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  1. Math

    3/5 of the booksin a class library are englishbooks. The rest are non-english books. If the total number of books in the library is 650, how many non-english books are there?
  2. Chemistry

    Use the balanced equation for the reaction of lithium oxide with water: Li2O(s) + H2O(g) --> 2LiOH(s) to determine how many grams of H2O can be removed from the air by 250g of Li2O. Show your step-by-step solution with unit conversions.
  3. Algebra

    Hello Ms.Sue. Can you check this to make sure I did it correctly. Thank you in advance for the help. What is the slope of the line 3x + 4y = 1? 4y=3x-1 y=(=3/4)time X-1/4 Slope, m=3/4
  4. algebra

    Josephine’s ice cream shop always makes sure its sundaes maintain a ratio of 4:1 of ice cream to toppings. A group of friends orders sundaes and receives 5 cups of ice cream total. How many cups of toppings, total, did they receive? Please explain how I
  5. Government

    Explain the principle of checks and balances as it relates to the power of the president. Provide one example to support your explanation.
  6. Science

    Please elaborate John Dalton's statement,"all living things are made up of cells".By the way, I'm G-11 student.
  7. Science

    Can you please elaborate John Dalton's statement,"all living things are made up of cells".By the way,I am g11 student.
  8. Physics

    the length of an aluminum is 76.5cm and that of an iron ruler is 80cm at 0 degree celsius at what temperature will the length of the rules become
  9. Physics

    the length of an aluminum is 76.5cm and that of an iron ruler is 80cm at 0¡ãc. at what temperature will the length of the rules become
  10. Chemistry

    What is the mole ratio of hydrochloric acid to carbon tetrachloride? How many moles of CCl4 are produced when 5 moles of CH4 reactant with chlorine? How many grams of carbon tetrachloride can be produced from reacting 710 grams of Cl2 with excess methane?
  11. Math

    Paul is 20 years older than joy four years ago; the ratio of their ages was 7:3 find the present age of Paul
  12. Science

    How are models limited by our patterns of thought?
  13. Math

    Peter has $2000 invested in an account that gives him 5% interest a year. Write an equation for the amount of money, m, in his account after y, years. How much money will be in his account in 10 years, if he does not put any more in or take any out?
  14. Math

    A surveyor sights two signs and the angle between the two lines of sight measures 55. If the first and the second signs are 70 m and 50 m away,respectively,from the surveyor, find the distance between the two signs .Express your answer to the nearest
  15. Math

    Two ships leave the same port at the same time. One ship sails on a course of 110 degree at 32 mi/h. The other sails on a course of 230 degree at 40 mi/h. Find the distance between them after 2 hours. Express your answer to the nearest mile.
  16. Chemistry

    Suppose you had sulfur hexafluoride as your unknown. It has a cost of $200 for 5 pounds of the substance. If your syringe has a volume of 125.0 mL, the room temperature was 78F, and the pressure was 755 mmHg, what would it cost to fill your syringe 3 times
  17. chemistry

    At 90C the following equilibrium is established H2(g) + S(s) = H2S(g) Kc= 6.8x10^-2 If 0.17 moles of H2 and 0.4 mole of Sulfur are heated in a 1L vessel up to 90C, what will be the partial pressure of H2S at equilibrium? Dr. Bob, first is 0.32 atm correct?
  18. History

    If a soccer ball is for the sport soccer, why isn't a football called a football ball if the football is also the name of the sport itself?
  19. Math

    On graph paper, use a table to make a complete graph of y = x2 − 2x − 8. Homework Help ✎ Write the coordinates of the y-intercept. What is the connection between the y‑intercept and the equation y = x2 − 2x − 8? Write the coordinates of the
  20. Algebra

    At the spring fling, john can make 5 cups of hot tea in 2 minutes. Sammy can make 6 cups of hot tea in 2.5 minutes. How long should it take them to make hot tea for all 245
  21. Statistics

    Consider the probability that fewer than 17 out of 145 people will get the flu this winter. Assume the probability that a given person will get he flu this winter is 11%. Approximate the probability using the normal distribution. Round the answer to four
  22. Biology-ASAP

    In a reaction you use 400 ul of 12mM B-galactosidase. Add 2.3 ml of buffer and 0.3ml of ONPG to a cuvette. what is the final concentration of the cuvette? Answer below to one decimal place.
  23. Math

    the first term in the sequence is 256. after the first term, each term is multiplied by two amd then divided by four. what is the value of the 9th term
  24. Science

