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  1. Math

    mrya withdrawals the same amount of money from her checking account each week. In 4 weeks she withdraws a total of $200. which equation represents the amount of money her account changes by each week
  2. English

    For an English project, I have to create a Utopia. I am having some trouble coming up with a name for my Utopia. Does anyone have any Ideas? Thanks!
  3. Math

    Verify Cos(A)=Sin(B)
  4. geometry

    11 11​-foot ladder is placed against a vertical wall of a​ building, with the bottom of the ladder standing on level ground 7 7 feet from the base of the building. How high up the wall does the ladder​ reach?
  5. math

    on a loan of $3700 a person pays back $430 monthly over 4 years. how much interest was paid on the loan? show ur work A) 20640 B) 16940 C) 2410 D) 1720
  6. p.e.

    without this system in your body you would really get sick because toxins and wastes would build up. 1. cardiovascular 2. excretory 3. intugumentary **** 4. muscular
  7. Matrices

    Prove that ab=(a,b)[a,b]
  8. Math

    Find the digit that makes blank 2440 divisible by 9 test help im behind allot help.
  9. math

    What is the value of 14 – a2 given a = –3?
  10. physics

    Given the graph below with the initial velocity, vi = -8 m/s, the object starts with one value of constant acceleration and stops at 2.3 seconds. Then, the value of its acceleration changes to a different acceleration. Finally, at t1 = 6.8 seconds, it
  11. social study

    why were the islands shown on this map most likely acquired or annexed by the united states
  12. Chemistry

    what volume of carbon dioxide is produced when 49.7g of calcium carbonate reacts completely according to the following reaction at 25C and 1atm? 25C=298K R= 8.31441 J K-1 mol-1 101325 x V= 49.7x8.31441x298 V= 49.7x8.31441x298 101325 =1.2153 m3 Please help
  13. Science

    You digestive system has three main functions: digestion, absorption, and elimination. In which organ does absorption begin? A. Mouth*** B. Stomach C. Small Intestine D. Gall bladder
  14. math

    A prism is completely filled with 96 cubes that have edge length of 12 cm. What is the volume of the prism?
  15. math

  16. physics

    Explain in a few words why, when operating a garden hose fitted with a trigger-operated nozzle, the water jet is momentarily more powerful at the instant the trigger is squeezed than later, when there is a continuous stream of water. Show that the amount
  17. Math

    A sphere has a radius of 16 cm and a plane passes thru it at 9 cm below the center, what is the area of the intersection between the plane and the sphere?
  18. social studies?

    I need help with my homework. I have to evaluate free school on: Effectiveness Efficiency Equity
  19. chemistry

    if 3.15g of mercury are thermally decomposed to mercury and oxygen what mass of mercury will be produced and how many oxygen molecules will be produced [hg=208,o=16]
  20. Algebra 2

    Complex numbers are written in the form a + bi. What does i represent? -1 0 1 sqrt-1 **my choice
  21. Social studies connexus 8th grade

    The Underground Railroad used escape routes that went throughout the South. Based on that fact, which of the following conclusions could be made? I could use some help here can anyone help me give me an answer or a link of some sort? Thanks
  22. Physics

    A 1340-kg car traveling east at 13.6 m/s (20 mi/h) has a head-on collision with a 1930-kg car traveling west at 20.5 m/s (30 mi/h). If the collision time is 0.10 s, what is the force needed to restrain a 68-kg person in the smaller car? In the larger car?
  23. Math

    determine whether the graphs of the following equations are parallel or perpendicular y=2/3x + 3, y=3/2x, 2x-3y=8
  24. Algebra

    During a science experiment, Nico created a 32%alcohol solution by mixing 8 fluid ounces of a 50% alcohol solution with a certain amount of an 8% alcohol solution. How many fluid ounces of the 32% alcohol solution did he create?
  25. Physics

    A child saw a skunk in a hole of a tree, standing 2.5m away. The child attempted to throw a pebble into the hole, but missed with a speed of 11m/s. Angle of elevation is 75 degrees, what was the Vfy of the pebble?
  26. Physics

    A girl tried to overthrow gender stereotypes by kicking her stuffed animal across a park with an initial velocity of 25m/s, making an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal. Upon reaching maximum height, her cat jumped and propelled it further
  27. 7th Math

