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  1. Calculus

    The function g(x)=12x^2-sinx is the first derivative of f(x). If f(0)=-2, what is the value of f(2pi)? a)30pi+2 b)8pi^2-2 c)4pi^3+8 d)32pi^3-2 e)2pi^2+5
  2. Math

    Parallel lines l and m are cut by transversal t. If the interior angles of the same side of t be (3x+4) and (2x-9), SOLVE FOR THE VALUE OF X.
  3. Math

    When the measure of two angles are equal, what can be the said of the measures of their supplement? What can be the said of the measures of their complement?
  4. Math

    Find the ratio of the complementary angles having the ratio of 3:16. With solution please, thank you!
  5. AP US History

    Evaluate the extent to which the opposition to slavery contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostered change from 1776 to 1856. Please give me some topics to write about in my essay


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  1. Math

  2. poetry

    "How do poetic elements increase my interest or appreciation in the poem?"
  3. precalc

    its also / h!
  4. PreCalc

    I'm sorry its supposed to be the square root of x+3, would it end up being the same ??
  5. math

    2500 santan plant