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  1. Algebra 1

    How do I find a, b, c, and d, for cubic equations in word problems.
  2. algebra

    which ordered pair is a solution to the equation y=-5x+4 A.(2,14) B.(5,-29) C.(3,-19) D.(5,-21)
  3. Science

    PLEASE HELP ITS URGENT contact lenses improve your lives. contact lenses are example of an______? A.skeptical B.experiment C.invention D.evidence E.inference F.prototype G.biased I.hypothesis
  4. algebra

    solve 3/2x-4=16 A.x=20 B.x=13 1/3 B.x=15 1/3 D.30 I got 40/30 but thats not one of the answers
  5. algebra

    Determine the orderd pair is a solution y=x + 2/7 A.(0,0) B.(-1,2/5) C.(1,2/5)*** D.(2,2 2/5)


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  1. History

    The Supreme Court's decision allowed the federal government to maintain some control over trade within and across state borders.
  2. Help ? English 10

    it the 3rd one
  3. Language Arts

  4. Trigonometry

  5. Global studies

    C D B It’s right trust me