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  1. Math

    An urn contains 7 pink and 8 black balls. Five balls are randomly drawn from the urn in succession, with replacement. What is the probability that all five balls drawn from the urn are black?
  2. Math

    Each wheel on Harley's bike has a radius of 60 cm. How many revolutions does each bike make when Harley bikes 500 cm? A. 500/120pi B. 1000/120pi C. 50000/120pi D. 100000/120pi
  3. Math

    Two triangles of the same shape are always A. similar B. equilateral C. congruent D. equal
  4. science

    An empty beaker weighs 20g and when filled with a liquid weighs 65g. The volume of the liquid is found to be 25cm³. Determine the density of the liquid
  5. science

    An empty beaker weighs 20g and when filled with a liquid weighs 65g. The volume of the liquid is found to be 25cm³. Determine the density of the liquid
  6. vectors

    If |x| = 11, |y| = 23, and |x-y| = 30, find |x+y|. Textbook answer: 20
  7. science

    A weight of 500kg is suspended by two chains 1.5m and 2.7mrespectively.the chains are attached to a beam that is 3.746m in length. The distance from the suspension to the ground being 900m. A.Calculate the load. B.the vertical and horizontal reactions at
  8. chem 11

    Chloroform, CHCl3, has a boiling point of 62 oC, whereas methane, CH4, has a much lower boiling point of -164 oC. Using diagrams, explain the difference between the two boiling points.
  9. Pre-Calculus

    The cost of sending a package overnight is $14.40 for the first pound and $3.90 for each additional pound or portion of a pound. A plastic mailing bag can hold up to 3 pounds. The cost f(x) of sending a package in a plastic mailing bag is given by the
  10. Pre-Calculus

    Which of the following shows the correct notation for “The limit of x^2 - 1 as x approaches 3. A. lim x^2-1 x->3 B. lim3 x->x^2-1 C. lim(x^2-3) x->x^2-1 D. lim(x^2-1) x->3 Thank you
  11. Pre-Calculus

    What is the correct notation for “The limit of x^2 - 1 as x approaches 3? Thank you
  12. Pre-Calculus

    How does the expansion of (x + y)n and (x - y)n differ? If you can offer an example that would be very helpful. Thank you
  13. Pre-Calculus

    Find P_(k+1) if P_(k)=2^(k-1)/k! (I used _ as a sign for a subscript) A. 2^(k+1)/(k+1)! B. 2^k/(k+1)! C. 2^(k+1)/k!+1 D. 2k/k!+1 Thank you
  14. Pre-Calculus

    Which of the following shows the correct first step to prove the following by mathematical induction? 3 + 11 + 19 + 27 + … + (8n - 5) = n(4n - 1) A. 3 + 11 + 19 + 27 + … + (8 • 1 - 5) = 1(4 • 1 - 1) B. 8 • 1 - 5 = 1(4 • 1 - 1) C. 3 + 11 + 19 +
  15. Pre-Calculus

    Find P + 1 if Pk = 7 + 13 + 19 + ...+[6(k - 1)+1] + (6k + 1) (the k+1 and k in front of the P are subscripts) A. 7 + 13 + 19 + …+[6(k - 1) + 1] + (6k + 1) + [6(k + 1) + 1] B. 8 + 14 + 20 + …+[7(k - 1) + 1] + (7k + 1) C. 7 + 13 + 19 + …+(6k + 1) D. 7
  16. Pre-Calculus

    Can someone please explain how eccentricity can be used to classify conics.
  17. Calculus

    Use a graphing utility to graph the polar equation shown below. r = cos 5Θ + n cos Θ, 0 ≤ Θ ≤ π For the integers n = -5 to n = 5. As you graph these equations, you should see the graph change shape from a heart to a bell. I'm sorry. I'm having
  18. English

    How is close reading related to annotation? How are they similar?
  19. Pre-Calculus

    Convert to rectangular: 4=4sec theta A. y=2 B. y=4 C. x=2 D. x=4
  20. Pre-Calculus

    Convert to rectangular: theta=(2pi)/3 A. y=-sqrt3 B. y=-sqrt3x C. x=sqrt3 D. x=-sqrt3y
  21. Pre-Calculus