    If there are 16 dark blue triangles,then how much fabric was used if each leg is 10 cm and the hypotenuse is 14.2 cm long? 10+10=14.2?
  28. environmental science

    Ecologists designed an experiment to determine if nitrates or phosphates are more limiting to algae growth. They divided a lake in Canada into two equal-sized sections by a vinyl curtain. Then they fertilized each sub-basin of the lake, one with nitrates
  29. environmental science

    the warming of the oceans causing less carbon dioxide to be soluble in them, and at the same time leaving more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing an increased warming of the atmosphere, is a example of a a. model of a system showing a paradigm shift.
  30. environmental science

    1. which of the below is an example of high-quality matter found near the earth's surface? a. natural gas b. mine tailings c. bauxite (al ore) d. recyclable materials in a landfill e. nitrogen gas in the atmosphere
  31. math

    trey can clean a room in 40 minutes. his brother Marcus can clean the same room in 20 minutes. how long will it take them to clean the room if they work together?
  32. 2nd grade math

    Show how to make one addend the next tens number. Complete the new addition sentence 26+27=? Is it 53 (10+43=53)
  33. grammar

    Jf Kennedy was a senator before he president in 1960. became hi my friends ,is that right w became
  34. Math

    The number of washers 3/32 inch thick that can be cut from a piece of stock 25 1/2 inches long, allowing 1/16 inch for waste for each cut is A) 160 B) 163 C) 260 D) 272 E) 408 Pls help and explain x
  35. Government

    Bills that originate in either house of Congress may be A. Introduced only by party leaders B. Formulated by private citizens C. Introduced by private citizens D. Introduced by the president
  36. Calculus

    divide 64 into two parts such that the product of one of them plus the cube of the other is a maximum
  37. algebra

    a-6 a-1÷a+2
  38. Language arts

    . This question asks about your work in your reading role. You may use your novel to help you answer the question. Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion
  39. language arts

    Joe magarac, Man of steel 8. In section 1, what does the author mean when he says joe magarac is a folk hero? A. Joe was a real man who spent his whole life in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. B. Joe was a mysterious figure who vanished without a trace.* C.
  40. Math

    If a pulse is 20 beats in 15 second what is the pulse for 1 min.
  41. career

    Matching these ones I really don't have a clue so if you could help here it would be nice but if not I understand Match the following terms with their definitions. A. using the connections among people to help one another reach important goals B. personal
  42. Math

    which polynomial does the model represent (Model shows: 1 big black square, 2 long blank rectangles, 3 long rectangles, 3 small blank squares, 1 small blank square) a.) -x^3+2x^2-3x+2 b.)x^2+x-2 c.)-x^2-x+2 d.)-x^2+x-2
  43. Math

    Write and simplify the polynomial represented by the model. (Model shows: 3 big blank squares, 2 long black rectangles, 3 small blank squares, 1 big black square, 6 small black squares) a. -2x^2 + 2x + 3 b. 2x^2 - 2x - 3 c. 3x^2 - 2x - 3 d. 2x^2 - 2x + 3
  44. Science test review

    Here are all the word you can use I need help chemical property mixture heat capasity homogeneous viscosity sublimitation physical property compound chemical formula substance density mass tempurature pressure heterogenerous 14. A property of matter
  45. science

    kendra was looking at recipes in a cookbook. she divided some of the steps of a recipe into two columns. How would you label each column? A.) Column A shows sublimation; column B shows vaporization B.) Column A shows vaporization; column B shows
  46. science

    how do liquid water, ice, and water vapor differ from one another? A.) They are different states of matter B.) They are different compounds C.) They are made of different kinds of molecules. D.) They are mad of different kinds of atoms.
  47. science

    Thermal energy is caused by motion of? 1. mixing water molecules contained in a beaker 2. molecules in soild liquid and gas phases 3. mixing molecules together 4. molecules that have reached equilibrium the density of an object with the volume of 60.0 mL
  48. history

    What is the biggest secret if jose rizal??
  49. Environmental History

    A Primary source is: a) the main source that a historian uses in a given book. b) someone interviewed for a story on the Iowa caucuses. c) an especially reliable historical text. d) a record that historians use to understand a past time period.
  50. chemistry

    how many grams of silver carbonate will precipitate when excess ammonium carbonate soln is added to 41.0 mL of a .518 M silver nitrate solution?
  51. Algebra

