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  1. Maths & numeracy

    Loose almonds in a supermarket cost $6.48 for 250gm, or you can buy 375 gm of pre-packaged almonds for $10.65. Which is the better buy?
  2. Maths-Numeracy

    How many pairs of rabbits will there be after a year if it is assumed that every month each pair produces one new pair, which begins to bear two young two months after its own birth?
  3. English

    Rewrite the following sentencesto make them effective and precise. 1. The newspaper reported about how the hostages in Jolo were rescued. The newspaper reported about the hostages' rescue. 2. In actual fact, he posed as a policeman to extort money from the
  4. English

    Corrct the 10 mistakes found in the paragraph. You may have notice this plant Aloe barbadensis in your garden or neighbourhood,but may have not realise its medicinal property. (corrct noticed, realised, capitalise B in Barbadensis) It is used to cure many
  5. Physics

    In 2000, NASA placed a satellite in orbit around an asteroid. Consider a spherical asteroid with a mass of 1.00×1016 and a radius of 8.50km . What is the speed of a satellite orbiting 4.70km above the surface? What is the escape speed from the asteroid?
  6. Physics

    Mars rotates on its axis once every 24.8 hours. What is the altitude of a geosynchronous satellite orbiting Mars. I have the speed of geosynchronous orbiting Mars. But I cant find the altitude of a geosynchronous satellite orbiting Mars.