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  1. english

    What is the meaning and importance of self discipline and self-control? ( Not just in school, but life)
  2. math

    What is 20% of 50?
  3. career

    This is my module exam and I need someone to check it please only people who really know if the answers are right thank you. 1. Which federal agency is responsible for enforcing employment discrimination laws? A. Veteran's Administration (VA). B. The Equal
  4. Math

  5. dosage calculations

    1. ORDER: CEFTRIAXONE 750mg PO BID ON HAND: CEFTRIAXONE 250mg tabs a) Calculate single dose b) calculate 24hr dose. I got this answer: a) 3 tablets as single dose b) 1500mg for 24 hours Please verify if it's correct.
  6. English - Literary Device

    "American music made Chinese music sound like noise" Would this be considered a simile? If so why?
  7. Physics

    A bus accelerates at 2.0m/s²[E]. A women inside the bus is walking at 2.0 m/s [E]. What is her velocity realtive to the ground at: a) 1s b)2s ? The answer provided don't seem right: a) 0.5 m/s[W] b) 3m/s[W]
  8. Pharmacokinetics question

    Hello, Can someone explain to me the Pharmacokinetics of 1. Ibuprofen 2. PREDNISONE I am looking through my textbook but there is absolutely no information on it.
  9. Law

    Can someone explain to me what this statement means? To pay all arrears of taxes to the extent that an allowance has not been granted to the purchaser on account thereof and to pay the 2015 taxes in accordance with the statement of adjustments
  10. Not a subject for course-off topic question

    Hello, I don't know where else to post the question but since this website has many teachers helping students and probably the appropriate place to ask. ----------------------------------------- So today I was just thinking about the past in my life and
  11. Psychology

    Here is the scenario. -------------------------------------- Are Smarties as addictive as drugs? A new research study proves that Smarties, Canada’s favourite chocolate candy, are as addictive as cocaine. Cocaine is a psychedelic drug that is known to be
  12. Psychology-Ms Sue

    Ms Sue, can you help me with psychology again? T_T
  13. math

    Hi, I just got my test back :( got 53% (16/30) how would I calculate my updated marks if the first test is worth 36%? Its my first test.
  14. Physics(astronomy)

    Radio waves and x-rays are similar in what: a) comparable wavelengths b) cannot compare c)have same photon energies On the test, it said those and I picked a. Is that correct? I am nervous T_T
  15. Psychology

    Would someone like to help me with it? T_T I need to identify the six principles of critical thinking in the following scenario...
  16. Psychology

    A recent research study found that surfing the internet and accessing non-academic grades resulted in lowering students GPA. Dr. Rushmore studied the relationship between grades and non-academic surfing in a first-year introduction to psychology class.
  17. english

    Could someone simplify what this statement means? Only applications to the first year of the Nursing program will be considered, and consideration is limited to applicants without prior post-secondary studies in Nursing. Advanced standing for students with
  18. geometry

    What is the pattern for a fractal tree?
  19. Economics

    The schedule below shows the level of output that can be produced using different levels of input. A unit of input costs $80 and the fixed costs of running your business are $50. Input Output 0 0 1 2 2 6 3 9 4 11 5 12 1. What is your AVC of producing 11
  20. trig

  21. trig


    Over time, non-specialists are usually able to assimilate radically new scientific ideas, even though these ideas may seem strange when they are initially introduced. Such was the case with Newtonian physics; when Newton proposed his ideas regarding motion

    Officials are considering placing the sturgeon on the endangered species list. If such an action is taken, ships, including those that carry goods and produce, will not be allowed to travel on the large rivers in our region that serve as breeding grounds