    Convert to rectangular: theta=2pi/3
  22. Pre-Calculus

    Which are examples of the use of parametric equations? A. Position of a person on a ferris wheel. B. Position of a ball after being thrown. C. A and B D. Neither A nor B
  23. Pre-Calculus

    Which is the best example of the use of parametric equations? A. Measuring weight on the moon. B. Finding the position of a person in a city. C. Determining the position of a satellite during a specific time of day. D. Finding the right parameters to use
  24. Pre-Calculus

    Can you please give and example of a hyperbola and ellipse with the same vertices and center that I can graph? Then explain the similarities and differences between the graphs.
  25. Pre-Calculus

    given: ((x-2)^2/9)+((y-4^2/16)=1 what is the major axis?
  26. Texas History

    Why did Santa Anna attack the Alamo? A. It had a supply of gold. B. It was an important strategic location. C. It was his family’s ancient homeland. D. It would ensure a glorious victory.
  27. Calculus

    Which of the following would be the best first step when solving the following system using the substitution method? x - y = -4 ; x + 2y = 5 a. x = -4 - y b. x = -4 + y c. 2y = 5 - x d. 2y = 5 + x
  28. Trig

    find the angle between u=7i+2j and v=-4j
  29. Calculus

    Given: u <-1, 7> and v <4, -3> What is the measure of the angle between them?
  30. Pre-Calculus

    Given: u <-1, 7> and v <4, -3> Find: (u • v)(u + v)
  31. Calculus

    Find the dot product of: <-1, 7> and <2, ¾>.
  32. Calculus

    What is the unit vector of v: <-6, -8>?
  33. Calculus

    Given the vectors u = <−3, 7> and v = <5,1>, find 3u + 2v.
  34. Trig

    Given tan(A) = 2 and A is in Quadrant I, find cos(2A). A. 0 B. 1 C. 1/2 D. -3/5
  35. Trig

    Just confused. Given tan(A) = 2 and A is in Quadrant I, find sin(2A). A. 0 B. 1 C. 1/2 D. 4/5
  36. Pre-Calculus

    Given Tan(A) = 5 in Quadrant III and Sin(B) = ⅔ in Quadrant II, find Cos(A-B).
  37. Pre-Calculus

    Given Sin(A) = ⅗ and Cos(B) = 8/17 in Quadrant I, find Sin(A+B).
  38. Pre-Calculus

    A.Verify the identity. B.Determine if the identity is true for the given value of x. Explain. [cot(x) – 1] / [cot(x) + 1] = [1 – tan(x)] / [1 + tan(x)], x = π/4 I solved A and I believe it's true; however, I need help with B.
  39. Pre-Calculus

    A.Verify the identity. B.Determine if the identity is true for the given value of x. Explain. Sec(x) / tan(x) = tan(x) / [tan(x) – cos(x)],x = π I already solved A and I believe it's true; however, I need help with B.
  40. Pre-Calculus

    This question has me stuck. Use the Pythagorean identity sin^2 Θ + cos^2 Θ = 1 to derive the other Pythagorean identities, 1 + tan^2 Θ = sec^2 Θ and 1 + cot^2 Θ = csc^2 Θ. Discuss how to remember these identities and other
  41. History! Help!

    The Caddo were an American Indian group in Texas that practiced agriculture and build permanent houses. What can be inferred about the group? A. It created a large population B.It formed a small and defenseless population C.It had no contact with other
  42. History! Help!

    The Atakapans occupied the region from the Sabine river to the A. San Jacinto river B. Red river C. Colorado river D. Trinity river Both the Karankawa and Atakapans relied heavily on which resources? A.rival groups and shellfish C.settlers D.trees
  43. History! Help!