    Let x equal the age, in human years, for a dog that is 2 years old or older. For each of your chosen breeds, write an expression to model its age in dog years. [Hint: Use (x-2) in each expression.] the dogs are 2yrs: 23 yrs old 3yrs: 27 yrs old 4yrs: 31
  52. Physics

    A 20.0 kg block is connected to a 30.0 kg block by a string that passes over a light, frictionless pulley. The 30.0 kg block is connected to a spring that has negligible mass and a force constant of 260 N/m, as shown in the figure below. The spring is
  53. precalc

    The point (3, -4) is on the terminal side of an angle(theta) . What is cos(theta)
  54. Math

    find p so that the numbers 7p+2, 5p+12, 2p-1...... form an arithmetic sequence
  55. math

    two airplanes travelling in opposite directions , leave an airport at the same time. if one plane averages 480 ml/hr and the other averages 520 ml/hr, how long will it take before they are 2000 ml apart?
  56. Algebra 2

    Make predictions about how many times the graph of each equation below will touch the x axis. You may first want to rewrite some of the equations in a more useful form.=(x-2)(x-3). A. y=(x+1)^2 B. y=x^2+6x+9 C. y=x^2+7x+10 D. y=x^2+6x+8 E. y=-x^2-4x-4
  57. Algebra 2

    Give one example of a situation where you would make a discrete graph and an example of when you will se a continuous graph.
  58. Physics

    The electric field at a distance of 0.150 m from the surface of a solid insulating sphere with radius 0.367 m is 1720 N/C . Assuming the sphere's charge is uniformly distributed, what is the charge density inside it? Calculate the electric field inside the
  59. Physics

    Two passenger trains are passing each other on adjacent tracks. Train A is moving east with a speed of 35.5 m/s, and train B is traveling west with a speed of 33.4 m/s. (a) What is the velocity (taking due east to be the positive direction) of train A as
  60. Math

    Explain how you can use a straightedge and a compass to construct an angle that is both congruent and adjacent to a given angle.
  61. Algebra1

    John is working the function s(x). He found that s(2)=-6 Matthew is working with the function t(x). He found that t(2)=-6 The point (2,-6) lies on the graph of s(x) and t(x). True or False?
  62. Algebra1

    Consider the point (5,7) which lies on line l in the coordinate plane. Could y=7/5x represent line l?
  63. Geology

    True or False: Longshore drift is the movement of sediment sideways down the shoreline.
  64. physics

    a gun converts 200J of stored energy into kinetic energy of the 0.02kg bullet. What is the speed of the bullet as it leaves the gun? If the gun is fired straight up, how high will the bullet go?
  65. physics

    A 25 gram arrow fired from a bow has a speed of 80m/s. The energy in the arrow came from work done by the bow that acted over a 1m "draw" distance. What average force acted on the arrow over this distance?
  66. math

    If r = 7 m then d = what c = what
  67. MATH

    Suzanna needs a board that is at 3.5 meters long. is the board long enough Explain
  68. math

    Suzanna does not have a ruler but she has a several books that is 17 centimeters tall. Suzanna lays the books end to end and finds tat the board is the same length as 21 books. How many centimeters long is the board
  69. Math

    What fraction equals 1/2
  70. jj

    you are a manufacturer of antacids. you could use either mg (oh)2 or al(oh)3 in your formulation. you can buy either of these for $2.00 per pound . which of these will provide a better product (i.e., give more relief) for the same amount of money ? explain
  71. algebra

    Suppose y varies directly with x. Write an equation relating x and y. 645-09-05-00-00_files/i0130000.jpg a. y = 6x c. y = 7x b. y = x d. y = − x
  72. chemical calculations

    Brine from a first tank runs into a second tank at 2 gallons per minute and brine from the second tank runs into the first at 1 gallon per minute.Initially,there are 10 gallons of brine containing 20 lb of salt in the first tank and 10 gallons of fresh
  73. Science

    How might genetically engineered crops help people in hash climates?
  74. pyhsics

