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  1. algebra 1

    Could someone check these? basic honors algebra 1 question of eight students in a class three will be chosen for student government positions. what is the number of permutations of those eight students to hold the three different positions? 24** 336 112 56
  2. math

    is y varies iversely with x, and why y =-16 when x=-64, what is the constant of variation
  3. math

    1]find two possible values for the geometric mean of –1/4 and –4 [2]form a G.P that has two geometric means between (a)1029 and –3 (b) 2/k and 1/4k
  4. english

    Is "Do a third barrel roll!" a sentence, or half sentence (fragment)?
  5. Math

    Which of the following expressions is true? A. 4^3 * 4^5 5^5 *** D. 3^2 * 3^4 = 3^2 Which of the following expressions is true? A. 8^3 *8^2 3^5 D. 2^2 * 2^6
  6. Science

    Which of the following is true about all electromagnetic waves in a vacuum? A. they all carry the same energy B. they all travel at the same speed C. they all have the same frequency D. they all have the same wavelength I think it's B
  7. Science

    Which of the following correctly describes a gamma ray? A.long wavelength and low frequency B.long wavelength and high frequency C.short wavelength and low frequency D.short wavelength and high frequency*** check please
  8. Health.

    True or False.. Biodegradable waste threatens the health of humans True Am I right?
  9. Math

    Find the slope of a line that is parallel to the line ontaining the points (3, 4) and 2, 6) A. m= 2 B. m= -2 C. m= -1/2 D. m= -1 I say it's C or A Please check
  10. Health

    All bicycles, skates, skateboards, and scooters should follow traffic rules True False I say True
  11. ART

    Can someone please check my work. thank you if you do. 1. The gold trim, rich, colors, and plentiful lace on eighteenth-century European fashions communicated which value of Baroque culture? A. Simplicity B. balance C. extravagance D. creativity 2.
  12. L.A

    late in Act 2 of the diary of anne frank, why do the attic dwellers get less food A. there is no more food in Amsterdam B. the Nazis are trying to starve them out C. the people supplying their ration books have been arrested D. miep has decided it is too
  13. s.s

    Which party endorsed the wilmot proviso A. whig B. free-soil C. democratic D. republican Idk if it's b or d
  14. math

    For questions 4–5, use the following two ways to display the test scores received on Mr. Alexander's math test. Use these displays to solve each problem. Stem | Leaf 6 | 8 9 7 | 0 3 5 8 9 8 | 1 2 2 5 7 8 8 9 9 | 0 2 3 Pie Chart: 80-89= 44.4% 90-99=16.6%
  15. Health

    1. flammable materials A. catch fire easily and burn easily B. are only something construction workers need to worry about C. are safe if stored correctly D. don't catch fire easily 2. You can prevent most accidents true or false 3. Avoid deserted places,
  16. L.A

    ashley I'm sorry for hitting you Does there need to be a comma? If so where does it go? Ashley, I'm sorry for hitting you. am I right?
  17. physics

    distance a cannonball travels when shot horizontally with a velocity of 28.3 at 30 degrees? I'm not sure what formula I need to use. Please help.
  18. Geometry

    Need help please: (3,0) (7,6) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 7(2) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 49 Having difficulty with this problem.Can someone help? geometry - Reiny, Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 8:07am You don't say what the actual problem is. I see the resemblance to finding
  19. Geometry

    Need help please: (3,0) (7,6) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 7(2) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 49 Having difficulty with this problem.Can someone help? geometry - Reiny, Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 8:07am You don't say what the actual problem is. I see the resemblance to finding
  20. geometry

    Need help please: (3,0) (7,6) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 7(2) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 49
  21. geometry

    Need help please: (3,0) (7,6) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 7(2) (x-7)2 + (y-6)2 = 49
  22. psychology

    For each of the following questions, choose either authority, rational method or empirical method as the best way to answer the question, and explain how you would do it. Then consider whether any alternative methods might be used. is your course
  23. Physics

    An airplane takes off at a constant speed of 331 m/s at an angle of 45 degrees. What is the airplane's horizontal velocity
  24. Math

    A square is 10.5 sq ft by 10.5 sq. ft. The tiles used are 1 sq. ft. How many tiles will be used to fill the space?
  25. math

    in a bike race, ramit and keith started at the same time abd rode with constant speeds. Ramit rode 30 miles per hour, and keith rode at 35 miles per hour. If ramit crossed the finish line 10 minutes after keith, how many miles long was the race?

    1) If the odds in favor of an event A are 3 to 1, what is the probability associated with event A occurring? A) B) C) 4 D) Determine whether the situation calls for a discrete or continuous random variable. 2) The height of a randomly selected student. A)
  27. Chemistry

    ph balance of NaOH + H2O
  28. math

    what is a 1 digit number & a 3 digit number their sum is 205 has a difference of 195 they have a product of 1000 they have a quotient of 40
  29. math

    How can you use 4s facts to find 7 x 8? give the product in your explanation.. thanks.
  30. math

    what multiplication fact can you double to find 4 x7?
  31. economics

    Karen can make 15 wristbands and only three pot holders in one hour. Anna can make 12 wristbands but 2 potholders in one hour. What is the opportunity cost of a pot holder? Who has a comparative advantage in the production of pot holders?
  32. calculus

    a company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold S is S(t)=200(5-(9/2+t)) where t is the time in months. a.)find the average value of S(t) during the first year. b.) during what month does S'(t) equal the average value during the first
  33. home-ec

    what are 3 minerals in grain? i know its calcuium , iorn what eles? and what are the nutrients in grain?
  34. French

    How would I pronounce seven thousand in French?
  35. English

    What rhetorical device would be using the term Creator instead of God?
  36. algebra

  37. math

    eric has a baseball card collection in 3 albums. the smalles number of cards in an album was 54. the greatest number of cards was 72. what is the total number of cards eric has in his collection
  38. Math

    How can I complete these 4 patterns: 17, ___, ___, 62, ___, 92 39, ___, ___, ___, 75, 84 57, ___, ___, 33, ___, 17 15, ___, ___, 33, ___, 45
  39. Physics Project

    I was wondering what would be some advantages of having a spherical shaped object travelling through air and/or water, as opposed to other shapes?
  40. Physics Project

    I am currently doing a physics project where I am launching a wooden pellet by using a sling into a container full of water. By changing the length the rubber band is stretched, I am measuring the pellet's submergence distance into water. I know that the
  41. organic chemistry

    what's the relative cost of petrochemicals to the materials they have replaced??
  42. Math

    What is the units digit of the 100th number in this sequence: 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ...?
  43. Science

    Aluminum foil is lying on the sidewalk in the sun for approx 1 hr. Put an ice cube from a drink and put it on the foil.... Which direction wll the heat energy flow from?
  44. Biology

    Is the sporophyte the dominant generation in an angiosperm?