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  1. maths

    the sum of 11 terms of an A.P is 891. find the 28th and 45th terms if the common difference is 15
  2. Calculus

    Compute F'(-4) where F(x) = x^3 + X^2 (using the definition of the derivative)
  3. English

    I need to compose an original short story about a quest or dream that a young person sets out to fulfill and the narrator has to be older and wiser than he or she was at the time of the quest. Any ideas?
  4. English

    I need to choose which 5 of these are antithesis. Please tell me if i'm correct. I put a star next to them. *A little learning is a dangerous thing, drinking deep or taste not the pierian spring *be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last
  5. physics

    Two trains 150 kilometer apart travel towards each other on parallel tracks, each moving at 25 kilometer per hour. A bird flies back and forth between the two trains at 50 kilometer per hour, until the train passes each other how far does the bird fly?


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  1. Psychology

    actually number 2 is b number 4 is b number 5 is b
  2. World Geography

    this did not help at all
  3. math

    what is the answer to -1 (-3 1 half= in math
  4. math

    a clock shows correct time at 12:00 noon.it gains 2.5 minutes every hour.what time will it show at 6:00 pm Pls helped
  5. Physics