    Which of the following lists the start of the agricultural revolution according to absolute chronology? A. AD 500 B. after hunting and gathering C. post-Spanish exploration D. 5000 BC
  44. Pre-Calculus

    Which of the following statements best describes the domain of the functions sine and arcsin? A)Sine domain is all real numbers; Arcsin domain is all real numbers. B)Sine domain is restricted; Arcsin domain is all real numbers. C)Sine domain is all real
  45. Pre-Calculus

    Use a graphing utility to graph the function y = d + a sin (bx - c) for different values of a, b, c, and d. Write a paragraph describing the changes in the graph corresponding to changes in each constant.
  46. Pre-Calculus

    You are given the value of tan Θ. is it possible to find the value of sec Θ without finding the measure of Θ? Explain.
  47. Math

    You read 50 pages in an hour. Your sister reads 40 pages in an hour. Explain how to find out how many more pages you read than your sister reads in 1212 hour?
  48. college algebra2

    a triangle whose base is 18 inches long has an area of 280 square inches. find the area of a similar triangle whose base is 6 1/4 feet long.
  49. Social Studies Help

    The social unit most responsible for teaching the custom and traditions of a culture is? (A) The family (B) The government (C) The army (D) The schools Two important features of a culture are? (A) Weather and writing (B) Language (C) Economy and Climate
  50. Math

    Which number is equivalent to 14/4? A 3.2 , because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 2 B 3.5 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 2 and 2/4 = 0.5 C 3.3 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 3 D 3.6 because 14 divided by 4 is
  51. Math

    Hayden had 2 1/2 gallons of water in his watering can. The seed packet said to use 1/4 of a gallon for peppers and 5/8 of a gallon for tomatoes. Hayden then used some of the water for lettuce. If Hayden had 3/4 gallons of water left over, about how much
  52. Science

    How can you evaluate scientific claims? NEED HELP!
  53. Science

    how can models help in science, why they are important, what and some examples of models.
  54. Physics

    An 83-kg fireman slides down a fire pole. He holds the pole, which exerts 500-N steady resistive force on the fireman. At the bottom he slows to a stop in 0.49 m by bending his knees. Determine the acceleration of the fireman while sliding down the pole.
  55. Art

    Do all art paintings have culture in the paintings
  56. Science

    Need some help? How is the model of King Tut like other models used by scientists?
  57. LA

    what is the difference between internal conflict and external conflict Need help A.S.A.P
  58. Social Studies

    Why did most major northeastern cities in the United States develop along the coast?
  59. Social Studies

    i know you all might be mad but i need help again here is the question What region of the United States did the first settlers arrive
  60. Social Studies

    How did the idea of Manifest Destiny influence settlement in the United States?
  61. Social Studies

    What is a likely reason the Northeast region has a high population density and the cities are rich in ethnic diversity? How did the arrival of European settlers change life for indigenous people on the plains? The southern region of the United States has a
  62. Social Studies

    The Spanish introduced horses to North America. This is an example of _____ . In 1933, President Roosevelt created a plan called the New Deal. What impact did the New Deal have on the United States? How did Manifest Destiny doctrine contribute to the
  63. Social Studies

    Countries once under British rule can be members of this organization. The organization provides support with trade and economics. What is the name of the organization?
  64. algebra

    NATA spent $28 on 2 dvds.At this rate how much would 5 dvds cost? At what rate did she spend her money?
  65. statistics

    company A has 110 employed, company B has 750 employed and company C has 250 employed. Compute the probability that an employee selected at random comes from company A or B.
  66. Physics

    A man holds a flower pot out a window 12m from the ground. He tosses the pot upward with a speed of 5m/s. How long does it take the pot to reach the ground? How fast is it moving just before it hits? Please show steps.
  67. Physics

    A projectile is shot at a speed of 30m/s at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal. The projectile hits a vertical wall at a height 20m above the horizontal. Where is the wall's location? There are 2 answers.
  68. philosophy

    an understanding of descartes realism, 1. state an original position and 2. support that position with sound reasosning and analysis of appropriate evidence.
  69. math

    Would a repetitive number be greater than the same number that is not repetitive?
  70. math

    Can somebody please help me with this. thank you 89___89 the second 89 has a solid line on top of the number. Is this equal or greater than or equal to 89 without the line No one has answered this question yet.
  71. math

    A brick wall measuring 3 ft by 11 ft is to be built. The brick measures 4in by 6 in. How many bricks will it take to complete the walkway? math - Ms. Sue, Monday, June 24, 2013 at 2:39pm Are we building a wall or a walkway? math - iris, Monday, June 24,
  72. math

    89___89 the second 89 has a solid line on top of the number. Is this equal or greater than or equal to 89 without the line
  73. math

