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  1. finacial question

    is there anywhere i can find this information or if someone could help me with it... who are the internal and external users of a company's financial statements? For what purposes do they use this information? External users include stockholders and
  2. math,correction & help

    is problem number 1 correct Problem #1 factor completely. x^4 + x^3 -12 MY answer: (x^2-3)(x^2+4) or is this still factorable. Problem #2 i need someone to help me set it up for me to solve. If the sides of a square are decreased by 3cm, the area is
  3. math,correction

    are these correct now i hope? Problem #1 simplify (m^2)/(8) divided by (m^5)/(16) My answer: (2)/(m^4) Problem #2 multiply (3x-30)/(x^2-4x) times (8x)/(10-x) My answer: (-6)/(x) No. 2/m^3 (3x-30)/(x^2-4x)* (8x)/(10-x) 3*(x-10)*8x /(x-10)(-1)(x)(x-4) x's
  4. math,correction

    Is this correct now. Problem #1 solve by completing the square. 2x^2+8x+3=0 My answer: x=-2 +/- sqrt (5)/(2) Problem #2 solve by using the quadratic formula 5x^2+3x+1=0 My answer: No solution are defined. You are not completing the square. 2x^2+8x+3=0 x^2
  5. math,correction

    is this correct? simplify: ((1+(2)/(3))/((2+(1)/(2)) My answer: (2)/(3) assuming that 2/3 and 1/2 are separate fractions, 8/3 x 5/2 40/6 20/3 hmm.. perhaps you need to check your arithmetic. unless i'm wrong, which wouldn't be surprising It is hard to read
  6. math,correction

    is this correct? factor completely: 9x^2-4 my answer: x is approx. +/- ((sqrt (14)/(3)) nope (3x-2)(3x+2) nope (3x-2)(3x+2)
  7. math,correction

    Is this correct factor by grouping: x^3-5x^2+2x-10 My answer: (x^2+2)(x-5) *question do i need to go further?* Errm dats almost done exept derz one more step, as you still need to chnage the quadratic equation into 2 linear ones as a Cubic equation has 3
  8. math,conversition

    how do i convert -2.25 into a fraction? OK, if dis is a calculator question, den all u gotta do is follow the steps... 1. Type into calculator -2.25 and press the equals button. 2. Press the Shift button 3. Press the button dat has ab/c And dis should giv
  9. Math,help

    how do i evalute this problem if possible. i will decribe it it has an index of 3 then a squaroot sign then for the radicand (-64) since the cube root of 64 is 4(4 times 4 times 4 = 64).. the (-) part, you just tack on, since a (-) times (+) times (-)
  10. math,help

  11. math,help

    how can i factor this out completly x^4+x^3-12 i know that4*-3=-12 but how can i get that middle term x^2*x^2=x^4 first you cannot take out any GCF. so if you decide to use grouping, you can create an equivalent problem: x^4 + x^3 - 6 - 6 then by using
  12. math,help

    Also, can someone set this problem up into equations so i can solve.thanks A plane took 1 hour longer to travel 560 miles on the first portion of a flight than it took to fly 480 miles on the second portion. If the speed was the same for each portion, what
  13. math,help

    can someone help me set this word problem up into equations so i can solve. I don't want the answer just if you could help me with how to set it up. thanks The base of ladder is 14feet away from the wall. The top of the ladder is 17feet from the floor.Find
  14. math,help

    I also need help with this one: Add. Express answer in simplest form. ((8)/(s))+ ((8)/(s^2)) (8s + 8)/s^2 = 8(s+1)/s^2 That isn't much simpler than the original form, but sometimes they want single denominators. wouldn't it be : (8s+8)/s^2
  15. math,help