    A man drops a rock off the side of a cliff, and hears it hit the bottom 2.8 seconds later. If the average speed of sound is 335 m/s, how high is the cliff? I have been able to figure out this much, but I don't know how to solve the problem with the data
  75. english

    the speaker in birches compares the boy's climbing to
  76. Algebra2

    so on 2^7i list i as -1 seven times equals out -1 or -i then what i still cant solve i^100
  77. Algebra2

    write a equation of a line that is perpendicular to y=-2/3-5 and goes through -4,3
  78. Algebra2

    2i^7 i^42 i^100
  79. Physics

    A golf ball was launched at 35.0m/s at an angle of 35.0 degrees above the horizontal a) determine the horizontal and vertical components of the balls velocity b)how long was the ball in the air c) how far did the ball go d) what was the maximum height
  80. physics

    A particle of mass 7.7 × 10-8 kg and charge +11 μC is traveling due east. It enters perpendicularly a magnetic field whose magnitude is 4.2 T. After entering the field, the particle completes one-half of a circle and exits the field traveling due west.
  81. statistics

    For the data in question 13, find the raw scores that correspond to the following: (a) z 5 11.22; (b) z 5 20.48.
  82. Math 1

    write an equation that represents the following situation. Let x= the number of adults. Your equatin should start with "1220=" and use x as the only variable.. The number of students attending the fall play was 150 more than the number of adults attending.
  83. Government

    A(n) _________________________ differs from a direct democracy in that only a small number of elected representatives actually vote on a specific issue
  84. English (Checking please)

    According to the author, it is difficult for people to comprehend what when on at Auschwitz because the events are so terrible that readers have never experienced anything similar.
  85. Math Solve for X?

    Solve for x. (5x^2 - 12x) / (x^2 + 5x - 24)
  86. Microeconomics

    Can someone help me with a hint to solve this problem?? Thanks!!! "Consider an oligopolistic market with two firms. Each of them produces using a cost function given by c(q)=q2. The aggregate demand in the market is given by 1000−p. Suppose that, in
  87. Chemistry

    Calculate [OH−] for 1.90mL of 0.190M NaOH diluted to 1.50L .
  88. engineering

    . A platform with boat weighs 10,000 N. Four cables are attached to the platform as shown; the edges of the platform are always a horizontal distance of 2 m from the pulleys. As the platform rises smoothly and evenly, the length L of the cables decreases
  89. Chemistry

    A piston is holding 125 mL of gases at a temperature of 300 K and a pressure of 2.39 atm. What is the volume of the gases if the temperature is increased to 500K and the pressure falls to 2.15 atm?
  90. calculus

    I got half of this problem wrong and I DO NOT know where and how to fix. I cannot use my calculator and have to show my work. Question: You have a 500 metre roll of fencing and a large field. You want to construct a rectangular playground area. a.) using
  91. Statistics

    A national opinion poll found that 44% of all American adults agree that parents should be given vouchers good for education at any public or private school of their choice. Suppose that in fact the population proportion who feel this way is p=0.44. A)
  92. chemistry

    A sample of chlorine consists of 3×10to the power 6 of 35Cl and 2 × 10to the power 5 atoms od 37Cl . what is the average mass of an atom of chlorine in the sample?
  93. chemistry

    How can you convert the number of atoms of these isotopes 35Cl and 37Cl to percentage?
  94. Business Math

    What are the proceeds of a note for $5,500 at a discount rate of 8%, for 30 months?
  95. Business Math

    Find the amount of the principal on a loan at 6% interest for 274 days if the interest was $68.50, using the ordinary interest method. (Round to the nearest whole dollar amount)
  96. History

    Which group creates the largest land empire in the 12th and 13th century? Chinese Mongols Muslims Russians I say, Muslims. Is this correct??
  97. History

    What are three heirs of ROme after the fall of the Western Empire? I think I know two, which are...Byzantine and Islamic. But what is the last one?? or is my two answer right??
  98. math

    ben has 15 puzzles and 27 cds, when he takes a trip he likes to bring one puzzle and one cd as entertainment. how many trips can he take with a different puzzle and cd pair?? and please show how to solve it.....
  99. History

    Was craft guild back in the days same as inspector of today or apprenticeship??What I want to know is a Craft guilds are basically early versions of what that helps unify workers today?
  100. math

    How do i do this practice math problem? Julie Molony opened Julie’s Maids Catering Service on July 1, 2010. During July the company completed the following transactions: July 1 Invested $14,000 in common stocks in the business. 1 Purchased a delivery


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