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  1. Science

    HOW to convert ethanol into chloroform
  2. Math

    A rectangular garden is surrounded by a roll of chicken wire fencing to keep out the rabbits. The dimensions of the garden are 2.6 m by 5.1 m. The area enclosed by the fence is ______ square metres. The length of the fence is ____ m. The following year the
  3. physical

    in a water tank is filled wiyh 1026 lter of water,we want to mixed sodium nirtride by 17% of the water,how much we used sodiume nitride in kilogram in to the water?
  4. economics

    Assume that demand for product A can be expressed as QA = 500 ¨C 5PA + 3PB and demand for product B can be expressed as QB = 300 ¨C 2PB + PA. Currently, market prices and quantities for these goods are PA, = 5, PB = 2, QA = 481, and QB = 301. a. Suppose
  5. Chemistry

    Tell me what are reducd and what oxidising in exampel Cu2+2HaSO4>CuSO4+SO2+2H2O


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  1. Math PLZZZ HELPP MEE!!!

    smhj nahii ae..
  2. physics

    Fretta and her brother deucde to visit some friends near a house.they decide to travel along the road and go 250 m(W),360 m(W40degreesN), and then200 m(N).. we need to find :the resultant displacement. hi please help me with this, so far iv figured it out
  3. Finance

    PV = FV/(1+i)^n FV n "Compounding Periods" n i i FVIF PV $30,000.00 50 1 50 12% 0.12 $289.002 $103.81 Present Value of $30,000 today is $103.80 when compared to $95 that he is getting today, therefore the kid should take $30,000 in 50 years.