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  1. chemistry

    How is sulphur manufactured in a large scale
  2. math

    Solve. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) x2 − 8x + 15 = 0
  3. social studies

    1.Israel is much smaller in land area than Saudi Arabia, but it is the center of more conflict over land ownership.Why do you think this is the case? Because most people live along the coastal plain in Israel and the eastern interior is dry and includes
  4. social studies

    How are the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia different? How do you think this affects the daily lives of people who live in these countries? I don't know what to put What do they mean?
  5. math

    Angle A 45° Angle B 45° Angle C ?


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  1. History

    purple hair its a free country
  2. math help please

    Thanks Frank! 100% guys!
  3. math

  4. Social Studies

    Stfu Ms. Sue, you cant ban anyone