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  1. English

    What are 3 key quotations in Chapter 6 of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart? The quotations must relate to one of the following: -the characterization of Okonkwo -ambition -how power affects Okonkwo -fear as a motivator - identify beliefs values and
  2. Chemistry

    If the concentration of I^-1 is found to be 2.4x10^-3 mol/L in a saturated solution of PbI2, what is the Ksp of PbI2? The given answer is 6.9x10^-9
  3. Government

    Karl Marx introduced liberalism in one of his communists manifestos. How does Liberalism handle the war on terrorism today? Is liberalism the better approach to terrorism or could conservatism have a more meaningful approach? If so,why? In my opinion, I
  4. language arts

    Choose the detail that would best support the following main idea for an argumentative essay. Studying on a regular basis improves grades. 1 students who study also try to eat healthier snacks 2 Students who study on a regular basis are usually smarter
  5. Math

    Sandy's Ice Cream Corner uses 9/10 of a bag of cups every day. How many days would 10 bags of cups last?


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  1. Science

    It is A. Why don't you read the article above Ms. Sue
  2. Math

    is c right swimmer
  3. Chemistry


  5. 5th grade

    Right side