    I need help with thisone solve: ((x)/(5x+10))+ ((x-3)/(x+2)) = (7)/(5) Let's take that first part: (x)/(5x+10) In the denominator, factor out "5" That leaves that part as: x/(5(x+2)) So now we have: ((x)/5(x+2)) + ((x-3)/(x+2)) = 7/5 We can multiply BOTH
  16. math,correction from previous post

    can someone please correct this for me thanks. simplify: 7sqrt(7x) + 5 sqrt (7x) My work: (7+5)sqrt (7x) My answer: 12sqrt (7x) is this correct? yup so i don't have to take out the x from the radicand Nope. 7x + 5x = 12x No matter what "x" is.
  17. math,correction

    solve: x^2+7x+2=0 My answer: x= (-7 +/- sqrt (41))/(2) good one jasmine
  18. math,correction

    simplify: sqrt ((7)/(100)) my work: 7 = 1sqrt (7) 100= 10 sqrt (1) (1)/(10) sqrt (7) my answer: (sqrt (7))/(10) Your answer is right but your statements: 7 = 1sqrt (7) 100= 10 sqrt (1) make no sense. how can sqrt(7)=7 ? you are saying 2.6457..=7 and
  19. math,correction

    simplify: 7sqrt(7x) + 5 sqrt (7x) My work: (7+5)sqrt (7x) My answer: 12sqrt (7x) is this correct? It looks fine. Good work. Thanks for asking.
  20. math,correction

    the problem reads: evaluate sqrt (-4) if possible. my answer: sqrt (-4)
  21. math,correction

    is this correct: solve by using the quadratic formula 5x^2+x=3 what i keep getting is this: (-1 +/- sqrt 61)/(10) or should i reduce the denominator to 5 or is my whole answer incorrect? (-1 +/- sqrt 61)/(10) looks correct. You do not need to reduce it
  22. math,correction

    is this correct: solve: 5(x-2)^2=3 My answer: (10 +/- sqrt 15)/(5) looks like you expanded, then used the formula and you got the right answer properly reduced. I think you are getting this!!! I don't want to confuse you but I would have done the
  23. math,help

    on one of last week homeworks i got this one wrong can someone explain to me what is the correct format. The demand supply equations for a certain item are given by: D= -5p+40 S=-p^2+30p-8 The correct answer was: $1.43 how do you get to this answer because
  24. math,help

    Is this trinomial a perfect square x^2-6x+9 if the trinomial starts with x^2 and 1/2 of the middle term coefficient squared equals the last term, then it is a perfect square. tell me what you found. i thought it was not a perfect square. because i tried
  25. math,correction

    i have to simplify (a^7b^2)^7 so this is what i ended up with: a^49b^14 should i reduce it more or its fine like this? It is fine.
  26. math,algebra

    how can i factor this out completely: x^4 + x^2 – 12 well the answer is 74 (x^2 + 4)(x^2 - 3) If only integral values are allowed in factoring, you are done.
  27. math,algebra

    Can someone set this up in equations so i can solve them i would greatly appreciate it. THanks. Problem #3 The base of a ladder is 14 feet away from the wall. The top of the ladder is 17 feet from the floor. Find the length of the ladder to the nearest
  28. math,algebra

    can someone just set up the equations for me for this problem. thanks... Problem #1 A plane took 1 hour longer to travel 560 miles on the first portion of a flight than it took to fly 480 miles on the second portion. If the speed was the same for each
  29. math,algebra,correction

    Is this correct: solve using the quadratic equation: 5x^-4x+1=0 My answer: x= (2)/(5) +/- (1)/(5)i Or should i combine the denominators to look like this: x= (2+/-1)/(5) i I don't like where you show the i I would write the solution as (2 +-i)/5 or 2/5
  30. math,help

    this is what i have left but i don't know how to finish it. THe length of a rectangle is 1cm more than 4 times its width. if the area of the rectangle is 74cm^2, find the dimensions of the rectangle to the nearest thousandsth. so then: a =Lw A = 74 W= W
  31. math,help

    The height h in feet of an object after "t" seconds is given by the function h = -16t^2+70t+8 How long will it take the object to hit the ground? round answer to nearest thousandth this is what i have -16t^2+70t+8=0 x = (-70 +/- sqrt (4388))/(-32) from
  32. math correction

    Find the x-intercepts y= x^2-2x-15 answer: x = 2 +/- sqrt 8 I don't get that. Recheck.
  33. math,correction please