    Suppose a mutation occurs in the gene for a particular aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. The mutation changes which amino acid is recognized, without affecting which tRNA molecule is recognized. How is this likely to affect protein synthesis?Find all that apply.
  25. English

    Correcting faulty Parallesim sentences. 1.The professors test were long,difficult,and produced anxiety. 2.Medical tests showed that neither being allergic to dust nor seasonal hay fever caused the child’s coughing fits. 3.The hair stylist warned her
  26. MaTh

    Simplify i^1+i^2+i^3+... i^97 + i^98+i^99
  27. Math

    $25000 is invested for 4 years 9 months .If the invesment is offered 12% compounded semi anually for the first 2 years and 10% compounded quarterly for the rest of the period,find the future value of this invesment.
  28. Math

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. Ten times the sum of a number and 27 is at least 26.
  29. Math

    On 12 february 2009,sally invested $2000 in a bank and received an amount or $2040 on 23 june 2009.calculate the simple interest rate offered by the bank
  30. Math

    At what rate of simple interest will a sum of money double itself in four years
  31. Algebra

    A geodesic dome is composed of two different types of triangular panels. One of these is an isosceles triangle. In one geodesic dome, the measure of the third angle is 70.5 degrees more than the measure of either of the two equal angles. Find the measure
  32. Algebra

    Classrooms on one side of the drama building are all numbered with consecutive even integers. If the first room, the room with the smallest classroom number, on this side of the building is numbered x, write an expression in x for the sum of the first five
  33. Algebra

    Use the distributive property to write the sum as a product. 2x+2y
  34. maths

    i have two piece of ribbon one is 17.5cm longer than the other and 1/3 of one ribbon is the same as 3/4 of the other what is the size of the smaller ribbon
  35. Multivariable calculus

    I have to show that the relative error of the product of two positive numbers is aproximately to the sum of the relative errors of its factors. My teacher told me to use first order approximation, but I don't know how to use it.Please help
  36. physics

    if some of water in calorimeter splash out when tranfering the metal block, will it affect the experiment result?
  37. Math

    You have to answer 3 essay questions for an exam. There are 6 essays to choose from. How many different groups of 3 essays could you possibly choose?
  38. calculus review please help!!

    The velocity of a particle moving along the x-axis is v(t) = t^2 + 2t + 1, with t measured in minutes and v(t) measured in feet per minute. To the nearest foot find the total distance traveled by the particle from t = 0 to t = 2 minutes.
  39. math

    It takes a hose 3 minutes to fill a rectangular aquarium 10 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 13 inches tall. How long will it take the same hose to fill an aquarium measuring 22 inches by 30 inches by 33 inches?
  40. bussiness

    1.Please calculate how many cartons (rounded number) a 20ft GP Container can accommodate respectively according to the information above. 20ft GP container:cartons
  41. math

    You have a total of 52 dimes and quarters. You have 10 more quarters than dimes. Which system of equations can you use to find the number x of quarters and number y of dimes you have? Use the system to determine how much money you have in quarters and
  42. English 11

    Can you send me a good reference about how to create a project proposal for a middle school stude like me? Thanks a lot.
  43. Writing

    Anyone who knows a good source on how to write a project proposal?
  44. Finance

    What is the present value of $100 PERPETU I TY of the interest rate is 7%? If interest rates doubled to 14%, what would its present value be? At 7% hundred dollars multiplied 0.943 equals 9430 or is it 14.2857 multiplied 100 equals 1428. 57? At 14% is it
  45. math

    a printer prints 17 pages is 6 minutes. how many minutes per page
  46. Math

    A segment that is a units long makes a C-degree angle with a segment that is b units long. In terms of a, b, and C, find the third side of the triangle defined by this SAS description.
  47. Math

    A circular sector has an 6.26-inch radius and a 10.84-inch arc length. There is another sector that has the same area and the same perimeter. What are its measurements?
  48. Financial management

    You are an incredibly sexy individual and have just won best price in a beauty context.you have the following options a)$1000 received now b)$180000 at the end of five years C)$11400per year for ever Prove to select the optimal price assuming discount rate
  49. Political Science

    What are some pros and cons to privatizing the U.S Postal Service?
  50. physics

    An object is released from rest and falls in free fall motion. The speed v of the object after it has fallen a distance y is given by v2 = 2gy. In an experiment, v and y are measured and the measured values are used to calculate g. If the percent
  51. biology

    Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body? a. Liver b. Large Intestine c. Kidneys d. Gall Bladder
  52. Visual Basic Programming in Visual Studio 2015

