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  1. English

    For an English project, I have to create a Utopia. I am having some trouble coming up with a name for my Utopia. Does anyone have any Ideas? Thanks!
  2. Math

    Verify Cos(A)=Sin(B)
  3. geometry

    11 11​-foot ladder is placed against a vertical wall of a​ building, with the bottom of the ladder standing on level ground 7 7 feet from the base of the building. How high up the wall does the ladder​ reach?
  4. math

    on a loan of $3700 a person pays back $430 monthly over 4 years. how much interest was paid on the loan? show ur work A) 20640 B) 16940 C) 2410 D) 1720
  5. p.e.

    without this system in your body you would really get sick because toxins and wastes would build up. 1. cardiovascular 2. excretory 3. intugumentary **** 4. muscular


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  1. Science

    thanks soooooooooo much
  2. Algebra

    The Jurassic Zoo charges ​$13 for each adult admission and ​$5 for each child. The total bill for the 152 people from a school trip was ​$1096 . How many adults and how many children went to the​ zoo?  
  3. geomtry

    i got (x+3)^2 + (y-2)^2=65 Please help
  4. chem

    !@#$%^& pop
  5. Algera check answers

    1.b 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.a 6.c 7.a 8.b 9.a