    Problem #1 Solve by completing the square 2x^2-4x-11=0 My answer: x = (2+/-sqrt 26)/(2) Problem #2 Solve by using the quadratic formula x^2-4x-60=0 My answer: x = (2+/-sqrt 16)/(2) You did not do it completeing the square. Please show work. ON the second
  34. math

    how do i change 3.75 into a fraction simple or improper fraction? you could say 3 and 3/4 (since .75 = 3/4) or you could go from there and convert to improper. basically simplify 375/100 (multiply 3.75/1.00 by 100/100) but it can't be 3 and 3/4 your answer
  35. math,help

    i need help with this one i've tried it many ways and still can't figure it out because it has the lines going between two solid lines. find the x-intercepts. y = x^2 +5x+2 x intercepts is when y is zero. 0=x^2 +5x+2 using formula 5/2 +- 1/2 sqrt (25-8)
  36. math,correction

    is this correct Find the constant term that should be added to make the following expression a perfect square trinomial x^2 + 7x My answer that i got was 12.25 Take half of seven, square it. 7/2 squared is 49/4. You are right. should i leave it as a
  37. MATH,correction

    IS THIS CORRECT NOW. solve by using the quadratic formula. x^2 = -5-5 My answer: x = (-5 +- SQRT (5))/(2) I don't see any x term, so b is zero. sorry it suppost to read that first -5x-5
  38. math,correction

    i am really trying is this correct. solve: 5(x-2)^2 = 3 MY ANSWER THAT I GOT IS: X = 2 +- (SQRT (3) )/(5) no. 5(x-2)^2 = 3 (x-2)^2 = 3/5 x-2 = +- sqrt (3/5) x= 2 +- sqrt (3/5) so the whole fraction of 3/5 is inside the sqrt yes
  39. i need help,math

    okay i am completely lost after reviewing everything my mind is blank cans some one help me with the steps. Solve by completing the square x^2=5x+2 1st: You need to bring the 5x+2 to the other side so you have x^2-5x-2 2nd: Find the values to where when
  40. math,help

    i am stuck with this problem: Problem #12 Solve by using the quadratic formula. 5x^2 + 5x = 3 i am at this step x = (-5 (+/-) sqrt (85))/(10) you are done!
  41. math,correction

    Is this correct: Problem #13 Solve: 9x^2 = 14 I did the following i divided 9 by both sides then i get this: x^2 = 1.5555555 then i squared both sides and i got the following answer: x = 1.24 I would not have used decimals x^2 = 14/9 x= +/- (√14)/3 Yes,
  42. math,help

    how do i find the following: is there a formula for this? Problem #15 Find the constant term that should be added to make the following expression a perfect square trinomial. x^2+7x square a few binomials and see if you can see a pattern e.g. (x+3)^2 = x^2
  43. Math ,help

    how can i simplify this more its for the following problem: Problem #22 solve by using the quadratic formual. 5x^2-4x+1=0 this is where i am but i do not know how to go further. x = (4 (+/-) sqrt (-4))/(10) Problem #23 Solve by completing the square.
  44. math,help

    okay i am getting confuse with the decimals and fractions in order to make a table for the following problem.can someone help me make the tables the problem reads as follows. solve the system. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 Now, i know i have to break them to the form
  45. test,math

    so then for -4.33333 would be in a fraction -13/3 IF the 333's are repeating. Yes.
  46. math,help

    how do you change the following decimal into a fraction. -3.6666666 3 2/3 or 11/3 Memorize .666666 repeating as 2/3 Now if the sixes do not repeat forever, the fraction can be found as 36666666/1000000 which probably can be reduced some... thats right
  47. math,correction

    Is this correct: Solve: (x+5)^2 = 3 I get: x = -5 (+/-) sqrt (3) Problem #2 Solve: 5(x-2)^2 = 3 I get: x = 3 (+/-) ((sqrt(3))/(5) No on the second. YOu have take the sqrt5 slso, so x= 2+- sqrt(3/5) correct on the first.
  48. math,help plz

    i am lost with this one. Solve the system by graphing. what is the soltion. 2x-2y=10 x+y=3 x=4 This is how the problem is with all thre equations. Help me please..... put it in slope intercept form. put both lines in slope intercept form. 2x-2y=10 x+y=3 y=
  49. math,correction,algebra

    is this correct: rewrite the equation 4x-10y = 11 as a function of x. My answer: f(x) = 0.4x-1.1 ok
  50. math, algebra

    how can i rewrite the following inequality in the form y = mx + b f(x) > x you can't change an inequality into an equality. were you thinking something like f(x) > 1x + 0 ?? no this is how its written in my homework that's why i am confused .
  51. math, algebra

