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  1. chemistry

    a 3.0L helium balloon is placed in a car sitting in hot sunlight. The temperature in the mall, when the balloon was bought, was 22C. The temperature in the car is 45C. what will be the new volume of the of the balloon. Will it be: 6.14L? I would think this
  2. Chemistry

    an air bubble trapped in bread dough at room temperature (291k) has a volume of 1.0mL. The bread bake sin the oven at 623k(350C) calculate the new volume of the air bubblr, using charles law( Volume divided by Temperature= K) my answer is: 1.0/350C =
  3. chemistry

    In planning to administer a gaseous anesthetic to a patient, A) why mus the anthesiologist take into account the fact that during surgery the gaseous anesthetic is used both at room temperature (18C) and at the patients body temperature (37C)? B) What
  4. chemistry

    1)calculate the pressure, expressed in pascals, that the brick exerting a force of 18N, and dimensions od 9.3cm x 5.5 cm. I know that Pressure = force divided by the area. the answer I got was 0.4Pa. Is this correct? 2) why is an ax more useful to use (in
  5. chemistry

    this is my class data list of total heat (KJ) vs Mass of biodiesel fuel burned: Heat of combustion: 24948 J 606.48 J 35933.3 J 26763 J 24062.5 J 29400 J 6972 J Mass: 0.39 g 0.31 g 0.18 g o.43 g o.36 g o.28 g 0.34 g Heat absorbed: 9.729 KJ 1.9564 KJ 11.51