    A brick wall measuring 3 ft by 11 ft is to be built. The brick measures 4in by 6 in. How many bricks will it take to complete the walkway?
  74. I can solving my problem

    I'm a number grater than 45 but less than 90. I am an even number. i have 7 sets of the 16 ones. what number am I?
  75. Physics

    A sound of constant frequency is produced by the si-ren on top of a firehouse. Compared to the frequen-cy produced by the siren, what is the frequency heard by a firefighter approaching the firehouse? What if the firefighter is driving away?
  76. math-correction

    Petrus shared his birthday cake with 5 of his friends.He gave Sandy 1/8,Mary and Paul1/10 each.He gave Jack 1/5 and Sandra 3/20.What fraction of the cake had he left.
  77. math

    it takes 1 3/4 metres of cloth to make a uniform. a)how many similar uniforms can be use from 10 metres of cloth? b)how much cloth will be left?
  78. math

    Petrus shared his birthday cake with 5 of his friends. He gave Sandy 1/8,Mary and Paul 1/10 each.he gave Jack 1/5 and Sandy 3/20. What fraction of the cake had he left?
  79. physical

    A marathon runner runs 3km in direction 0degree and them 4km in direction 90degree. total time for the race is 2 determine the total distance covered?
  80. Chemistry 30

    In addition to alkanes, cracking reactions may also involve alkenes, alkynes and aromatics. For each of the following reactions, draw a structural formula equation. Include all reactants and products: a) but-1-ene --> ethyne + ethane b) 3-methylheptane
  81. Chemistry 30

    How do I complete an ICE table for a solution of nitrous acid, HNO2, one of the acids associated with acid deposition?
  82. earth science9volcanos0

    when a volcano becomes dormant it is...
  83. geografie

    welche einflüsse hat die amerikanische lebensweise in unserem alltag?
  84. Genetics

    In chickens, the Leghorn variety has white feathers due to an autosomal dominant allele. Silkies have white feathers due to recessive allele in a second gene. If true-breeding white leghorn is crossed to a true breeding white silkie, What is the expeected
  85. algebra

    Christine found three pieces of cable in her tool drawer. Here are their lengths (in meters). What is the total length of the three pieces?
  86. Algebra 2

    Hey how would you factor this polynomial to find the zeroes of this function? x^4-5x^3+7x^2+3x-10
  87. math

    If a school has lockers with 50 numbers on each combination lock, how many possible combinations using three numbers are there.
  88. math

    __X+1____-__x-1____ x-1 x+1
  89. math

    roger took off at 8am driving 45mph. bill went after him 2 hours later and caught up with him at 4pm. how fast did bill drive?
  90. math

    the longest side of a triangle measures 2 and the shortest side measures 1. what cannot be the measurement of the angle between them? a-30 degrees b-60degrees c-70 degrees d-90degrees
  91. math

    Jim and Joe were running together. Jim's average speed was 400 meters per minute.Jim started running four minutes before Joe. ten minutes after Joe started, he caught up with Jim. What was Joe's average speed?
  92. math

    grace has 16 in her pocket. she has 8 red ibesm 4 green ones, and 4 blue ones. what is the minimum number of jellybeans she must take out of her pocket to ensure that she has one of each color?
  93. math

    if the perimeter of a rectangular house is 44 yards, and the length if 36ft, what is the width of the house?
  94. math

    a room mesures 11ftx12ftx9ft. what is the volume?
  95. math

    what is the cost in dollars to steam clean a room W yards wide and L yards long if the steam cleaners charge 10 cents per square foot?
  96. math

    you need exactly A 1680 ft3 aquarium for you fish. at the pet store you see four chices of aquariums, but the volume is not listed. the length, width, and height are listed on the box. which of the following aquarioums would fit your needs? a)
  97. math

    James invested $4,000 at 5% interest per year; how long will it take him to earn $200 in simple interest?
  98. math

    If a ¼ of a teaspoon is 1 ml, then how many milliliters are in 6 teaspoons
  99. math

    A discount store takes 50% off of the retail price of a desk. For the store's holiday sale, it takes an additional 20% off of all furniture. The desk's retail price was $320. How much is the desk on sale for during the holiday sale?
  100. math

    If y(x-1)=z then X =


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