    How can i solve for this would it best to factor or use the quadratic formula. solve: x^2+2x-8=0 How about for this problem as well: solve : x^2+7x-1 = 0 in the first, can you think of two multipliers of -8 that have a sum of 2?? how about 4 and -2 so it
  52. math,algebra,correction

    x = (-5 +/-ã85)/10 do you mean -0.5 or -5 is this right? solve by using the quadratic formula: 5x^2+5x=3 i get: x= -0.5 (+/-)((sqrt(85)/(5)) check up on your proper use of the formula I got x = (-5 +/-√85)/10 which, if you want to separate it into two
  53. math,algebra

    is this correct? solve: 9x^2=14 this is what i did: i divide 9 by both sides x^2=1.6 is this first step right Then take the square root of both sides. x^2=1.6 you said to take the squar root of both sides. so is this correct x = 1.264911
  54. math,algebra,help

    Is this right: Solve: x^2+16x+60=0 this is what i did: i used the quadratic formula and this is what i ended up with. x = -8 +- (sqrt(16))/(2) Which is -8 +-2 Or you could have factored the quadratic (x+10)(x+6) Which is -8 +-2 Or you could have factored
  55. math,help,algebra I

    I need help can someone help me get unstuck and let me know if i am correct.thank you. solve by completing the square. 4x^2+2x-3=0 this is what i am doing: i used the quadratic equation. so where i am is in this step: x = (-2 (+-) sqrt (-44))/(8) from this
  56. math,help.algebra

    I am stuck form this point i need help. the problem states: A ball is thrown upward from the roof of a building 100 m tall with an initial velocity of 20 m/s. Use this information for exercises 35 to 38. Science and medicine. When will the ball reach a
  57. math,help

    Okay i am still trying to understand how to come up with a radical expressions and their applications, and apply to your daily life. I need more examples if any can help me out .... Is there a way of modeling it if i wanted to use a house for instance i

    i AM REPLYING BACK TO EVERYONE AND TO THE QUESTION OF ANOTHER FELLOW STUDENT ABOUT THIS WEBSITE. THE FOLLOWING: Let me just say WOW.To everyone and all us students are extra lucky to actually have help from each and everyone of you than not knowing what to
  59. algebra,math

    My qustion is for the following the problem reads as follows (x-1)^2 = 7 x-1=+- sqrt 7 x= 1+- sqrt 7 the method they use was factoring in order to simplify the equation to make it easier is this correc? x^2-9x-4=6 x^2-9x-10=0 (x-10)(x+1)=0 What method did
  60. math , question

    Can someone give me an example of how might anyone apply radical expressions and their applications to the daily life of themselves. Well square root of 25 is 5 now A^2 + B^2 = C^2 We need to see if a box is square. So we measure down one side 3' the the
  61. math

    A roof rises 9.75 ft over a horizontal distance of 15.84ft. What is the slope of the roof to the nearest hundredth? I am not sure if i am using the right fomula. i used the slope rise/run therefore i got : 0.6155303 and when rounded to the hundreadths
  62. math, algebra

    the problem reads: Write the equation of the line which passes through the point (2,1) and is parallel to another line with equation y = (5)/(2) x + 6 the answer i get is the following is this correct though y = (5)/(2) x - 4 Since your new line is
  63. math

    I forgot how to change a decimal to a fraction. i need to change to a fraction the following -2.5 -2 and 5/10 or -25/10 = -5/2 thank you ...and i have to say duhhh to me.
  64. math,help

    can someone help me plz...last problem simplify (7 + radical (5))(7- radical (5)) for this one i have no idea (a+b)*(a-b)= a^2 - b^2 memorize that, it is the factors of the difference of squares. In this case, a=7, b= sqrt5 so, it simplifies to 49-5=44 So
  65. math,correction

    Can somoene helpme plz... Simplify radical 7 * radical 14 wouldn't it be radical (7*14) = radical (98) = 7radical (14) = 7 radical (2) The result is right, you erred on the next to last line. So how do i show that step that i am wrong in...
  66. math,correction

    Can someone help me with these...plz Simplify 2radical (12) + 4 radical (27) if i simplify radical (12) i get 2radical (3) then if i simplify radical (27) i get 3radical (3). so now i don't know if i'm doing this correctly or how to set it up... 2 sqrt 12
  67. math,correction

