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  1. Physics

    A rope of mass m uniformly distributed along it's length l can slide without friction on a horizontal table. At instant t=0 the hanging part of the rope has a length b, and the rope is held at rest. When it is left, the rope begins to slide. At instant t
  2. Finance

    What is the value of 15-year corporate bonds, with a coupon rate of 9%, if current interest rates on similar bonds is 8%? How much would the value change if interest rates increased to 10%? Under what conditions will this bond trade at par (face value)?
  3. Finance

    A company is planning to set aside money to repay $100 million in bonds that will be coming due in 10 years. If the appropriate discount rate is 9%, a. how much money would the company need to set aside at the end of each year for the next 10 years to be
  4. statistics

    To observe the effect of increasing sensitivity, assume a blood sugar screening level of 130 mg percent, with a sensitivity of 44.3% and a specificity of 99.0%. Set up a two by two table with the appropriate numbers in each cell. Calculate the following
  5. IUPUI

    The prevalence of previously undetected diabetes in a population to be screened is approximately 1.5% and it is assumed that 10,000 persons will be screened. The screening test will measure blood serum sugar content. A value of 180 mg percent or higher is


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  2. Early Childhood Education

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  3. geography

  4. Math

  5. English

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