    I have an application program to submit help tickets. The problem is the error messages are only supposed to pop up when someone doesn't format it correctly but it either don't or comes up after typing when there is no errors. The next issue is my msgbox
  53. American Government

    The federal government sets requirements that all public schools must follow, while state governments set standards listing what students need to learn. This is an example of what constitutional system? A. dual federalism B. cooperative federalism C.
  54. Math

    A store buys shirts for $12 each and marks up the price by 25%. What is the price for a shirt at this store?
  55. Physics

    two blocks (a and b) are in contact on a horizontal frictionless surface. a 60N constant horizontal force is applied to A. the mass of a is 3.0 kg and the mass of b is 15 kg. what is the magnitude of the force of a on b

    Miss Dombo, a Ticketing Manager with an Airline flying international routes, has realised that not all passengers show up for their reserved seat. It is clear to her that each passenger’s behaviour is independent of the other. Having fixed the chances of
  57. biology (genetics)

    A pure-breeding white mouse with a long tail was crossed to pure-breeding pink mouse with a short tail. The F1 progeny were all pink with long tails. These F1 mice were test crossed to white mouse with a short tail. If the gene controlling color and the
  58. Genetics

    A pure-breeding white mouse with a long tail was crossed to pure-breeding pink mouse with a short tail. The F1 progeny were all pink with long tails. These F1 mice were test crossed to white mouse with a short tail. If the gene controlling color and the
  59. Math

    Village B is 7km due south of village A and village C is 9km due south of B. Village D is 8km from A and is due east of B. Find DB and DC.
  60. Physics

    If you apply a changing force, will either the velocity or the acceleration change in the same way as the force?
  61. Math

    I have to invest $7000 and would like $300 as earnings from the investment. How much should I invest in stock that's getting 13% annual return and how much should I invest in a bond that pays 2%?
  62. Math

    Between midnight and 6:00am, the temperature dropped 10 degrees F. Between 6 am and 12:00; the temperature rose 18 degrees F.What was the change in the temperature from midnight to noon. I can't seem to get the formula for this problem
  63. Math

    Jenny bought 3.50 pounds of peanuts for $12.60.Her friend buy's 4.00 pounds of pecans for $15.20. Which is less expensive per pound? By how much?
  64. Calculus

    Hi, please I need help with this demonstration: If “f” , “g” :[ 0,1]→R are continuous functions, they are differentiable in (0,1), f(0)=0, g(0)=2 and │f ‘ (x)│≤1 ,│g ‘ (x)│≤1 for the interval (0,1). Prove that f(x) < g(x) in
  65. chemistry

    2.00g of carbonate reacts with excess hydrobromic acid. Use this balanced equation to fond the theoretical yield. Na2Co3 + 2HBr = CO2 + H2O + 2NaBr
  66. Algebra

    Where do you insert parenthesis to make this equation true: 3x5+4-2x2+6-4=15
  67. Chemistry

    The human body obtains 885 kJ of energy from a chocolate chip cookie. If this energy were used to vaporize at 100 degree Celsius, how many grams of water could be vaporized? The heat of vaporization of water at 100 degrees Celsius is 40.7 kJ/mole.
  68. Chemistry

    The human body obtains 885 kJ of energy from a chocolate chip cookie. If this energy were used to vaporize at 100 degree Celsius, how many grams of water could be vaporized? The heat of vaporization of water at 100 degrees Celsius is 40.7 kJ/mole.
  69. Math

    The ratio of a triangle's sides is 4:3:6. If the length of the hypotenuse is 1/4, what is the value of the length of the short leg of the triangle subtracted from the length of the long leg of the triangle? Help please?
  70. Physics

    1, A Body Of Mass 6kg Was Acted Upon By A Constant Force Of 18N. Calc Its Velocity In 5sec. 2. A Car Moving At 108km/hr Was Gradually Brought To Rest By Constant Force Of 2500N After 8sec. Calc The Decelleratio
  71. science

    what are some examples of a suspension? i need help!!!
  72. Math

    There are 12 more toy cars than toy trucks in a toy box with a total of 38 toy cars and trucks. How many toy trucks are in the toy box?
  73. math

    100 meters of fencing is available to enclose a rectangular area next to a river .Give a function that can represent the area that can be enclosed in terms of X
  74. Calculus - Discontinuity

    What kind of discontinuity is this piecewise function? Removable or jump? f(x) ={ (2x^2 - 5x - 3)/(x-3) if x does not equal 3 ............6............................if x = 3
  75. math

    simplyfy if quadratic equation or not quadratic equation and arrange into quadratic equation form 25-r2=4x
  76. math

    a garden 7m by 12m will be expanded by planting a border of flowers,the border will be of the same width around the entire garden and has an area of 92m
  77. PreAlgebra