    Problem 48 A garden area is 30ft long and 20ft wide. A path of uniform width is set around the edge. If the remaining garden area is 400ft ^2, what is the width of the path? My answer: 2 radical (2)i your answer is correct.. you are very good at this
  68. math,correction

    Problem 10 use the quadratic formula to solve each of the following quadratic equations. 2x^2-5x = 3 My answer: solutions are 3 and - (1)/(2) Problem 16 3x^2-2x+1=0 My answer: (2+- radical (-8))/(6)
  69. math,correction

    Problem 22 Solve each quadratic equation by completeling the square. x^2 -6x-3 = 0 MY answer: x = 3 +- 2 radical (3) Problem 28 2x^2+10x+11=0 My answer: x = -2.5 +- 0.5 radical (3) Problem 38 Find two consecutive positive integers such that the sum of
  70. math,correction

    Solve for x. Problem #22 25x^2 = 13 My answer: x = + - radical (13)/(5) Problem #32 2 (x - 5 )^2 = 3 My answer: x = 5 +- radical (3)/(2) Problem #42 Solve for x x^2+4x+4=7 (hint factor the left-hand side) My answer: x = -2 +- radical (7)
  71. math,help,algebra

    Can someone show me how to solve these types of problems. i have two that are driving me nuts.as of now. Problem #1 Simplify: 2radical(12) + 4 radical (27) Problem #2 evaluate if possible the following i am going to describe it in the index it has a 3 then
  72. math,algebra,correction

    the direction say to calculate to approximate radical(22) to the nearest hundredth. Using the calculator. so i get this: 4.6904157 so if i round to the nearest hundredth would it then be4.69 only how do you write and equation for this condition: center

    Including yourself, you have an 11-man squad prepared to build fortifications for the next six hours. It is 98-degrees in the shade. You have directed each soldier to drink one quart of water per hour duing this period. Each individual has two 1-quart
  74. math

    can someone help me set this up so i can solve. Problem #3 the posted speed limit for trucks along national route 3 is 35 MPH. how many kilometers will a convoy cover after 3.7 hours on the road traveling at the posted Problem # 5 IF the formula to figure
  75. math , help,algebra

    i am up to this point in my problem but i don't know what to do next with it can someone show me. Directions: Simplify by combining like terms x radical(18) minus 3radical(8x^2) these are the steps that i've done so far. = x radical (2*9) -3radical
  76. math, help

    For the following set, which number has the largest absolute value? 4,-1,12,-20,19,0 Possible Answer of choice: A)0 B)19 C)-20 D)-1 wouldn't it be postive 20 but its not within the choices. What is the absolute value of -20? Absolute value is the distance
  77. writeacher

    because in the previous message about the pemdas it is parenthesis,exponents,multiplication,division,addition,subtraction therefore how that little part that looks like this 12 divided by 2*2 it would be multiplication first then SORRY THEN DIVISION SO
  78. math,correction

    can you check if how i solved it to show that my answer is no is correct. Is -4 a solution to the equation 7x-5+3x=6+x-10 This is what i did: 7(-4)-5+3(-4)=6+(-4)-10 -28-5-12=2-10 -45=-8 so the answer is no -4 is not the solution to the equation. Yes this
  79. math, correction

    Find the LCM for 4 and 20 My answer is: LCM IS 20 Your answer is right
  80. math,help

    can some one help me set this up into eqautions to be solved please. One number is 6 more than another. If the sum of the smaller number and 3 times the larger number is 34, find the two numbers. x=10 y=4 Those are the answers but how do you get to them. 3
  81. math,correction,plz

    Evaluate (15-5)/[((12)/(2*2))-2] my answer that i keep getting is 1 am i even correct or completely wrong The ans is 10 see i had that for the answer but when i revised the rule for order of operations. it says to divide first then multiply left to right
  82. drwls, is this correct,math

    drawls this is from the previous post is this correct. solve the system by subtraction. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 equation#2 woudl be 4x-3y=11 -3y = -4x+11 y = (4)/(3) x - (11)/(3) so now i substitute it to equation #1 5x - 3((4)/(3)x - (11)/(3)= 13 5x - 4 x +11 =
  83. math,help!!!!

