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  1. science

    A man pulls a box with a force of 70N along the positive Y-axis, while a boy pulls it with a force of 50N, making an angle of 80┬░counter clockwise with the positive Y-axis. (1)In what direction should the second boy apply a force of 60N so that the box
  2. Algebra

    There are 12 students in a social studies class. Three students will be selected to present their term projects today. In how many different orders can three students be selected?
  3. History

    Understand the results of European exploration and the effects on the American Indians.
  4. History

    What inventions helped sailors during the time of European Exploration?
  5. History

    which of the following actions is the best example of US citizens trying to live up to the the challenge President Kennedy was presented in the statement above?


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  1. science

    Calculate the pH of a buffer solution containing 0.2 mole of nh4cl and 0.1 mole of nh4oh per litre. KB for nh4oh=1.85├Ś10
  2. Algebra

    Answer - A. 1,320
  3. Algebra

    That's not one of the answer choices. A. 1,320 B. 220 C. 504 D. 36
  4. English

    thx Mr F
  5. social studies

    To help southern to take control of the new state government.