    Leg of 7 km and hypotenuse of 22 km
  78. chemistry

    A certain first order reaction has a rate constant of 5.68 x 10–3 s–1 at 139°C and a rate constant of 8.99 x 10–1 s–1 at a temperature of 215°C. Ea = 111 kJ mol– q1) What is the value of the rate constant at 275°C? q2) At what temperature
  79. English

    8. which of the following quotes from "the morning of june 281948" best describe the aversion that the public felt toward Shirley Jackson's short story "The lottery" a. "as a matter of fat when I read it over later I decided that except for one or two
  80. Maths -Logarithm

    Q) what is the hundreds digit in 3^3^3? What are the steps in simplifying this number? Ty
  81. Algebra

    What is the value of c so that y=x^2+9x+c is a perfect square trinomial? A. 18 B. 9/2 C. 9/4 D. 81/4 My answer is D.
  82. maths

    if expressed in square millimeter what is 25 square meter 2:a football pitch which was originally 80m long had it length increased by 20m if the width of 70 m has remained unchanged what is the difference between the old nd d new perimeter of d pitch
  83. Math

    Let f(x) = x^3 + 3x ^2 + 4x - 7 and g(x) = -7x^4 + 5x^3 +x^2 - 7. What is the coefficient of x^3 in the sum f(x) + g(x)? Thanks.
  84. Absolute and relative change

    In one region the number of students in Math 101 is 20% more than the number of students in Math 123. If there are 480 students in Math 101, how many students are in Math 123?
  85. Absolute and relative change

    You are charged $279 on your credit card for a hotel stay, you call to complain about the unexpectedly high charge, but are told there are a total of 24% taxes for hotel rooms where you stayed. What was the advertised price of the room before taxes?
  86. Business

    The number of square meters in a square rooms floor area exceed the number of meters in the rooms perimeter by 60.Find the side-length of the room.
  87. math

    In one month a salesman sold a total of 30 cars and trucks. If three times the number of cars sold equals twice the number of trucks sold, how many trucks did he sell?
  88. math

    Find all x such that x^2+5x
  89. math

    Find p such that px^2-12x+4=0 has only one solution. Thank you!!!
  90. interest

    Bryan invests $500 in an account earning 4% interest that compounds annually. If he makes no additional deposits or withdraws, how much will be in the account: About how long would it take to double his $500 investment? Round to one decimal place.
  91. Math/Algebra

    Let f(x) = (3x - 7)/(x + 1). Find the inverse f^(-1)(x).
  92. Physics

    An ocean liner leaves New York City and travels 26.9 ° north of east for 217 km. How far east and how far north has it gone? In other words, what are the magnitudes of the components of the ship's displacement vector in the directions (a) due east and (b)
  93. Physics

    A 66-kg water skier is being pulled by a nylon (Young's modulus 3.7 x 109 N/m2) tow rope that is attached to a boat. The unstretched length of the rope is 20 m and its cross-section area is 2.8 x 10-5 m2. As the skier moves, a resistive force (due to the
  94. Trig identity.

    I need help with verifying these trig identities: 1) sin4x = 4sinxcos - 8sin^3 x cos x 2) cos3x = cos^3 x - 3sin^2 x cos x
  95. Trig help

    Can someone help me find ALL solutions in the interval [0,2π) for the given equations. Please show work. 1) sin2x = sin2x 2) tan2x +tanx = 0
  96. chemistry

    how many grams of Zn metal would you use to prepare 6.8g of zinc chloride according the reaction: Zn(s)+2HCl(aq)-> ZnCl2(aq)+H2(g)
  97. chemistry

    how many grams of Zn metal would you use to prepare 6.8g of zinc chloride according the reaction: Zn(s)+2HCl(aq)-> ZnCl2(aq)+H2(g)
  98. trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,2π) for cos(x - π/6) = 1 + cos(x + π/6). Show work, please and state in solution set.
  99. Trig please

    The height h in inches of pistons 1 and 2 in an automobile engine can be modeled by h1 = 3.75sin(733t) + 7.5 and h2 = 3.75sin[733(t+ 4π/3)] + 7.5 where t is measured in seconds. How often are these two pistons at the same height? Show work please.
  100. Trig

    Given sin= -√5/6 with π < u < 3π/2 and cos v= √3/5 with 0 < v < π/2 find sin(u-v) and tan(u+v). Please show work and simplify.


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