 3 white balls. A sample of size 7 balls is selected at random without replacement . Find t the probability that sample contains two red balls, 2 green balls, 2 blue balls, and 1 white ball.
  5. math

    Jana is going to install ceramic tiles in her kitchen. It measures 13' 3" by 12' 6". How many square feet of tile does Jana need? a.) 142.38 square feet b.) 143 square feet c.) 140.625 square feet Can you please show me how you got your answer
  6. physics

    A woman wearing high-heeled shoes stands on a wooden floor. Her total weight is 480N and acts equally on each foot. What weight acts on one of her feet?
  7. math

    a rock is thrown straight up in the air from an initial height of ho, in metres, with the initial velocity vo, in metres per second. The height in metres above the ground after t seconds is given by h(t) = -4.9t^2 + vo + ho. Find an expression for the time
  8. math

    The profit p(x) of a cosmetics company in thousands of dollars is given by P(x) = -5x^2 + 400x - 2550, where x is the amount spent on advertising, in thousands of dollars. What amount must be spent on advertising to obtain a profit of at least $4 000 000?
  9. STATS

    If Ho: μ = 50 and Ha: mu. = 59 and s = 10 what is αlpha if x exceeds 56for n=25
  10. Basic Algebra

    The width of a rectangle is x inches long. The length of that rectangle is 5 inches less than Twice the width. If the perimeter measures 26 inches, what is the measure of the length and width of the rectangle. Show all the work and the algebra you used to
  11. chemistry

    if a sample of NO2 gas has 4.5ml. what is the cooled constant pressure from 45 to 5 degrees?
  12. Probability!!! PLEASE help!!

    A survey of Chaicago sports fans asked them 3 questions about which they prefer. Each fan must give exactly 1 answer to each question. Given a choice between the Cubs and White SOx, 40% chose cubs. Between the Bulls and Blackhawks, 57% chose bulls. between
  13. ECON

    A pure monopolist sells output for $4.00 per unit at the current level of production. At this level of output, the marginal cost is $3.00, average variable costs are $3.75, and average total costs are $4.25. The marginal revenue is $3.00. What is the
  14. Math

    My 7th grade daughter has the following math problem and gets zero help from her "language arts" teacher who gave out this problem: WANT X BE ________ CAREER Each letter in this question stands for a 1-digit #. No 2 letters may stand for the same #. Find
  15. trig

    Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of the angle in standard position with the terminal side passing through the point P(-4, 3).
  16. Finance

    Break Even Analysis Healthy Foods Inc. Product 50 lb. bags Price $12.50 Per bag Fixed Costs $68,000 Variable Costs $0.15 Per lb. Annual Interest Exp $7,500 a. What is the break-even point in bags? b. Calculate the profit or loss on 12,000 bags and 25,000
  17. Trade-Economics

    1.United States and Mexico have two industries; call them, L-intensive (LIN) and K-intensive (KIN). They have two factors of production: labor and capital. US is a capital abundant country and Mexico is a labor abundant country. At the initial equilibrium,
  18. chem

    Given: 3H2(g) + N2(g) 2NH3(g) If the reaction starts with 0.500 mol of H2, how many atoms of hydrogen in the compound NH3 would you expect to make?
  19. physics

    A power boat of mass 460 kg is cruising at a constant speed of 8.9 m/s. The propeller provides a drive force of 765 N. The driver of the boat shuts off the engine, and the boat coasts to a halt. Assume -- contrary to fact -- that the resistive force due to
  20. medical codding and billing

    Can someone plesae help me. I need to to answer these four quetions. I got something, but I'm not sure if Igot it right. The questions are, How can eliminating abbreviations reduce errors?. Should written policies be developed for abbreviation usage? If
  21. Economics (& Public Policy)

    I'm an idiot, but please let me know where to begin here. This is a distance learning course, and I CANNOT contact the professor, and cannot make sense of it in the textbook. If someone can please look at this and let me know where to begin, I thank you
  22. heat/science

    how is heat lost heat flows from a hot surface to a colder surface. Heat may be lost by conduction, convection, or radiation.
  23. heat/science Xtremely important

    Please help! I need a good website for HEAT in science! I'm in 8grade and I need info on heat
  24. science/heat

    Which of the following is most likely to be an insulator and why? copper plastic steel aluminum most metals are conductors. Most non-metals are insulators. Decide which in your list is not a metal. Just thought i'd learn some science