    How do i do thois problem?Please help. Problem #1 solve the system by subtraction. 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 Subtract the lower equation's left and right terms from the upper equation's corresponding terms. The first step will get you this: x = 2 Now that you know
  84. math, correction

    Problem #1 Directions: Find the GCF for 14 and 21. My answer is: 7 Problem #2 Directions: List all the prime numbers between 25 and 60. My answer: 29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59 41 what do you mean by saying 41? I MEAN THAT'S 41 AND THAT IS SUPER -DUPER EASY, GOT
  85. math, correction

    am i also correct for this one. directions: list all the factors of 45. my answer: 1,3,5,9,15,45 yes
  86. math, correction

    can someone help me correct this Directions: Dtermine which two equations represent perpendicular lines. options are: A) y = 2x-4 b) y = (1)/(3) x + 4 c) y= - (1)/(2)x +4 d) y = (1)/(3)x - 4 wouldn't it be a and c . Because b and d have the dame slope
  87. math,algebra

    Can someone help me put this into equations where i can solve them thanks. Problem #1 Allen bought 20 stamps at the post office in 37cents and 20cents denominations. If the total cost of the stamps was $7.06, how many 37cents stamps did Allen buy? Problem
  88. math,help!!!!!

    Let A be a 2*3 coefficient matrix ;A a)If the system Ax=b is consistent is the solution unique? why or why not? explain b) how many pivots must A have to gurantee that Ax=b has a solution for every vector b in IR^2? c) can the columns be linearly
  89. math,help

    how would i do about this problem can someone explain it to me or show me because i keep getting weird answers with an e at the end. It makes no sence. This question is: The length of human pregnancies from conception to birth varies according to a
  90. countiblis,math

    How did you get: x = 2; y = -1 for Directions: Sove the system by addition 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 for this type of problem there is no shading correct. or am i wrong 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 If you subtract the two equations you get: 5x-3y - (4x-3y) = 13 - 11 The y's
  91. math, help

    What are two solutions for 3x-y=0 am i correct on this inorder to graph (0,0) and (2,6) Because the line goes through (0,0) so how do i get two solutions from that line? You can get two solutions from that line because the first solution (0,0) is from the
  92. math,help

    can someone explain to me also how to do addition with equations. Solve the system by addition 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 its easy try properly It's not easy "It's not easy" Then how come I found the answer: x = 2; y = -1, in just five seconds by just looking at
  93. math, help

    can someone show me how to do this one i have plenty of them so can you show me step by step when someone gets a chance. Thank you. Solve the system by graphing x+y=3 x+y=-1 What I would do is to put the equations in slope intercept form: y= -x + 3 y= -x
  94. math,help

    How do even solve this one sum of two numbers is 32. their difference is 6. what are the numbers? x-y=6 x+y=32 add the equations... 2x=38 and solve.
  95. correct , math

    Directions: Facotor each of the following polynomials completely. 14x ^2 -20x + 6 the answer that i got was: 7x^2-10x+3= (7x-3)(x-1) not quite. You left out the two, you just cant throw it away. 2(7x-3)(x-1) can you show me please the steps I am getting

    Can someone show me how to even do this problem. Find all positive values for K for which each of the following can be factored. x^2 + x - k News flash: It can be factored with any term (although the roots may not be real roots). Now if you mean factored
  97. correction of math

    given f(x) = 5x - 3, find f (-1). My answer: f(-1)= 5(-1)-3 = -5-3 = -8 correct
  98. correction of math

    rewrite the equation 2x-3y= -6 as a function of x. My answer. f (x) = (2)/(3) x + 2 No. 2x=3y - 6 divide by two. x=3/2 y -2 hold on i was looking it over. wouldn't it be: 2x-3y=-6 would actually be: -3y=-2x-6 y= 2/3x+2 because you said that it would be
  99. correction of math

    can someone correct this for me please. Directions: Solve the system by substitution. x + y = 12 y = 2x this is what i did: in the first equation i substituted y for what i have in the second equation so now it looks like this: x +2x = 12 3x = 12 x = 4 now
  100. Math,correction

    direction state : solve each system by addition. if a unique solution does not exist, state whether the system is consistent or dependent. NOw the problem looks like this: 2x+3y=1 5x+3y=16 the answer that I got was this: for variable x = 5 y = -3 which is


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